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  1. I suppose not greatly different from now in that each car parking space would have a charger on it so while you go in for a coffee and break the car charges. I wouldn't have thought you would have a huge amount more people wanting to charge than the amount of folks you get now wanting a break. Also most off highway places I've stopped in have enormous amounts of spare ground to enlarge the car park/charging area. *edit. It could also become a great attraction of country towns bypassed by a major new highway if the local council develop a solar farm and offer free or minimal cost on street recharging while visitors spend money keeping the local cafes and shops alive. The opportunities could be huge.
  2. Regarding the charging of EVs in apartment complexes, there's a lot more to it than simply who pays. The biggest issue for most people at least in Sydney is that the vast majority of apartment blocks don't have power points in the car park areas. I do a lot of work in unit basements making these... And it's rare to have power points apart from in the garbage compactor rooms and no possibility of running power across the car park without large expenditure.
  3. Oh, I do love it, well, as much as you can love a bit of hifi gear. One thing worth mentioning, I used an SME IV arm on it from new which I'd used on my Model 10 for the 14 years previously. I always thought it was maybe 90% of the V arm but when I finally got around to buying a V arm last Christmas and put that on the Model 20 the difference wasn't subtle and I wished I'd saved up for a V years before. Far deeper and wider soundstage, wonderfully clean tracking bringing out more detail and another apparent drop in the noise floor. More expense alas but if you do go down the SME route it's something worthy of consideration as the quality of the turntable deserves the best arm you can plump for.
  4. I have a 20/2 but I don't know if my opinion means a great deal as all I can really say is that I love it which is what Craig says of his Kuzma... Seriously though, I can't fault it. Build quality, sonics, ease of use, the best after sales service from SME I've come across in the industry. I would reckon the 20/3 would sonically be even better as it's moved a bit closer to the 30 than my 20/2. The 20/2 will do me until the end of my days. Puremusic carry the SME line but I have no idea what they have for audition. Warwick is a sponsor so maybe shoot him a PM and see if anything can be worked out to at least give one a try.
  5. TAAB2 is really ordinary. I reckon I've listened to it 3 times in the last 2 years. There's nothing there that grabs me at all. The sound quality is fine. As for TAAB I prefer my EMI Millennium edition.
  6. Or maybe they will audition it first to draw conclusions about the sound? I would also add that maybe 99.99% of people don't actually care what's inside if it sounds good?
  7. Interesting to see T+A at the Munich show have the guts of all their gear on display. Must be confident it all adds up. http://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?11530-2017年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show&p=231785#post231785
  8. Really? It demonstrates to me that the cost of the parts used actually has little if any bearing on the total cost so the total must be from things like the development, case design, advertising and the cost of running the company. Plus of course a lot of the items we buy in hi-fi are simply priced at what people will pay.
  9. Sorry, you've lost me. You bought a US$14,000 DAC, clearly you loved how it sounded as you wouldn't have bought it. But then you took the top off and you are disappointed because the parts don't add up to the cost? Isn't the lesson here not to take the lid off something you like the sound of?
  10. I've just mown the lawns and pulled out some weeds so as it's Sunday afternoon I now find myself with a couple of hours spare...
  11. The problem with the 'Sum of its parts' bit is it leaves out all the other costs involved such as the time spent on research, the cost of running a business etc. Some little cheap part might make all the difference but if it takes the designer 3 years to perfect its implementation there has to be that cost involved in the final pricing. Someone taking the lid off some time later can't possibly see the total cost involved but just sees a $5 electronic wotsit they can buy on Ebay.
  12. My-hiend have their show coverage up. Endless photos. http://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?11530-2017年德國慕尼黑High-End音響展實況報導-Munich-High-End-Show
  13. I built mine. I remember sometime in the late 70s my mates and I hanging it on the washing line and setting it ablaze.
  14. I dunno, you could probably say the same of a great deal of consumer driven products, Sammy Hagar sang a great lyric on Montrose's Paper Money. "My car cost me 15 grand, some say I got a deal. Melt it down you've got a thousand pounds of junk and 10 dollars worth of steel." If it sounds good and it fits my intended budget I don't really care if the box is empty all bar some magic ingredient.
  15. Sydney Hifi here do Densen as do VAF for the Victorians. Don't know about Queensland though.