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  1. King Crimson Genesis Jethto Tull Also Doors
  2. Not unless you have some delicious prog genre
  3. My better half likes Cat Stevens And I love Genesis Best of both worlds I have 2 more Genesis titles in transit to fill in the gaps of the collection Also on the lookout for a M- Genesis - Nursery Cryme
  4. No haven't seen or heard Howe Early 80s was when I got married and for a period also stopped my HiFi and music purchases Thays why I have missing titles in my collection
  5. Carlos is a master Love Abraxas and Caravansarai Havent heard Blues For Salvador
  6. I am under orders from the better half to do some painting and general jobs about the house You see we have interstate visitors coming ( say no more ) That has left me no time for vinyl spining But during painting I have the Blusound Node playing tunes to keep me working Anyway I had a chance to listen to " one side only " of Artist - Black Sabbath Title - Master Of Reality A brilliant album that I purchased in my youth Side two is waiting for its turn
  7. That is a brilliant album
  8. I offer you this link to keep the faith http://www.inlowsound.com/ http://www.inlowsound.com/
  9. The Apple Pencil is now sold Logitech Create keyboard / case, is still available PM me if interested - don't be shy
  10. Thank you Nick PM sent Apple Pencil is on hold pending payment Logitech Create keyboard & case is still available
  11. Right O Hearing you all "No castors"
  12. Getting a lot of this on iPad x Safari
  13. Spinning a CD Luke Kennedy A Time For Us