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  1. Item: Richter Thor Mk 4 Subwoofer Price Range: ??? Item Condition: Used in top nick Extra Info: Not really a wanted to buy just yet, just wondering of there are any out there. I would like to add another one to my existing Mk 4 which is still kicking some serious butt. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Still my dream product.
  3. I just pointed it out in my photos to show how easy it is to stream vs flac standard hi res
  4. Creeks will do that to you
  5. That is good news or shall we say music to my ears.
  6. I was always hesitant about updating to the Beta version but of course I had some family over and I wanted the best sound possible well wouldn't you know it as I sat my old man down to have a listen the bloody music library on the internal hard drive would not recognise, I had to reboot multiple times which took at least 15 mins. It's been absolute flawless while on the released firmware 4.1, arghhhh why didn't I just leave it.
  7. I don't call it spam or junk, I call it teasing.
  8. Was really hoping that I could make a playlist vie the web interface on version 5, disappointed as my playlist got wiped when I updated.
  9. Some examples of MQA on Aries Mini and the last one straight flac.
  10. It's not the the actual music, I think it's more the hype around products or things like MQA . Sometimes they don't live up to expectations. I will be though installing the version 5 firmware for my Aries mini to see how that MQA goes before the Tidal subscription runs out today, hold on tight.
  11. Nah I'm over it, Tidal is gone. excusive on/off, pass thru on/off it's all over the place..I'll stick to my flac and hi res files at least I will know what i'm getting. Will go back to spotify for computer and phone listening.
  12. Gee i should make sure everything is set up right before making judgement hey.
  13. Got it rockin' now, make sure to tick the Pass Through MQA box and uncheck Exclusive.
  14. I also changed it to "force volume" so I just control volume with the dragonfly amp.