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  1. Yeh he will have to purchase some Goto horns to use as beer coasters next
  2. The owner is 100% correct a magnificent speaker -better than the single driver ones that followed . My favorite JM Labs speaker and if the owner was local i would purchase in a heartbeat . You very lucky people from Melbourne run !
  3. for anybody thinking that the latest Devialet bs system( the Phantoms are a joke) etc outdoes this is having delusions - I have not heard this pair but for me one of the most memorable times ever was hearing this system and an IRS 5 on different days Arnie Nudel and his colleagues make music. Breathtaking stuff the owner will probably have Pit bulls ready to get you out of his listening chair. The low distortion and sense of ease - coupled with magnificent soundstage etc is utterly amazing. The lifelike tone flutes, harps,violins etc is just so hard to believe until you experience it. good luck with the sale ps not picking on the Phantoms but after buying Darkos Silver pair i was so under whelmed ,so cumbersome the setup -it made a Novel network an easy task and sound - car subwoofer bass - compared to Genesis Infinity bass - not even close and the $50000 system comparison hmmm?
  4. Yep when the pallet came out of the TNT sensitive freight truck my system went into nervous shock I am sure a WW 2 airborne glider shot down on D DAY would have done it better! So back to these magnificent Dynaudio C1 s you lucky Perth locals win again - They truly look like they would make beautiful music - I think I need to move to Perth its the Dynaudio heaven -all the good pairs are there
  5. yes very dodgy insurance company etc etc as i said a bunch of crooks
  6. personally i would never ever trust Pack and Send they destroyed the JBL 200 PASS speakers i purchased off the forum and that was only from Sydney to Bathurst and then there insurance ripped me off so i have smashed giant boxes taking up half my house worth $1 -so be very careful -bunch of crooks
  7. yeah he could have waited too take the picture till the shower scene !
  8. this is easily the best amplifier that i have heard from Rotel really clean hi end sound - i heard it with the Michi pre amp - good luck with sale a truly great amplifier
  9. well you just edited your add you had COD no worries i realize its very hard for you to be paid by direct deposit so still available
  10. FS: JBL L65 Speakers

    what a beautiful setup i would contact to purchase but i know i am well and truly too late -glorious classic loudspeakers done by a great designer
  11. silly question what is the difference between this unit and the hdp-3 Express?
  12. I wish they were in NSW !I can see no easy way to get these over here without the original packing -never heard a pair but am keen to try a good quality DYN and these would have been perfect
  13. Boy oh Boy I wonder if this has sold already -this is close to the best you can get when all working