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  1. Mike Lenehan has a very good on site UK hi-fi tech located at his Southport HQ I'm sure he could handel that.
  2. Hi Dan, the standard Klein at $750 is probably the best bang for buck but no DSD or sample rate display. The Klein II at $1000 adds DSD, remote control & display showing sample rate, filter setting ect. It had a small update in March this year with a new pcb but the same functions. Johnny is talking about a brand new higher specked DAC which I will be releasing soon. Seperate from the Klein range & around $2k.
  3. Hi Dan, Bill is the expert on that but yes you have basically got that right AFAIK. I think Auralic was working with the MQA group towards getting their devices hardware approved when they had a falling out. Auralic had put quite a bit of effort in the MQA unfolding process so have implemented their own version of it in their products but obviously are not MQA certified. Anyway that is my take on it so please anyone that knows the full gist of it please explain.
  4. Hi Matt, that was very interesting especially when we found out what PSU's were used which we all know certainly make a difference to the sound. The SOtM SMS-200 was definately on my short list but just through a twist of fate (thanks to Bill) I ended up with the Auralic Aries which I am very much enjoying. After ten days the wow factor has not gone so it is definately a keeper. I have a gut feeling the A Aries IMO may be a bit similar sounding to the SMS-200 as it certainly sounds very clean in my system vs my usual server. Bill also purchase a Aries LE so a few days ago I took it to Mike Lenehans & set it up in his system with a brand new pair of ML5's. The setup took a while due to network issues but I finally sorted it. Setup; Auralic Aries LE on a std SMPS plugpack runing Tidal hifi via a wireless connection. Curious USB cable into a PS Audio Directstream Junior. Balanced out into a Halcro Power amp connected to a set of brand new ML5's. Initially we first listened to the ML5's with a highly modified Oppo UDP-205 runing directly in the Halco power amp. Sounded very ordinary - checked connections, tried CD & HD as sources, different tracks but the same result. next; Bill streamed from Tidal via his phone into the bridge setup in the Directstream Junior. This really bumped up the sound quality but still not goosebump stuff. Finally we changed over to the A Aries LE runing Tidal hifi. Holy Smokes! This was a total game changer with a serious step up in sound quality. We cranked up the levels & started some critical listening with our usual reference tracks. Minute by minute the sound was slowing improving which Mike put down to the brand new ML5's loosening up. Mike who is a very critical judge on sound quality was finally starting to get excited. There was defiantly room for improvement as the A Aries LE was running on the tiny std SMPS plugpack & the balanced pre/power cables weren't Mikes but just something average that was on on hand. I'm sure Bill & Mike will chime in with their listening impression of the session.
  5. Hi Jonny, thanks for the info - will check it out
  6. No - The preamp is powered by a external transformer - 9v AC. It already has multiple internal low noise power supplies.
  7. Well I'm so impressed with this setup & the streaming thing that I have taken the plunge & signed up with Tidal - HIFI version. I never thought I would take up a on line music subscription service but this is just so good & easy to use that I'm totally hooked. Picture this. Sitting in your favourite listening chair, cold beer close by & iPad in hand - search for any album you've ever liked (well almost) - bingo it pops up Hit the play button - wow - sounds so good you keep turning it up until you get complaints from other members of the household. I guess I'm just lucky my first experience with Tidal ended up sounding so good. I think the combination of the Auralic Aries + Low noise PSU + Konverter all work together extremely well. Even 44k stuff is blowing me away. I haven't actually done a real time comparison of my custom PC music server vs the Auralic Aries but from memory the Aries is definitely better. Now my only problem is convincing bhobba he is not getting the Aries back!
  8. Joe - the DAC only version will have a different name. Once again it's German & I'll let everyone when the unit is released.
  9. Hi guys, I think Terry & Rob brought a good point regarding just how well a good quality CD player stacks up against all the current streamer/server DAC setups which are getting really popular now. Thank you bhobber who brought up the day at Mike Lenehan's when we all (our small group) finally decided that a music server + DAC Combo was the way to go. Asynchronous USB input boards running on very low noise PSU's was IMHO the game changer. That was the also point in time when I personally moved away from disc spinners as a digital source. However most decent DAC's these days have a coaxial S/PDIF input so its dead easy to connect a CD player as a transport & have a listen. It might be a good idea to use that as a reference point. Of course as someone pointed out the sound quality will varie depending on the CD player used. I know I was fairly disappointed with my Oppo BDP 95 when playing CD's & then one day just for fun I tried it via the coaxial input on my Klein DAC - massive improvement! Anyway bottom the line is I will certainly try connecting a descent CD player into the Konverter S/PDIF input & see how it stacks up against other pc based digital sources. I still have a bit of a collection of reasonable Marantz & Philips CD players at work so time to blow the dust off & give it a whirl! Actually getting a bit nervous - I might be in for a surprise.
  10. John - no not a Antipodies but technically very similar. It a pc server that I built using a linear PSU & SOtM PCI usb card. Runing Windows 7 & JRiver or sometimes Vortexbox/Daphile with a quick HD swap. Joe - no Aries connnected directly to the Konverter with a Curious USB cable. Mark - no don't have a SMS-200 yet but thinking seriously about purchasing one. Mat - certainly good value but shortfalls vs the straight Aries as Mark pointed out. Terry - sold my good CD player a few year back so can't compare.
  11. Hi guys, just put a post on this but in the Konverter section. I don't think I can move it but will add more content here
  12. Finally after a few hours of messing around & generally getting familiar with Tidal & the DS Lightning App I'm up & running. The Konverter even displaying 192k on some music files. Everything was playing in 44k or 48k until I joined the Auralic beta testing program & installed the very latest beta firmware. What do I think - Wow loving it all. Even with 44k material it sounds pretty darn good. Is the possible MQA enhancement coming into play? - no idea Am I a convert? - Absolutely now I just need to get a Auralic Aries for $990!
  13. Joe, correct - however it may perform a little better with the reclocking right at DAC point on the PCB which is where I would do it. Ricardo maybe able to offer more info on this Brian, thanks for the tips - I have a iPad Pro so hopefully that will handle it ok.
  14. Joe yes the new DAC will definately be 2k or under. There is a lot less work in a DAC only version of the Konverter - all the Preamp section, volume control relays ect won't be needed so that will massively reduce the built time. Jermain - no - no plans to update the Klein II to the AK4497, OLED display ect. All those upgrades increase the parts cost quite a bit so the price would end up well over the thousand dollar mark. The Klein & Klein II design goal is as a maximum "bang for buck" device without the bling & I think I have achieved that. If you want a step up from say the Klein II the new DAC I'm planning will be the way to go. Upgrades over the Klein II spec will be. AK4497EQ DAC chip. Enhanced power supplies with the new ultra low regs & using the large 16v 2.5 A external transformer (same as the Konverter) OLED display with extra functions & larger font option ( for across room viewing) Ultra simple DAC output stage using top quality Jensen 80% nickel core transformers. Balanced output. Possible isolater/reclocking upgrade option for the digital section. DMax - Konverter cost is $4000 which includes delivery Phew! Hopes that answers all the questions Now time to do some work - I have Klein DAC II's, Konverter's & power supplies to build. Also a Auralic Aries to evaluate which bhobber has kindly lent me No rest for the wicked!
  15. Jermain I have just updated the pcb for the Klein DAC II & I'm very happy with its performance at that price point. In view of that I don't have any other changes planned for it. However I am working on a new DAC only version of the Konverter which will incorporate any new digital enhancements I come up with. Ricardo thanks for the vote of confidence & encouragement. I really do enjoy a bit of R&D on new projects & the clock & isolater chip selection at the moment is pretty good so now might be a good time to investigate that area.