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  1. That's exactly what I thought I had, I believe it's 2 basses playing through distortion pedals. Had me swapping channels on amps and everything. Might be a good track to take to an Audio show for a laugh.
  2. I got to what I believe is a great bargain, a Pioneer n50k for $300 on Grays online, there are still some left. They seemed to be very well received in Europe but no so much here. One of the only audio products that I have been happy with straight away
  3. I wouldn't say it isn't mixed or mastered well as the rest of the songs are fine, being a Brit Pop band maybe they are taking the piss and did it on purpose. Not deleted album but just deleted on playlist so it doesn't surprise me again.
  4. Yep that's exactly what I did and what a relief.
  5. Got a Pioneer n50k, put a $220 bid on grays and won it!
  6. Or a roon OS or rock when it's released. Would've got this myself if I just didn't buy a new streamer yesterday
  7. First full album on new Pioneer N50k streamer. IQ -Dark Matter
  8. It's a 90s release so maybe a good example of the loudness wars of that time
  9. Seriously though it was really just that the one song, Blur Song 2 and it just came on at random. Had me checking cables, amps, speakers.
  10. Looks like it just that 1 song, I just got a Pioneer N50k today and just using as DAC so Kodi - Jitterbug -USB in - Analog out to CD in Integra. Everything else sounds great. I just the blur song on PC with headphones and it sounds the same so that album will be deleted! Maybe Blur - Song 2 is the ultimate test song, if you can listen to that on your system without grimacing then you have got it!
  11. You might have hit the nail right on the head here, Makes the bad stuff sound worse, never really been a fan of the 90's brit pop and grunge stuff either.
  12. The fact is i have had 20 years of home theatre experience and have remained reasonably sane. 12 months of getting serious about 2 channel and I have completely lost it. You think you have perfection and then just 1 song can bring you undone, it was Blur-Song 2.
  13. That was yesterday, today is a different day and so will be tomorrow. Just joshing, it is pretty awesome. An AVR and INtegrated amp was always my chosen path, the Integra 80.3 when I saw it was just too hard to ignore and took me on a different track, a very rocky one at times.
  14. Maybe this topic should be turned around and be AV Receivers - Can't Tell any difference for Multichannel Music and Movies. Every AV Receiver I have had and there has been many there really aint that much difference with stuff like music concerts and DVD Audio etc, as it has been said 1000 times it is 2 channel where the difference lies which can be confusing for some as why can't they handle 2 channel music but they excel at multi channel music? Maybe because it's spread across all channels?. @Hi-Fi Whipped you were certainly right in saying I was the happiest when I had a decent AVR like the cambridge or Integra and a DAC and Power amp, this is when I should've got an integrated amp instead of 2 channel power amp. When I saw the refurb Integra 80.3 pre/pro go up for sale I just had to try it based on opinions that were on here saying that a Pre/Pro would kill any top end AVR and be more than suitable for 2 channel music but really if you need to add a decent preamp or integrated amp to a $4-5000 product like these then there is something wrong. Back to drawing board and the pre/pro and 5 channel amp will do up for sale.
  15. You must get sick of saying the same thing over and over again.