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  1. Burn In Myths In Speakers

    Perhaps I'm being retarded, but what are you saying exactly?
  2. Burn In Myths In Speakers

    Yes, but we can measure this effect. That you might hear it or not has no bearing on it existing or not.
  3. Burn In Myths In Speakers

    That speakers can burn in is a completely testable claim, it has nothing to do with inner ears.
  4. Burn In Myths In Speakers

    I'd like to see this submitted to peer-review. It's part of the scientific process and allows potentially unbiased third parties to verify results. The methodology does look sound, I was a little worried that driver temperature hadn't been accounted for, but since the measurements where taken after a considerable cool off period, that variable should be eliminated. Room temperature however, has not been. It's only fair that the room temperature should've been measured at the same time, as it's the only way of being sure it's not a factor. The only other area I've got any questions about is how the measurements taken, I don't know enough about it, but to speculate; If Fs measurements tend to have a lot of variance, and the person testing was biased, they might be liable to choose the lowest point in the Fs plot to draw their conclusions. This cherry-picking of data would allow someone to present an entirely false picture. Anyhow, those are my concerns, but I'm happy to take it at face value for now as so far this is the most rigorous test of burn in that I've seen.