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  1. Looking at the Oppo 205, running my PC to the Oppo HDMI in and then Oppo 5.1 analog out to AVR 5.1 Analog in for 5.1 SACD/DVD Audio.
  2. If you want live experience at home get a projector, surround system and bluray concerts.
  3. Item: Integra DTR-30.7 7.2Ch A/V Receiver with Network, Atmos, DTS:X, BT, Wi-Fi Location:NSW 2285 Price: $750 plus $20 postage any where in Aus flat rate Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 10 months warranty left Reason for selling: Need 7.1 channel inputs Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: All infor required here. Has AKM Dacs and pre-outs to add power amps. http://integraworldwide.com/au/products/dtr307/index.htm Pictures:
  4. Ironically DTV forum is smooth as silk when it used to have all these similar issues.
  5. I saw Christina as a backup singer on Pendragon's latest DVD, Masquerade 20. Felt a bit sad about it as it makes you realise what a tough industry the music biz is, she didn't look into it at all.
  6. How many 24/96 or 192 files do you have? Experience is king.
  7. There is a pretty big thread on shed set ups with photos on here somewhere.
  8. He is good mates with the bloke that designs them so take with a grain of salt I think.
  9. All the issues started just after I made my huge donation, it was too big to process, last time I do something nice.
  10. But can you tag with WAV like you can with flac
  11. That's a how long is a piece of string question, all depends how they are ripped and what format, FLAC, WAV, HiRes 24 bit 96 or 192. I have 1075 albums at 618G but they are a mixture of FLAC 16/44.4 at the lowest and up to 24/192 at the highest.
  12. Yeah that was the plan, I'll take the little Nuc down there.
  13. This is the first time that I have ever heard this album in full and it's in DTS HD master audio!
  14. You've got to much stuff already. You sell more than me aswell. I'll wait till tax time, if I get enough back for a 205 I'll test it out with it.