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  1. GTG

    Get well Grant, you must have been seriously smitten with the music to forget about the lock! Probably lucky you were on gravel - had you gunned it on bitumen it might have been different.
  2. GTG

    In a small venue with just a few performers you should be able to locate individuals. Not possible with a full (or half) orchestra in a full sized venue. That is one of the problems of recording orchestras - multiple milking, miking of individual performers and sections gives an artificial presentation of the orchestra. Much easier to do on quartets, Baroc ensemble and small/intimate recordings. Music is all good though.
  3. Jazz Side of The Moon - via USB stick 24/192.
  4. Good movie
  5. That seller has some serious gear for sale
  6. I came home today with a couple of new purchases and found I previously purchased one of the albums a few months ago!! Interesting was that the previous purchase at the same place was 20% cheaper - coincidence? I'm glad today's purchase was also 20% off.
  7. 1st download PostModern Jukebox
  8. Welcome Josh, keep posting and enjoy the repartee on the site. Nice systems and good to see you are embracing both dark sides of this hobby. We look forward to your contributions. Cheers. Frank
  9. mines being buzzing away all day - records are nice and clean at the end - playing a just cleaned and air dried Songs to the Key of Life. Good stuff.
  10. Need to get some refills!
  11. Found this in the fridge; newish local inner city brewery, their American IPA. Not a bad drop. The brewery is having a party in May - will go to that - taxi home me thinks.
  12. Moving in to autumn so what can one do.......?
  13. Looks pretty schmik Simon, actually just filling my naked version up now.
  14. Bit o Reg this arvo