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  1. Reading the on-line writeups by Absolute Sound / What HiFi etc. I would be pretty sure it will work, but I think you will benefit from turning off the DSD engine in the Sony otherwise it is outputting DSD128. The Directstream will process DSD128 but I suspect it would be better to let the Directstream do its thing from the regular output. You should post the question in the PS Audio Forum for a definitive answer - Ted Smith the Directstream designer/guru regularly reads/posts on the forum.
  2. All good things come to those who wait.
  3. "Obviously, they're never going to use a Maggie, or OB speaker in a pro-audio environment and this highlights the big difference in a home hifi room and a control room/studio, etc" Have you seen the studio of renowned Mastering engineer Barry Diament BDA ? Loves his Maggies.
  4. It is whatever you say it is worth. Obviously if you bring in something that looks brand new and say it's worth AUD 100.00 (when it is worth say 5000.00) they will probably question it. It has nothing to do with RRP, market value etc. Customs do not have a list of all items pricing etc. If you have a receipt it helps establish its worth - but if you purchased it a couple of years back you say it is worth xx.
  5. If you have a receipt you will be fine. If you don't and it is obviously used customs are pretty good. Unless you are bringing a lot of other goods that could also be subject to duty.
  6. Or if the product is low cost then someone might say it doesn't "hurt" the sound so I'll just leave it there anyway.
  7. Happy to have it moved by admin - I wasn't sure where to put it.
  8. The white node in the ground is one of our microphones, correctly named a geophone Actually in this model a vertically measuring ground motion detectors( some measure up to 3 axis). We will deploy about 12,000 of them. Some projects in ME use over 100,000 live. The tracked vehicle being trucked in is one of 4 synchronised electro-magnetic accelareted weight drop sources we will use to augment the 4 vibrators. Mill try to get more pictures and possibly some video up soon but I need a picture/video compression app on my phone to reduce size as I get several failed uploads- any recommendations? Also limited bandwidth connection as we are 730Km N of Adelaide very close to the salt lake , Lake Hope. Now at the mobile camp.
  9. They will come in time I guess. PS Audio seem to concentrate on getting gear out to customers 1st then worry about review units.
  10. I'd say they are a minimalist, slim line aesthetic to appeal to the modern lifestyle layout. Lessor footprint, subtle on the eye. Can be stacked etc. not everyone wants hulking boxes in nice open plan appartments.
  11. @hammo1981 have a look at Magenta audio
  12. One mans dive = another's grotto. Fun to go in and potter around, look through all sorts of stuff. I usually come away with an album or two, one week it was a pair of Quad 2905s. Steve and the lads can be good for a chat depending on what's going on. The reason they are still there is because they have been in business so long. Lots of knowledge there.
  13. I'd confidently say yes if it is an Australian version. The picture shows that it is setup to output 230v(229.4). The owner should confirm it is an Australian spec unit.
  14. There are two camps on this topic. I think it is best to try it out and decide for yourself. Ask the manufacturer of the pre-amp or what you are using to drive your amplifier(s) - purchase reasonably priced cables And try. If you are happy then you are complete. If you want swap the other way and then decide. Some equipment such as ME was designed to be able to run very, very long interconnects and the designer P. Stein always advocated short speaker cable and longer interconnects.