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  1. No worries. The kit I used to build mine was a low cost one from aliexpress (with a bunch of better quality locally sourced components as well). The KRELL badge on the cheap and cheerful JLH type Chinese amp is funny. I'd expect the quality control to be quite variable. I don't know much about the "Krell" KSA-5 sorry.
  2. Hi, no problems - my JLH 1969 is seeing daily use and continues to work fine driving high frequency drivers in an active crossover setup. I can't say.. I've filled my house with DIY audio gear and don't get out to listen to other stuff, so I don't have a reference point, plus I rarely run it full range. I use mine with very high sensitivity, high frequency only drivers, but while testing I had it connected to DSE bookshelf speakers of about 86 dB sensitivity and it was OK for low/medium volumes. So I think it would be OK for nearfield use with 90 dB speakers. I have seen online what appears to be a "cut down" version of this amp sold as a headphone amp. I haven't tried myself. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/solid-state/172473-jlh-class-headphone-amplifier-2.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZEROZONE-JLH-Class-A-1969-Headphone-amplifier-kit-preamp-kit-DIY-/191844482763
  3. I think for off grid the high efficiency, and single ended power supply needs of some Class D chipsets might make them a good choice. I have been playing with my low cost "picnic blaster" system that uses an inexpensive TPA3116 amp that sounds surprisingly good for the price. I've been driving it from a 12V SLA battery at 24VDC to get maximum power from it, using 12V->24VDC "laptop adaptor" though the adaptor is a bit cheap and nasty. I just noticed the Sure Electronics site has some very interesting looking higher wattage 12VDC voltage converters.. I haven't used them myself but they look worth investigating: http://store3.sure-electronics.com/audio-oriented-power-supply-units These look great for upgrading my battery powered system to use beefier/better quality Class D amps that run from 36VDC or 48VDC. edit: although "picnic blaster" uses pretty average Pioneer car speakers I am quite sure it would sound fine with my better quality high sensitivity speakers.. but I don't want to take them outside.
  4. I concur. For the festy hall show despite clicking buy within minutes of the web site opening somehow I ended up only able to to get tickets way to the side where all I could hear was backwash reflections of the sound. This time I have a better position. I quite like the 2 new songs from them I have heard recently.
  5. สวัสดี
  6. not major label stuff, but surprisingl amount of higher profile releases in some genres... http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/20/arts/music/bandcamp-shopping-for-music.html
  7. I use these devices for my raspberry Pi audio player, and they are fine for the speed of flac playback or slower, I'm not sure about video speeds though. I'm using older (and slower?) models than the one in the link though. Quite sensitive to power boards, surge protectors etc. The network link they provide is slow but solid and reliable, compared to wifi, at least in my particular setup.
  8. +1 having the key bandwidth consuming & playback devices, on network cables, not wifi
  9. more eclectic than I was expecting, and nice to see MBV in there.
  10. not quite a classic, but good fun: (I already posted it in the cover version topic)
  11. great when a project comes together! my first speaker project (beyond tinkering with crossovers) was quite similar, it took a few iterations to get right for me, but I will keep using them "forever" I think now: now used as my bedroom speakers with a lower wattage amp, but they were great in the loungeroom with 100+ watts driving them.