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  1. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    More Pics
  2. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Thanks Linc and Helen, Thanks for the tasty food. Great to meet fellow SNA members. Interesting array of gear. Cheers Pete
  3. Going to the Sunday show at RLA. My son a Telstra customer hence got pre sale ticks, sitting up front with (them). One of the few show's I'd make the effort to journey from Hobart.
  4. Hobart GTG late september EOI

    Linc, thanks for the invite. Put me down.
  5. Thanks for the offer Matt, when I have time to do a trip up your way I will be in touch. Building a new house and going overseas for 6 weeks, so won't be until after Santa visits I suspect. A tech I know who lives in Adelaide recommended Holton as worth investigating as amongst the best available. I value his opinion highly as back in the day he thought the only standout amplifier was Threshold, all the rest were more or less the same.
  6. Holton is on my list of amps to listen to. Stunning build quality.
  7. You don't mention what PC you are using I assume its an Apple. If you don't need to use the Oppo to play CD's or DVD's I would buy a seperate Dac and connect it to computer via USB cable then output to the Pathos. There is lots of info on the web how to set this up or drop in to your local hi fi shop and let them assist.
  8. electric cars

    The answer is how the electricity is generated to power these cars, at this time in the tech revolution cycle only option is clean nuclear available from the biggest and most advanced country, but ATM they are "hackers" and we don't like them. In Australia we still generate most of our electricity with coal and gas. Then there is the horrific pollution from manufacturing batteries and finite supply of cobalt. So electric cars are dirty to manufacture and operate. Petrol is dead, Saudi Aramco owned by the Saudi royal family for last 50 years is going to offer IPO of 5% of SA at initial valuation 2 to 10 trillion. Why would they do this? Who will win? Me, I walk,catch public transport and Uber.
  9. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    Dr. Rod is a scientist, he uses theory and listening. He is talking about accuracy not better or worse. That's up to individuals to choose what they prefer in their listening rooms. I've heard Legend Speakers a few times over the years and I think his biggest mistake is they are priced far too low for the construction and sound they offer.
  10. Yes Macbook Air, Audirvana to dac, put all my cd's on hard driver using Wav via exact audio copy. Cannot tell the difference between Wav and Flac. Audirvana is great and SQ upgrades are free for life.