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  1. SA - QLD Road trip

    Who's in Or near Gladstone and wouldn't mind a visit if I get time? Leaving Thursday.
  2. SA - QLD Road trip

    Just drove (solo) from Adelaide to Gladstone (Tannum Sands) QLD. Left 6am Friday morning, got to Dubbo, NSW 7pm. Had a lazy Saturday so only got to Taroom, QLD on Sat night. Arrived Tannum Sands at lunchtime today. The 2002 RAV4 never missed a beat. Listened to a lot of ABC radio and local stations along the way. Good to hear AM is going strong. My CD playlist was as follows: Bower & Wilkins / LSO Schubert Piano Sonatas / Paul Lewis Respect, The Soundtrack to the Soul Generation The Best of The Doors Queen Greatest Hits driving QLD style
  3. Not your average GTG

    Hoping to attend but I might be double-booked! Will check when I get back.
  4. Townshend Seismic Speaker Bars

    Barry Diament has been preaching 'floating' components and particularly speakers for a while as well - Vibration
  5. You are a gentleman @Mr 57
  6. Not trying to white-ant as I've only just seen this but I will purchase and pick it up if you don't want to post it.
  7. Then you will have to purchase the Airforce 1 turntable to do justice to the pre......
  8. Wouldn't it likely be not enough 3D TV sales to justify support and combined with future expectation by manufacturers that streaming is likely to be mainstream movie delivery to the masses. Therefore reinforcing the POV not to continue with 3D TV's. Was pricing of 3D TVs an issue? If they attracted a premium over non-3D TV that likely didn't help sales.
  9. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    Was at Scotts Brewing last week...... Nice brews https://www.google.com.au/search?q=scotts+brewing+oamaru&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-au&client=safari
  10. Off the grog!!

    Going Here today
  11. Tannoy westminster se build

    Very sorry to hear. Take Care. Regards
  12. Jcat appears to be his current cable (mine is 18months old and was his previous reference cable). As far as I can ascertain he is still in business and has a good following. The effect of his cable, I don't know but the music sounds good. Take care. Frank
  13. Audio DBX (or DB) results have been shown to be unreliable when participants have not been adequately trained or when time between comparisons takes too long (audio memory). Here At the end of the day we all have reasons for whatever position we hold. Trevor is almost evangelical about this topic (and a few others) but his opinions are often considered & then ignored by many people. Approaching any topic with the mindset that it cannot possibly make a difference is as closed minded as the quoted 'to approach their purchase with an informed open mind'. Its only audio after all.
  14. Hi Peter, pity you are in NSW. I could loan you a Paul Pang Red II USB cable.