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  1. An early pressing ,long before the Aussie owe i think flowers also was renamed in the USA
  2. We won't talk remaster a ,but how do the Japan or German pressings sound compared to the early Aussie pressing ?
  3. I found something suitable at my local op shop..... for 50c ,
  4. been doing some snooping and I seem to remember , the aussie pressing of sidewalk may have been about 1992,maybe later then a remaster in 2002 but I think there was a german/Europe/japan pressing much earlier mid 80's
  5. haven't seen one as I have the lp so I don't look too much for it
  6. FS: CD's for sale

    iva davies talk talk.a+b, laughing einhorn olafur please
  7. Friend had one of these,they are stunning, classic tannoy, at its best, if you play jazz and or classical you must hear these !!!
  8. new lp /cd coming out on the 15th sept jb has lp's to order !
  9. Item: phono Location: w.a. Price: $1500 o.n.o. plus post Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: im mad Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, this is the ARC PH3 , item is in very good condition, and has just got new valves,and will come with a spare set ! had been modified with a furutech IEC so you can use youe fave power cable, much better than the captured cable it came with , no box or papers,but manual is available in the net can deliver to perth free, I need a higher gain phono as I have a VERY low MC cart, Pictures:
  10. REPORT just played one of my oldest friends, a 1970 pressing of hans poulsen natural high lp! recorded at Armstrong studio is not the last degree of recording excellence, but an lp I have owned since 1970,and it has seen a lot of work! US cleaned for 15 minutes, with the x100 1, you can not fix damaged bits ,or poor recording/pressings BUT with 1 pass through the US cleaner, things have got a whole lot better, less noise (will clean again ) detail has been released ,things I have never heard! a gut guitar originally sounded ok ,now has definition ,and separation supple attack and bending of the notes not heard before, many small differences , too numerous to mention, on an lp I am very familiar with ,that has played on my many system changes over the years! well worth the effort
  11. Don't think there is any more x100 left in the world! Sna members got the lot 😁 Maybe the next best is the kodac stuff