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  1. Tour De France 2017-1st July-23rd July

    That's the modern era really for the grand tours though. It's been a fair while since solo powerful riders could win the big tours without a strong team. That's one of the things I enjoy about the one day classics early in the season. Sure the teams push things along but it mostly comes down to individuals for the win.
  2. 80's Sharp WQ-561 Boombox service

    Most excellent post! I'm amazed that the belts haven't turned to goo. I went through so many boomboxes in the late 70s and 80s as they were so easily damaged when you actually used them as portables to take to work and get thrown in and out of Transit vans and carried across worksites in wheelbarrows along with bags of concrete. Home made compilation tapes and a boom box. Bliss.
  3. My wife wanted to do the same with an iMac but there was just no way of connecting up a DVD player. She bought a USB wotsit as Full Range said. I think it was only $39.99 or something like that. It appears to be a flimsy piece of crap when you pick it up but it works.
  4. I was born in Worcestershire and know Malvern, Worcester and Hereford towns like the back of my hand and sometimes I crave a reminder. This chap always helps.
  5. That is indeed Gotye. The original Aussie pressing was limited to 1000 copies and goes for high prices. There's a US copy though that is easily sourced and is a standard price. Pressing is fine too.
  6. School me on 70's marantz

    I only looked at the link now it's following me everywhere on the internet saying it's still available and I should bid.
  7. Went with my wife and saw Dunkirk this morning at The Dendy. It's brilliant. Left us both absolutely drained.
  8. I'd forgotten about Godwin Grech until your post. I remembered the name but 'Utegate' had long disappeared from the memory.
  9. Thought it might be. A sign of a good seller who knows their stuff is if a record is delivered with the record and inner sleeve outside the jacket but inside a plastic envelope as it helps prevent the record punching though the sleeves. I can live with inner sleeves being torn but when it's an outer it's bloody annoying.
  10. What kind of tear? If it's a split seam where the record has punched through then you might find they are all the same as it's a sign that the box with the records in was dropped or placed down without care. It's something that happens a lot with records that have been through the postal system but alas buying from shops can throw up the same problem as of course the boxes of records have to be delivered. Poorly finished records can have bloody sharp edges too that will rip through the edge of a sleeve, both inner and outer.
  11. Wrong one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law
  12. Random cars of interest

    I bought my SME Model 10 turntable from a hi-fi dealer in England, one of those who work out of a big house that is crammed to the ceiling with esoteric and expensive gear. He gave me a lift to the train station in his RS3. This was July 2002 so whatever the current model was then. He was a real Audi nut in all the clubs and had done a lot of work on the car and he said his was the fastest in the country. As we got on to the dual carriageway ring road around town he floored it and I've never know anything like it. Bloody awesome. About 8 seconds later he had to lift off as he was around 4 times the speed limit, but as we drove up to the train station at a sedate speed with the rest of the traffic is was just like any other car with slightly firmer suspension.
  13. Currently Spinning

    Indeed. We live and learn eh? Good job I didn't leave all my records in the room although at that time the count was probably only a 100 or so rather than the 2200 odd now.