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  1. Hi John, yes that kitsunehifi backplate ext PSU adaptor plate looks perfect. Then mine or any other external PSU unit could just plug in neatly.
  2. Hi guys, I took the lid off & had a good look at Bruce's (BAM) Singxer regarding a PSU upgrade. The PSU board is actually quite reasonable & is using Panasonic FC capacitors which are good. The regulator is a standard three pin type & block rectifier so definately room for improvement there. Unfortunately you would not get much of a performance upgrade just swapping out components as a better regulator & discreet diode bridge rectifier will need a different board layout. Also the power transformer is only 7va which is pretty light on. It runs on a single 5v supply so I think a totally external PSU would be the best way to go. My std low noise PSU can be preset to 5v so that would be ideal. It uses a 18 va EI core transformer so definately a step up for sure. I will source the correct board plug to suit the Singxer & do a temporary set up for Bruce with my PSU. It will be interesting to see if there is much sound difference. PS Marks & Rocky's idea sounds good - just run a short extension from the board to a decent socket mounted to a suitable backplate
  3. Yes I can certainly offer a S/PDIF only version & it will benefit in terms of sound quality vs the multi input version. Cost will down about a $120 as well as the Amanero USB board won't be needed.
  4. Hi Steve, after looking at the pcb I think that was a Electronics Australia project from 1995. If I'm right it actually was a great design & worked very well - I built quite a few of them. I should still have the kit manual/instructions so when I get to work tomorrow I will see if I can find it. Cheers Clay
  5. Yes. The standard version will have just USB in & then as a option you can have S/PDIF inputs added as well. They will be coax, optical & I might look at AES/EBU XLR as well. The single input version will have a slight performance gain as there is no switching of the I2S lines.
  6. I have finally (today) completed all the Konverter orders so I'm now working on the the new DAC. Most of the design work is done so it should not be too far away. When it is getting close I will start a new topic/thread about it - stay tuned!
  7. Update, I do have another NOS pair but they had slight corrosion between the lead out wires & voice coil connection. I have repaired (replaced lead out wires) them & they both showing good continuity now. They should work fine as I used the correct litz speaker lead out wire. However this is quite a tricky procedure & I don't know what the long term reliability will be now. In view of this I have reduced the price drastically to $100 for the pair + freight but they are being sold on a "as is" basis with no return option.
  8. Both very reliable sources & RS offer free delivery
  9. Hi Thomas, that is an unusual problem that I have not struck before. If you would like to send it back to me I will sort it out & it is certainly covered under warranty. PM me & I will give you the shipping address. Cheers Clay
  10. Sorry - did not mean to put in so many photos - had trouble editing it. My phone has trouble capturing the OLED display correctly so the missing part of the fonts is just a glitch with my photography
  11. I'm just shipping out another Konverter to a SNA member ( woadl ) & I've actually had time to photograph it Inside & out so I thought it would be good for you guys to see the finished product. The IR remote receiver is now exposed via hole through the front panel & works much better. The PSU & digital boards have be updated to take the new LT3045 regulators & with better cable access points to the other boards The forth photo is final testing with a Auralic Aries mini.
  12. 48 ohms so should have no problem driving the ME
  13. Hi Minh, I actually have found another pair but as they have been in storage for so long there is slight corrosion on the lead in wires which has caused them to go open circuit. This was a common fault with this model after ten years or so. My business for many years was speaker repairs so I can replace the lead in wires which will return the drivers to normal operation. Taking this into consideration I will reduce the price to $250 for the pair plus shipping costs. I will get this done in the next few days & post some close up photos of the lead in wires showing before & after replacement.