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  1. PSU for Bel Canto CD2

    Ged I have just had a look at the CD-2 specs & it needs 12v dc with a max of 15 watts. I actually have two PSU's that would suit it. 1. My 9/12/15v which I can pre set to 12v. It will actually supply about1.7A at 12v so 20 watt rating. Cost $325. 2. 12v only 3A unit which has a 36W max rating. Cost $350 They will both do the job ok but the 3A one will run cooler as it will only be running at about half capacity. Your call. Cheers Clay
  2. Gieseler DAC Owners' Reviews

    Hi Mat, All my designs have multiply low noise internal PSU's & run off external transformers so require AC input only. So the answer to your question is - No None of my PSU's would be suitable as the are all DC output.
  3. Gieseler DAC Owners' Reviews

    Hi guys & thanks for all the positive comments. The new DAC only is extreamly close now. I actually took a prototype version to Lenehan Audio last week which we had a good listen to via some Lenehan ML5 references. I must admit I get a bit nervous when trying out one of my new products at Mikes as he always gives an honest (& ruthless) opinion & past experiences have not always had a good outcome. Well the prototype passed with flying colours which was a great relief! I was about to order $1k plus worth of transformers from Jensen so I just wanted to be certain the new DAC was right up there sound wise. It definitely was! The bonus is that although this is just a straight DAC we have managed to include variable output level (on remote) by using the AK4497's internal level antenuator. This is done in digital form so you are throwing bits away with lower volume settings but fortunately due to the AKM's 32 bit architecture & as long as you are not listening to very low levels it shouldn't be a problem. Bottom line is the new DAC will drive a power amp directly so perfect for a nice simple set up & this is how we tested it at Mikes. Max output level is 1.8 v rms but this seems fine on the three different power amps I have tested it with so far. I'm working on the final board layout at the moment so hopefully I will be ordering the pcb's in about a week. As the finished product is very close I will start a new product release thread shortly with lots more info & details.
  4. PCM1704

    When I was building PDX's I tried sourcing PCM1704's from EBay & then later Analogue Metric but had no end of problems. They either didn't work or ran very hot. In the end I purchased them from RS Components or Element 14 & they were perfect. I still have a few left but was paying about $150 each for them in the end from Element 14. They actually bumped their price up to about $380 each when they were down to a few. I was using the PCM1704U-K so top spec version.
  5. PSU for Bel Canto CD2

    I have recently added a 12v 3A low noise linear supply to my range which would be ideal for the CD2. It uses a large 6A potted external EI core transformer which is very quiet & definately no magnetic interference as it can be located well away from the PSU itself. All components are high quality (no Chinese stuff) with a total main filter capacity of 20,000 uf. I recently supplied one for use with a nimitra sever with good results. Scroll up a couple of posts to sandrews888 Cost is $350 delivered (Aus wide) - it comes with a full two year parts & Labour warranty Cheers Clay
  6. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    Quite some time ago I supplied Bill Hobba (bhobba) a early version of my low noise 12v PSU to use with his Chord QuteHD. We did quite a few listing comparisons & both agreed the low noise PSU made a definate improvement to the sound vs the standard supplied SMPS. I actually looked at the output of the SMPS with my scope & there was a lot of HF hash visible which is fairly standard for that type of unit. The current Chord units may be using a lower noise SMPS now but in general I find most DAC's that are supplied with basic SMPS plug packs will always sound better with a low noise linear PSU. It might be a good idea to do a quick test yourself by running the 2Qute from say a battery. Jaycar should have a suitable DC plug & an old car battery or Alam SLA battery would work fine.
  7. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Hi Adam, just taken an order for number five yesterday. We have improved the firmware a bit too so when I get time I will send out the upgraded control chips to all previous owners.
  8. Hi George - sounds like a good plan. It would definately be interesting to see how the image is effected after lifting those two resistors. OK Joz better get your soldering iron warmed up & remove the two original output ic's. Maybe fit sockets in their place so you can easily try a few different types there. I'm with a George tho on the OPA627 - excellent choice. This thing is about twenty years old now so maybe time to replace all the electrolytic caps in the PSU & around the op amps too. Panasonic FM or FC types are pretty good & reasonabley priced. Buy all the parts from RS or Element14 & then you know they will be genuine.
  9. Hi George, great info & advice! Hey what is with R27 & R30? Looks like they are trying to increase channel cross talk or maybe playing around with the imaging.
  10. Hi Johannes, interesting link & certainly lots of info. I'm not particularly keen on swapping out lots of parts on modern pcb's as they tend to be quite vulnerable in terms of via & track damage. IMHO the Singxer looks to be a well thought out design & is using good quality parts however with the main 5v PSU there looks to be room for improvement. To me this looks like a good place to start & it can be done in a very unenvasive manner. Using Bruce's unit as a test case it will very simple to remove the lid & unplug the 5v lead from the main board. The next step will be to connect a good external 5v supply using the correct pcb header plug. No soldering required! The best part is it will be a very quick process to go back to the original internal PSU & see if there is a difference. Bruce has a reasonably high end & revealing system so any worthwhile change should be easy to pick. I am currently working on a new (higher specked than my current PSU range) ultra low noise PSU. Bruce's Singxer PSU test process might be a good place to try my new PSU as well.
  11. Hi John, yes that kitsunehifi backplate ext PSU adaptor plate looks perfect. Then mine or any other external PSU unit could just plug in neatly.
  12. Hi guys, I took the lid off & had a good look at Bruce's (BAM) Singxer regarding a PSU upgrade. The PSU board is actually quite reasonable & is using Panasonic FC capacitors which are good. The regulator is a standard three pin type & block rectifier so definately room for improvement there. Unfortunately you would not get much of a performance upgrade just swapping out components as a better regulator & discreet diode bridge rectifier will need a different board layout. Also the power transformer is only 7va which is pretty light on. It runs on a single 5v supply so I think a totally external PSU would be the best way to go. My std low noise PSU can be preset to 5v so that would be ideal. It uses a 18 va EI core transformer so definately a step up for sure. I will source the correct board plug to suit the Singxer & do a temporary set up for Bruce with my PSU. It will be interesting to see if there is much sound difference. PS Marks & Rocky's idea sounds good - just run a short extension from the board to a decent socket mounted to a suitable backplate
  13. GIESELER KONVERTER (DAC/Preamp) Official release.

    Yes I can certainly offer a S/PDIF only version & it will benefit in terms of sound quality vs the multi input version. Cost will down about a $120 as well as the Amanero USB board won't be needed.
  14. DIY subwoofer preamp/crossover recommendations

    Hi Steve, after looking at the pcb I think that was a Electronics Australia project from 1995. If I'm right it actually was a great design & worked very well - I built quite a few of them. I should still have the kit manual/instructions so when I get to work tomorrow I will see if I can find it. Cheers Clay