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  1. Gong Ride 2017

    It's the first Sunday in November. The ride doesn't go down Bulli Pass, it goes through the Royal National Park and down the hill at Stanwell Tops. I did the ride for 10 years from 2000 but haven't done it for the last 7 as MS introduced a minimum sponsorship amount in 2011 that really gave me the sh.its as I used to donate anyway.
  2. We have indeed been through this before Andy and I reckon we will many times in the future and I'm sure by now we've both agreed to disagree about stylus longevity. Counting the amount of albums played is a good way to arrive at a ballpark figure, I've done it myself by counting the amount of records played in an average month and then multiplied by 12 to get an annual amount of hours played. Doing this and going through quite a different amount of stylus profiles and manufacturers over the years lead me to the conclusion that it actually means bugger all as to stylus wear and the change in sonics is the best way.
  3. I've been buying records since the mid to late 70s and have built up a collection of around 2500 now yet I don't see the need to replace a stylus early and apart from a couple of records that have been seriously abused years ago all my records are still in perfect condition. I really think there's far too much concern about some perceived fragility of records and it's putting new listeners off I reckon. Sure, if some folks want to be super careful and replace things long before they need to then that's up to them but I don't think it should be posted as a recommendation.
  4. Sorry but there's no evidence for that. If your stylus is creating distortion then it is causing damage. If however it is no more than a sonic change there is no reason that it is creating irreparable damage to your records. A slight wearing of a diamond stylus does not change it into a razor sharp tool shaving off vinyl with each rotation. Sure, you can judge the life of your cartridge by nothing more than counting records but record length is all over the place and can vary from 10 minutes a side to 25 or more which is a 250% difference so really serves no purpose. If your cartridge cost $500 then replacing it early doesn't waste any money in the scheme of things. Use a $4000 + dollar cartridge with an early replacement and it's a grand down the toilet for no reason especially when as I contend and have found for many years now the sonic changes occur long before any damage can possibly be done.
  5. currently drinking

    Pint of Thatcher's Gold cider in a pub in Stourbridge, England next door to where I grew up.
  6. Sorry Andy but i have to disagree strongly with that statement. A cartridge that has changed so that the sonics are slightly different, especially not quite as clean or detailed sounding is not shaving the high frequencies from the record but the very slight wear has changed the profile to sn infinitesimally small amount and is no different from the differences in mounting a say ,conical stylus after a fine line/ shibata style. No one would say a conical stylus when new is damaging the groove but the high frequencies and inner detail would be noticeably different and less pronounced to a find line profile. Distortion denotes groove wear, a change in sonics does not.
  7. Now that is interesting as it was 2BL that always came through the phono input and i've never had that issue anywhere else. TV reception was poor too so maybe it was just a Gore Hill thing?
  8. I doubt anyone will lend out a test record to anyone that isn't sure how to set up a cartridge properly as there's every chance it will come back damaged. You are better off buying one yourself and seeing it as an investment for better playback.
  9. electric cars

    Lol, got to love the photo and the caption on the website.... A man uses one of the new electric charging points in a London lamppost That most certainly ain't London. If nothing else the German registered car is a clue.
  10. Often you just start thinking it doesn't sound right when for the previous time (anything from 8 months to a couple of years) you haven't even thought about it.
  11. Artarmon is a bugger of a place. The huge ABC transmitters at Gore Hill are very close by. I lived opposite them in a unit for 12 months when we first moved to Sydney and it was very hard to prevent ABC radio on the AM wavelength from being transmitted through the hifi when playing records, especially in the evening.
  12. I have always found when a cartridge is going off that the first thing to go is inner detail so those tiny background sounds whether musical or sound effect start to become less apparent or blend in when they used to be clearly separate. Then a hint of muddiness to the sound and it's time for replacement. The cartridge still tracks fine so no damage has been done but you find yourself checking the stylus as if it's dirty and giving it an extra clean.
  13. electric cars

    I'm in the UK at the moment. The new Toyota Yaris hybrid is being advertised a lot here and they are putting an interesting slant on it that pretty much says it's an electric car that doesn't need plugging in. There are a great deal of houses with street parking only where I am-the West Midlands- so charging is always going to be an issue here so I can see why it's being advertised in this way. The first time I saw an advert for it though I thought 'eh?'
  14. Your favourite SNA thread.

    I love good photos of gear, especially the analogue side of things so I have two favourites. The show us your turntables thread and the show us your phono stages and phono cartridges thread.
  15. The boombox is back baby!

    I like it! To be truly retro it should have a sticker on the front proudly claiming it puts out 1200 watts with very small print telling you it's PMPO.