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  1. Well actually they started out as a "prog" of sorts more jazz fusion band. Their lead guitarist Neal Schon played for Santana when he was only 15 and the Drummer Steve Smith is regarded as one of the best ever so they were very talented.
  2. Wow, good one. Incredible Voice. It's funny how not many Aussies knew who even Journey were back in the 80's let alone that Steve Perry was the lead singer. While Journey invented the term "Stadium Rock" in the states and were massive they were unknown here, very strange.
  3. Well it's a good tie in with this thread as reports are that the new Peachtree's are very close to the Devialet's. With anything digital improvements are made constantly.
  4. Another issue right there I suppose, why do most people dismiss class D, has no one heard a Devialet or even their Phantom Speakers...Wow!
  5. Didn't realise that and of course if you have B&W they are a no brainer as I believe that is what they test their speakers with.
  6. Of course not saying it's common but yes it can happen. It's also like music can be very subjective.
  7. You have to remember that thumping bass sound can be the most annoying sound ever.
  8. It was general comment but also have to wary that this is a commercial forum and some people may have commercial interest as well.
  9. I was only joking, I think you are pretty sweet.That is one main thing that I have learnt here, take all advice and recommendations with a pinch of salt because it is very likely that the person making them hasn't even had any experience with them. With all the products I have had over the last 2 years I think I have built up a pretty good listening experience database.
  10. Here you go perfect Or how about a swap for just 2 of the Mono blocks.
  11. Hence why I got excited when one reviewer of the new Peachtree had a Halo Integrated and he took the Halo back and kept the peachtree.
  12. NO worries, I have had Yamaha AVR's since 1996, time to move on. Anyway I am trying to sell this bloody amp so the price will drop to a ridiculous $1800 just on Stereonet.
  13. After owning a humax I know what I'd be choosing. I believe you will soon have roon in time as it will be the in every streaming product out there even Sonos are talking about incorporating into their system. New products won't even bother developing their own, they will do what Elac have done and just incorporate it into the price.
  14. I have done a heap of research on the new Peachtree's and there are some excellent reviews out there. The Peachtree is the most feature packed of all of them and has true DAC and not just an after thought like most do. I am trying to sell some reasonbly new gear just to get one. I was excited about that moon but only a 16/48 usb dac ended that.
  15. I often ponder about how ironic it is that I will really only be able to afford top end gear when I retire but as I have been working on the tools since I was 15 my hearing will be truly shot.