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  1. The bigger the speaker driver the better Reason being is that the speaker needs to push sound waves in free space with ease
  2. This is in memory of John Wetton that passed away Jan 2017 A truely gifted individual Sought after by many bands and excelled in all I think this album was his first Solo album Artist - John Wetton Album - Caught In The Crossfire
  3. Last night at about 11pm I had to bring some items out of the rain From the corner of my eye I spotted some new fungi coming up When the rain stopped I went out to take some photos under flash To get focus I had my daughter shine the iPhone torch on them These are the results
  4. Have a look at my 2013 project http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/54216-open-baffle-diy-with-full-range-drivers/
  5. Large full range 10" to 15" drivers Plus you may need an active subwoofer
  6. I won't beat around the bush The speakers you mention are not sutable for an open baffle speaker
  7. This is a very enjoyable album you just can't help listening to it Roy Buchanan is a great artist and this album is no exception Also does a fine job on this album doing a Neil Young cover - Down By The River Artist - Roy Buchanan Title - Your Not Alone
  8. Rain brings life " Did You Know " Fungi are more prolific than insects This morning after rain I spotted these in the garden
  9. One of the best musically brilliant live albums I own and I have 4 in total from this artist It's a mixture of jazz fusion, prog rock and so much improv to last you a while and unless you truely listen you will miss a lot Artist - Bill Brufford Album - Brufford Tapes
  10. In momory of Chuck Berry RIP to an artist Artist - Chuck Berry Album - Greatest Hits
  11. You will have success if you use liquid nails
  12. Put on an lovely upbeat prog rock album a Jon Anderson Solo (2nd) Its very YES like and so it should be, as he was a co-founding member of Yes Artist - Jon Anderson Album - Song of Seven
  13. Price drop Now $400 still with free shipping
  14. Just listening to David Gilmour's first solo album I remember getting this album soon after its release Its a superb album and I particularly like the song There's No Way Out Of Here Artist - David Gilmour Album - David Gilmour - Self Titled first solo album
  15. @acg I can help with a some very good, & some very demanding test tracks if you like Specifically chosen and compiled by me for horn systems