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  1. Ah, much better! I can now tell that what I was seeing before was in fact a reflection, not a defect. Thanks for the quick follow-up - definitely just a minor mark
  2. Can you post a better photo of the defect? From what I can see in the current picture, it actually looks like there's a break/hole in the cabinet, certainly through the paintwork. If that's the case it constitutes far more than a "slight mark", but it's hard to see definitively due to the lack of sharpness in the pic.
  3. Not sure why nobody has mentioned Naim yet - their amps are known to have good synergy with Harbeth speakers. For $3500 you should be able to land a new XS-2, or a used SuperNait 2 imported from the UK.
  4. Seriously, you want to fundamentally change the design now? Some of you guys need to take a breath and think a bit more rationally about this. We're talking about a special edition of an existing design, not "here's my shopping list for the perfect amplifier" that would require a ground-up redesign.
  5. If it's going to be minimalist (and it should be), then ditch the XLRs and forget about a phono stage.
  6. HT bypass is a must-have for me.
  7. I'd love to see some statistics to back up this claim - it doesn't stack up at all in my personal experience. In fact of all my HiFi mates, I can't think of one who goes direct from a DAC to a power amp. Preamps with built-in DACs are a different kettle of fish however.
  8. Aussie amps

  9. Aussie amps

    See pics in the build thread here:
  10. I'd be keen to take it - can pick up locally if you're nearby in Melbourne. Will send a PM.
  11. Dynaudio Contour s1.4 LE

    Of course, but the improvements are only marginal. Two "high-end" amps that I've owned previously with the C1's include the Parasound A21 and the Pass Labs X250. Yes they were both better than the Nait, mainly with regards to what I would call "control" of the speakers in the sense that no matter what the music or volume level, they would never sound harsh or "shouty". The X250 in particular is just sublime in that sense - it's a special bit of kit. However, having now experienced those heights I can honestly say that the Nait gives me 95% of that experience at 20% of the price, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Enjoy the Contours!