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  1. only twice the price........................It doesn't matter how much more it is...... could be much, much more. Seriously, we probably have all been told of, read about, found (even) - bits of kit that are "giant killers" or "bargains for their performance". However, sometimes these gems turn out to be gems in the eye(ear) of the beholder, or YRMV, or just plain not true. Even fewer turn out to be the genuine article. I think it is great that your results please you Felix. Enjoy it to the maximum. Only you can tell whether it is worth it for you.
  2. This place seems to sell adaptors
  3. @Stump beat me The nominal voltage in most areas of Australia was set at 240 V in the 1920s. However, a change began in 1980 with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) deciding to rationalise the 220 V, 230 V and 240 V nominal voltage levels around the world to a consistent 230 V. This rationalisation was ostensibly made to improve the economics of making appliances by allowing manufacturers to produce a range of items with a rated voltage of 230 V. In 2000, Standards Australia issued a system Standard, AS60038, with 230V as the nominal voltage with a +10% to –6% variation at the point of supply. (253 V to 216.2 V) A new power quality standard, AS61000.3.100, was released in 2011[22] that details requirements additional to the existing systems Standard. The new Standard stipulates a nominal 230 V, and the allowable voltage to the customer’s point of supply is, as mentioned, +10% to –6%. However, the preferredoperating range is +6% to –2%. (243.8 V to 225.4 V) [23]
  4. 230v is the official Australian domestic voltage.
  5. A great evening - Phillip and the VAF teaming up with Alan/DEQX to create a very impressive sound. Wonderfully clear mids & highs with an equally impressive bass. So easy to listen to (even with the background murmur from the peanut gallery ). Phillip and Alan were very generous in answering technical questions both relating to the system being showcased and also individuals questions about DSP in general and DSP/DEQX for their own situations. Very nice wine and pizzas as well - thank you. Great to catch-up with people and some new faces.
  6. Generally use AP when moving small parcels around - never really had an issue with goods sent - I've never been told something didn't arrive or had to claim insurance. Last week two boxes arrived from Melbourne to Adelaide in 2days, delivered to my door on Saturday morning! Unusual but it does happen. This is as good as couriers. I have given up on purchasing vinyl via online shopping unless it is not possible because of damage to covers - but that can be the way the sellers package them.
  7. Lots of people seem to be loading it, several found they had to go back to Yale 1st and then Huron would load. Most of the people got there in the end. Only one (or possibly two) so far haven't yet got it sorted. One has a suspect unit. Many people still don't eject their USB sticks properly (similarly people don't correctly eject SD cards either and caused problems with the DS Snr Huron upgrade) and this can corrupt the files.
  8. Would the packages be in hand luggage, inside one of your suitcases or separate boxes within your overall luggage allowance? I cannot say for sure but I think that if you arrive at customs with evidence of an ongoing itinerary (i.e. tickets paid for and documented) you shouldn't have too many issues. The country you are visiting may tag the merchandise or possibly require you to pay a deposit which is refundable once proven that on departure the items are being taken out of the country. You should be able to ask those questions in advance via either the web or by telephoning their consulates. It may also be possible to purchase 'air-side' storage so you don't have to take them with you.
  9. Thank you very much to Greg for hosting a very nice afternoon in leafy Bellvue Heights. The SGR's fill the house with ease, they go very deep and also have great clarity for an amazingly small footprint. Greg has a great listening space overlooking his garden and the views out over the gully. Greg also makes fine coffee with the largest, most bling coffee maker I've seen in a domestic environment. Nice to see several ppl travelled up to the heights from afar and allowed us all to catch-up. A great way to spend an afternoon, good music, good coffee, friends, nibbles and the occasional glass of something.
  10. Can you put a reasonably scaled schematic of your room, speaker placement, mike(sitting?) position and significant physical changes in the room, windows, doors, large furniture pieces etc.
  11. Yup, drains or channels down here +1
  12. May I join you for the recital? Thank you. Frank
  13. This one is very good for a 35yr old. Grown, crushed, fermented and bottled by a friend in Clare. The corks are a bit fragile and had to decant/sieve but a lovely drop. Luckily I've still got a few bottles.
  14. Sorry duplicate post Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk