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  1. I am also looking forward to this build As a side note I have been reading some good news on some professional amps that may suit hungry speakers As a plus they are cheap as chips - they are Crown Harman http://www.crownaudio.com/en/product_families/xli-series
  2. Now back to record spinning Artist - Alice Cooper Title - Killer Just had to listen to Halo Of Flies
  3. Let's not forget Neil Smith on drums Still a favourite drum solo in a song is - Halo Of Flies
  4. Briliant in there own right
  5. Today I am coming out I confess that I am an Alice Cooper fan ( be ready as I will confess a few more artists as time passes) Loved the Sydney concert back when I was a teenager Just had a look at the collection and I am missing the Muscle Of Love album Now I need to replace it - if anyone has any Alice Cooper albums PM me Starting with the Third album but the first hit album Artist - Alice Cooper Title - Love It to Death As a fan I can only say brilliant what else
  6. I have one of those and use it myself Its known as a string line level Did not come to mind until it was mentioned
  7. This album needs no introduction and it's a world favourite Artist - Pink Floyd Title - Dark Side Of The Moon - UK made import I played the album while reviewing a cartridge and will spin it again for another cartridge review soon
  8. It's really great going down nostalgia lane A lovely album that is part Jazz Fussion and part Progressive Rock Artist - Ayers Rock Title - Hot Spell - 1980 Thoroughly enjoying this album - think I will spin it again for another listen
  9. I overlooked the posting of my review of the Stanton 981-LZS Type - Moving Iron The stylus fitted is a new Jico fine line Album - Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon ( same as all reviews for consistency ) This cart is a little gem in the right sysrem Produced to high standards at the time by Stanton to compete with MC carts It does however require an MC phono amp to drive it What I found impressive about the Stanton 981 LZS is that it can find the intricate & delicate information on the record grooves just as well as an MC cart but can get down and dirty on hard rock passages without blinking an eye lid The cartridge can be aptly surmised as- that it does everything well as an allrounder without being a specialist in any field As I am doing this review fresh today - I would really like to revisit and review the Garott Bros London Decca Gold cart as a comparison in a day or two
  10. You need your ears in the end I use my amp in the mono setting and do a final cartridge alignment check by ear
  11. A quick update Today I had a desire to give the Tonearm & turntable a clean and polish First quick clean of the Terminator Tonearm and all the exposed areAas of the Garrard 401 Then a prep treatment was applied followed by the H9 ceramic crystal treatment I used this treatment to help the sliding mechanism on the Tonearm to operate smoothly well into the future and as a protective coating The Garrard 401 got the same prep & treatment I also applied another coat on the fulcrum / bearing contact points of the stylus arm with a specific lacquer product - It's specifically used as a coating on high quality string instruments as it expands and contracts with the timber (See photo of the lacquer product used ) Now the turntable is looking sharp and shiny and the Tonearm is looking to do some serious work again, and I am happy to oblige
  12. I remember the day I hitched a ride to Hamilton HiFi on the release day and getting this special Laser Etched record Only played a couple of times and still in mint condition Artist - Splif Enz Title - True Colours A great album and the music could be described as timeless by some
  13. I seem to be running on a theme in my music listening Today it's one from Peter Gabriel's early solo career Artist - Peter Gabriel Title - Peter Gabriel [2] 1978 Produced by Robert Fripp This album is probably a sleeping gem, You can see how he is trying to find his style and the basics learnt from this album has moulded his later works
  14. Steve Hackett will be touring Australia in August 2017 If you can make if to see his Genesis Revisited tour http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/Steve-Hackett-tickets/artist/735223 Next best thing is to spin a good Steve Hackett album Artist - Steve Hackett Title - Spectral Mornings A truly wonderful recording
  15. During my early times the 70s I was drawn to Sansui They a have proven track record and still sought after to this day