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  1. I know this may sound silly but the advice is prudent and has worked for myself and others Can I ask if you have you cleaned the records properly Record pressing & processing can leave contaminants on the surface and grooves - just because it's new does not guarantee the record is clean That is the first thing I would do
  2. Damn it....DIY is better!

    DIY rules Im more a DIY speaker and powe amp builder
  3. The joys of running a large website ...

    What needs to be developed by a very smart geek And this idea will make that person very wealthy The idea is a backtrack program like a sniffer dog that follows a trail It only wants to find the source not any harmless piggyback sites When the source is found - the sniffer dog will have a selection of commands from the person that used it Kill computer Ask for ransom Stealth mode and spy and the the list goes on Any brainiacs up to it ?
  4. Bill Bruford Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, UK, Pavlov's Dog on album 2
  5. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Thank you @dkw I will do a little research
  6. Report Bugs Here

    I get that as well The little loading circle thing is spinning spinning spinning and does not load That in turn affects the functionality of your next actions
  7. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I have seen that cover before but can't place the artist
  8. Exotic vinyl record

    If you want exotic Search to 100 prog records - for great art If you can't find anything to your liking Repeat with the genre you prefer and I'm sure you will find something to like Happy hunting
  9. Banana / Spade connectors - important?

    You can now purchase expanding / locking banana plugs
  10. Vinyl lover

    With regards to record purchases That's the way I started - purchasing the titles I most wanted Now I'm chasing titles to fill in holes in the collection - but only from artistsI really love. Hope to see you on the record spinning thread at some point to shoot the breeze
  11. External cross overs

    E Hmmm No this is an external crossover
  12. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    And finally the last title the band Japan released to finish this session Its a double album from mostly live performances with some studio enhancements This is a very good album to own and listen to Artist - Japan Title - Oil On Canvas
  13. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Next up on the Japan trio spin list The cover is not in great shape due to sticker damage on top right, but the record is great Artist - Japan Title - Quiet Life
  14. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    This afternoon I am spinning a trio of records by an English band named Japan A combination of styles from art rock, new wave, synth pop, post punk in genre with tight musicianship This is a compilation album just to get me going Artist - Japan Title - Assemblage
  15. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I have that twin CD - it's great 👍🏼 Just considering the new release Live In Pompeii in vinyl