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  1. Thanks for the link. There are some really good images to be found there.
  2. Just discovered this one: http://www.japancamerahunter.com/tag/photography-zines/ A really good list of photog Books and Magazines.
  3. Sorry Tweaky, not sure if I understand your response. Do you feel that this magazine has that look. All good if you do, just not really sure what you were referencing. The magazine you have referenced seems quite good, very informative. Another magazine/book worth checking out is observations No.1 by Chris Leskovsek. All black and white, but a bit cleaner than the magazine mentioned above. http://chrisleskovsek.com/blog/
  4. This is one of my favourite photog mags: http://www.theinspiredeye.net/pdf-photography-magazine/
  5. mirrorless / four thirds cameras

    Not sure if the Voightlaender lenses have been mentioned but they get a good rap. Being compared very favourably and some times better to Leica Lenses at excellent prices. Just check out the Ken Rockwell and Steve Huff Reviews. If you are not too concerned with manual focusing or hyperfocal these would be outstanding. http://www.voigtlaender.de/cms/voigtlaender/voigtlaender_cms.nsf/id/pa_home_e.html I own small sensor Ricoh GRD iv and and apsc sensor Ricoh GR. The GR is obviously technically better (camera and output) , but I actually prefer the files the small sensor camera puts out, they just have more character and 'mojo'. Saying this though the nex-6 cameras have excellent image output, they have character, and the files are quite malleable in LR. I also really like the output from the Fuji X series cameras, very organic looking, but maybe a little too sharp at times. I'm still trying to decide on the nex-6 and X-E1 for a system camera, new models are coming so you can pick these bodies up really cheap on eBay. FF is another complete barrel of fish. I have not invested a lot of time looking into FF, but FF cameras put out absolutely stunning images, that have that special 'Full Frame look'. They are far out of my budget, so not something I would probably ever consider unless the prices drop.
  6. SOLD: Sansui AU-X501

    Sold on eBay
  7. Interesting. Love the colours in that ad .
  8. FS: NAD M51 DAC *New*

    Woh! Our dollar is really not fairing well against the US.
  9. SOLD: Sansui AU-X501

    Price drop to $180 before off for another go on the bay
  10. Help with new camera selection

    My suggestion is the compact Ricoh GR with APS-C sensor. It fits in my pants pocket. Has snap focus (zone focusing), where you can predetermine the focus length, also means you are not depending on auto focus. The auto focus is fast though, but not in low light. It has a sharp fixed 28mm (in 35mm terms) lens but the camera also has a 35mm and 47mm crop mode which still produces great prints because of the sensor size. It's also light and very ergonomic. With snap focus and at least 1/125 shutter speed you should be able to get you kids without any blur. No viewfinder but you can add one, at a price though. You can pick one up from cameras direct for around $780. If you really need a zoom my next suggestion beside system cameras is the Sony RX100 compacts. 1" size sensor, and rave reviews all around. I have only handled one in store, and they feel nice, not as good as my Ricoh but still very good.
  11. Thanks Richard I whole heartly agree, just a shame I have not even unpacked my record player for quite a few months.
  12. Item: Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM cartridge Location: Gracemere Price: $500 free post Item Condition: great 60 hours Reason for selling: No longer using table Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this cartridge off another member quite a few months ago. It is the cartridge that made me decide to actively look for mm/mi designs instead of mc. I sold my dynavector xx2 cartridge in favour of this cartridge.
  13. SOLD: Sansui AU-X501

    Back up to $250
  14. SOLD: Sansui AU-X501

    Thanks again Pete
  15. Item: Sansui AU-X501 Location: Gracemere, QLD Price: $180 plus postage Item Condition: great Reason for selling: Downsizing/ gone active again Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this amp off Ebay seller Zak56 ( I think that's right) about 8 months ago. If anyone has bought gear off this seller you know he only sells gear in good condition. I was actually quite surprised for the age the superb condition it is in. I originally bought it for a different direction I was going in but due to space restrictions I am going active instead. I Just don't have the room for seperates anymore. Its 80 watts a channel and includes a phono with setting for mm and mc carts. I have noticed a bit of crackling when pressing the tone button on and off but besides that, it is fine, in great working condition. It's reasonably big and heavy so I am guessing postage will be around $60 to the east coast more elsewhere. Any less and ill refund the difference. Pictures: