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  1. A computer with Kodi as operating system
  2. Yeah it's a massive problem with these things, same with iphone, dragonfly black was working fine but as soon as iphone update happened it stopped so I ditched it and got a DAP.
  3. Well basically while the Primare with the Meridian 2 dac was good sometimes I would go back to AVR for music while still using the Primare for amp duties and there wasn't a huge difference, the Primare was better but not by a huge amount so was thinking of going back to just a poweramp to keep things simple. BUT after trying a last ditch effort of adding a Wyred 4 Sound USB remedy it really lifted it to a new level. Much smoother and not those big shrill moments that sometimes can happen.
  4. Intel Nuc i3 Bad Audio

    Good tip, I just got a Wyred 4 Sound USB remedy and this made a big improvement, thanks for the advice. Some of the best I have had so far on here and didn't have to sell the house to get it.
  5. @bhobba I just got a Wyred 4 sound USB recovery for the meridian 2 and this has made a huge difference. Much more so than the cables, I found hard to really hear a difference with them but they do look very nice. You should try one of these next time you test it out.
  6. Well tickle me pink, I just got a Wyred 4 Sound USB recovery thingy from @Ugly for my Meridian 2 and this has transformed the Primare now there is a noticeable difference in audio quality from this and the AVR so I will be keeping, unless of course the is an offer I can't refuse.
  7. I'm going back to my first love and what I got the most benefit from,. A simple AVR with Poweramp. No more chasing those extra 1 percent improvements.
  8. No Mike Portnoy!!! one of the youngest drummers to get in the drumming hall of fame.
  9. It's an option board that has digital inputs, dac and network.
  10. Item: Primare i32 Location: nsw 2285 Price: $1400 Item Condition: as new used for payment only 2 weeks Reason for selling: have tried a few integrated amps now and yes they an improvement over certain avr's but I find my Integra with 2 subs and poweramp is good enough. Payment Method: PayPal Extra Info: I'll do free shipping via courier. This does not have MM Board. Pictures:
  11. I would prefer to buy refurbished rather than new! at least I know that a tech has taken the time to look over it and replace any parts that have had a history of fail. I have had 5 of these refurb units from Ambertech and not one issue yet. They also have the 80.6 and 60.7 pre's and a 80.6 and poweramp combo. If i could afford all the separate amplification I would have one in a heartbeat.
  12. http://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/sr5012-and-sr6012 Well done Marantz, no need to mortgage the house to buy a AV Pre anymore.
  13. At least with digital you can just skip to Hallowed be thy name as that always sounds good.
  14. This is the digital version so maybe different.
  15. I just played my 24/96 version and it's great.