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  1. Those mains plugs go into the back of an old amp with switched power outlets on the back so you only have to turn on the amp and the power goes to the turntable too.
  2. Bargain. These are getting very sought after, although maybe not by hifi aficionados. . There is a shop in Melbourne that is this unit's namesake, that restores them.
  3. PM sent
  4. I'm tempted to jump in the car right now!
  5. That is some serious gramophone **** going on right there. Looks amazing.
  6. Good removalists will pack and take this gear anywhere you need. Don't feel pressured to move this gear on quickly due to having to empty the house out and not having a car big enough to move the speakers. I shipped a huge pair of speakers to Perth via a removals company - it was the easiest thing I ever did, and they arrived in pristine condition. And it wasn't very expensive, compared to the cost of a courier, or Pack'n'Send or whatever. As others have said, in the HiFi world many people consider this to be the holy grail of vintage gear, and the original receipt and manuals only adds to the allure and potential value. Don't let it go to the first person to rock up with $2000 cash.
  7. This looks amazing. I hope someone buys it soon and takes away the temptation...
  8. I should have got up earlier... If famoz has a change of mind, I'll grab them. I love how the tuner has 5 "BBC" presets. Very pipe and slippers.
  9. FWIW I shipped some Klipsch Belles to Perth and used a furniture removal company. They wrapped them up in blankets and, literally, the big guy just hoisted one on his shoulder and walked down the driveway with it and bunged it on the truck, then came back for the other one. I couldn't believe it. 56kg each. Maybe furniture removalists are better than couriers (apart from the dropping thing...)
  10. She has just bought the Sansui SP 1000s. Just need an amp if she doesn't grab the onkyo setup currently for sale.
  11. She has a mountain of CDs and wants to get back into playing them as against mp3s on her laptop into crappy computer speakers. The DVD idea is great - I hadn't thought of that. I've put her onto some 70s Sansui SP1000 speakers in Bendigo for $50 that should be a good start. If she can use her dvd player then she only needs an amp. I'll let you know, Runaway. Thanks for the offer. She did mention that something "bookshelf" would be good.
  12. ...for a friend in northern VIC. Is finally tired of mp3s from her laptop and needs a nicer system. Bit financially strapped. Anyone got some stuff lying around no longer used? Cheers, Mike