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  1. Oh OK, First read i thought Meridian was better, I was going to rush out and get one as I have had a Klein and it was superb, lucky I didn't.
  2. I read this again and confused myself, are you saying Meridian was better than the Klein? Or vice versa.
  3. I got prematurely excited ( story of my life) not available yet, read they are waiting on tidal to do something ?????
  4. Smart arse warning: Is it MQA compliant.
  5. Bloody confusing hey, I wrote on Darko's review site that it was confusing and got shutdown real quick and was told it wasn't for me. Typical smart arse audiophile elitist response. But.....I did find out that I have a MQA DAC in the Dragonfly Black, sometimes you get lucky.
  6. Great for a media player if you install KODI openelec, will boot straight to it but you need at least a pentium one.
  7. OK, so would be better off with windows and Roon for Tidal MQA?
  8. Kodi is just Linux so it should, I'm prepared to give it a go.
  9. Silly question time. I use KODI for my audio and since you can get Tidal on KODI would you get MQA from the Explorer DAC.
  10. Great write up, thanks. I was struggling to get my head around this and why it was so cheap! where other mqa dacs are $2000 plus. I'm going to grab one for sure.
  11. Great topic, I have been shot down on here from experienced members that for some reason want to diss USB.
  12. Look so simple but has every single feature that you could want in a pre amp.....why can't the big manufactures do this. Now just need to find a Chinese manufacturer to keep price down.
  13. Any PC sound cards out yet with MQA?