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  1. I preferred the shielded cable with the loop wire. I have also compared cat6 ethernet cable with existing cat5e cable and prefer it enough to keep it. It is nothing fancy...10 metres of cat6 from Bunnings Australia for @17.50. I will buy some cheap Chinese cat7 on eBay, just for laughs.You never know!!! I am not tempted by Audioquest et. al., owing to the extortionate cost.
  2. I am a convert to the importance of dc cables. Links are further up in this thread.Thank you Bilbo. John Swenson [part designer of the Sonere MicroRendu and also the Uptone Audio Regen range] recommends a Canare unshielded speaker wire with 20 gauge star quad wires. This is not easy to source in Australia. I began using a Canare shielded microphone cable with 24 gauge star quad wires. I modified it according to his thread so the floating shield has a wire connecting 1 end of the shield to the other. This is to allow a Faraday cage a current will flow within the shield. He suggests that this is the best way to use a shield but really thinks the star quad arrangement minus shield is sufficient to produce a good dc cable. I liked my cable very much and made another one for the Regen. For Australian DIYers, Jaycar sells a star quad speaker cable with 18 gauge wires. It is called Response WB-1762. I bought some to replicate an unshielded Canare as per Swenson, and built a dc cable for the SOtM SMS200. I have a definite preference for the Canare [modified] microphone cable. I got mine from Swamp Industries in Sydney [using ebay]. Canare L-4e6s. This may be at odds with others, but I am confident it is right for me.
  3. Hi Bilbo, just found your thread... As soon as I saw your schematic, I said " turn your system round". I still own Maggy 1.7's with twin SVS sealed subs...then upgraded to Sanders Sounds 10c with twin Sanders amps and a DEQX hp4. It took 2 years, a house move, a room tear-down and lots of Superchunk traps but finally I am ecstatic! But that is another story. The DEQX is a wonderful piece of kit, but I hear you re. $$$. Now Roger Sanders likes DSP gear, but never offered the DEQX in his "kit" as it moved him into a different market. He stuck with Behringer gear for quite some time. His latest 10e offering includes combined xover and DSP machine and I was so curious I search for a long time to find it. He offers a DBX Venu360. Worth a ponder, perhaps. Also, Roger Sanders encourages an asymmetrical setup...Dipoles largely remove side and ceiling refections and he reasons asymmetrical bass causes asymmetrical nulls and we wont hear that as much. Oh yes, I have 2 friends with 20.7s. 1 built stands out of car engine hoists !!!!! and the other bought stands off Bill Mclean in East Gosford. NSW. Both grip the wood cheeks to at least 1/2 way up. And elevate. And tilt. All good, IMHO. Of all the dipoles I have owned, I have always tilted forwards, never back. Same with the current set up. Square up to the ear. Phil
  4. Whoops, maybe this one.
  5. Yes+1. Because SOtM offer 2 cables so it would clearly matter. Quote from their website for the mBPS... You can choose the wire between copper or silver wires, and the length choice could be made among 30cm, 50cm or 100cm. Normally the copper wire sounds relatively calm and neat, and the silver wire is relatively open and more delicate. 7N UPOCC Copper cable : it brings a very clean sound without having any distortion in sound. Standard Copper cable : it brings a clean sound with much musical nuance without having any distortion. Stranded 7N UPOCC silver cable :Compared with copper wires, it brings more detailed and dynamic scenes, and brings the distinctive bright and precise sound propensity of silver wires. Stranded 7N UPOCC Copper cable :Compared with the standard copper wire and silver wire, the sound character is middle of their propensities, it bring very detailed musical nuance. Depending on which dc cable is used, it effects sound in your system hugely, so select the proper dc cable for your system according to your sound taste. The standard DC power cable which is supplied as a basic accessory is 30cm, copper wire and the jack size at then end is ID2.1-ID2.5. The secret sauce [IMHO] in the dc cable we are both extolling is the star quad cable. It is a self shielding geometry. I am a tinkerer and an obsessive fiddler. If you are not, this Chinese craftsman will make 1 for you. Double check, but I think you need 5.5mm by 2.5mm at both ends to feed your SMS200. Priced in $US... Written while bastard!
  6. To Bilbo, I think we are cut from similar cloth, so to speak, for as soon as I read your post re. dc cables, I was on the net buying bits and bobs. Today, the screw coaxial connectors arrived [below, for interested bystanders] , so, Phil, forget gardening and housework :- out with the cable strippers! I have some star quad microphone cable [shielded] that is only 24 gauge compared to the recommended 20 gauge, but no matter, I am out to prove a concept here. And yes, I applied John Swenson's coupling from 1 end of the shield to the other. [ post of May 5th 2017. Bilbo, you are right...dc cable matters quite a bit!!! I will not go back! 1st I built a cable based on starquad,,- car battery to SOtM SMS200. Oh! notably better. Then a cable based on starquad from my newly freed-up 5v linear power supply from my retired Squeezebox Touch to power the Uptone Regen instead of it's supplied smps.. Better yet!!! Yes, in my system the Regen sings happily on 5v. Or, rather, my dac sings happliy without an external 5v. Oh yes, I slipped a bit of insulation tape inside the A male of my Chord [the cheapest one] USB cable to keep power out of it, as it is not required. I have not a/b' ed it. Just did it because <Curious> reckons separation or absence of 5v power helps the audio. Bilbo, The journey has just begun! Lets keep comparing notes. I have 10 metres of cheap cat7 coming to trial against my cat5e. Also I have yet to power my hdd dock with anything decent, and retry your preferred delivery. [I bought a purple WD drive, BTW]. Interested bystanders...a lot of this is based on Bilbo's post of June 11th in this thread. I thoroughly encourage you to pursue it. It is cheap at <$50 and is mighty interesting to boot, as it spits in the eye of the "bits are bits" crowd. "Bell wire was good enough for my grandfather, its good enough for me!" A clue may be here. I have barely read this and offer it up in case some find it interesting. In short, Bilbo and John Swenson are right [IMHO] and I will not go back. I love my new sound. And all the above is based on listening, not on "knowledge".
  7. 10 days on, and I am still besotted by my SOtM SMS200. It is a fab. purchase and comes highly commended by me. Like Bilbo [the O.P.] I like a cheap tweak, and have ordered in stuff to pursue his "dc cables matter" theme in this thread. Watch this space. History...I have played from computers, built fanless Atoms, and owned various usb to sp/dif converters for many a moon. I settled on and I am stepping up from a Squeezebox Touch with a linear PS and a usb out mod. called EDO. I played it via ethernet from my bedroom computer and controlled it via Logitech Media Server and a 10 inch Android tablet with an app called Orange Squeeze. [very good!] In truth, the SMS200 is doing exactly the same. But the SQ is clearly better. My power source is a car battery. So it seems the breathed-on Touch is surpassed as a reasonably priced streamer. If you buy a MicroRendu, you must use Ethernet. With the SMS200 you can choose Ethernet or external hard drive or usb stick. Most people have tried devices that use the SMS200 power, and say it is a backwards step. I agree. Bilbo likes an external hard drive in a powered dock. I have tried that and find the sound flatter [dimensionaly] than with Ethernet. Soon, I will retry by improving the dock's power supply. For now at least, Ethernet is best. My retired SBT has freed up my 5 volt linear PS. I now power my Uptone Regen with 5 volts and really like it. [My DEQX HP4 usb input gets internal power, and seems to handshake with the SMS200 nicely]. So my SQ is inching upwards very nicely.
  8. Holy Moley, Bilbo! DC cables matter??? 1 battery to SOtM 2 power to Uptone Regen 3 power to hdd dock 4 power to router 5 power to server computer if a mini or allinone And now we need another quality usb cable from the dock to theSOtM. I already build my own ac cables for $10 a pop but this might run to a bit more than that. Ah...don't you just lerve a hobby with a high fiddle factor? Cheers Phil
  9. Panic not, guys... I just removed a Samsung SATA drive and slotted in a WD SATA one. No Problemo. The comment found by jrhill above refers to IDE drives [this is a dual sata/ide dock.] Different makers of old IDE drives had slight differences of socket position. Did not matter when hanging in space inside a case, but in the confines of a dock...! Even then, the maker knows more than the seller, because the IDE dock has a slide adjustment [admittedly inconspicuous] to the 4 pin power socket to cope with different makers offset. SATA offset now seems to be standardised. Who still uses IDE??? They are so small. This dual SATA/IDE dock is old hat now [perhaps why so cheap] but remember, only 1 SATA hdd can be used. But, Yes, Bilbo, SD card, SATA, usb all in 1. And CHEAP. Under AUS$20 from Malaysia! Cheers Phil
  10. Thanks, Andrew. My tree-change took me from the cosy environs of the Hunter Valley Audio Appreciation Society to where even Australian Hifi [let alone pommie stuff] is totally absent in the newsagent and Tractor Monthly flies out of the door. So, fat chance of a local borrow of a LPS. Today, I set up an external 3.5" hdd next to the SMS200. It was powered with a 12v cheap switched supply and it sat in a Yum Cha [aka Chinese all sorts] dock. I liked it. Equal or marginally better than ethernet from the bedroom computer. Remember, that is MY ethernet. In case it ethernet cable is cheap ebay cat 5e made in china, 15 metres long and threaded under the house. My dedicated audio room has 2 power points opposite each other. 1 services the twin amps, and the Deqx. The other services the SOTA turntable, the Aqvox phono amp, the electrostatic panel transformers and now the hdd dock. I like to maintain good cable hygiene, and will lay cables carefully [its free!!!] The SOTA is powered by a car battery. I will soon track down suitable connector and cobble up a car battery connection for the dock. I like to concentrate on equipment power supplies, because that is what we listen to. An amp does not amplify!!! The small audio signal modulates the power supply to clone itself onto the ps. The same applies to all equipment in the audio chain. We listen to the ps. But the dock is just spinning the disc. However, I am happy to stay open on this. Trial will tell. Bilbo has found it so. I need more storage, so today's experiment with the dock has prompted me to ebay a WD purple hdd. Thanks, Bilbo...always good to have a head's up. Cheers Phil
  11. So now I am a fanboy of the SMS-200. Let me discuss my early opinions re. external hdds. I am using a 12 v car battery as power to the SMS-200. I set up the identical Gabrielle Roth file on both the desktop computer in the other room [ connected via ethernet] and also on a 2.5 inch portable hdd. Playing from the desktop, I plugged the portable into the back of the SMS-200. It was drawing power but not playing. The sound did not change. So, sucking power out does not seem to be an issue.The disk was spinning but not playing. I then switched servers so the portable hdd was now playing the same track. I preferred the sound from the desktop via ethernet over the direct connected portable hdd. The sound had more punch and directness. I will not play from a parasitic powered portable hdd. in the future. I have yet to try a externally powered 3.5 inch hdd. Watch this space! cheers Phil
  12. My SMS-200 arrived today..[happy birthday to me! happy..... yer yer....]. Thank you to all in this thread who have helped me [esp. the original poster] to upgrade from my Squeezebox Touch with EDO. and a 5v LPS. and wired with Ethernet. Why so difficult? Well, in its day, the SQ was up with the best, and when others arrived on the scene, there was always doubt as to an improvement because posters would not tell of how their Touch was set up. " The Aries mini bested my Touch." Come on, using EDO or the inbuilt DAC? With switched power or linear? And so on. You guys tipped me over the edge and I am grateful! Ok...for those search engine arrivals... The SOTM SMS-200 sounds a bit better [with its 9v supplied power wall wart] than a Squeezebox Touch with EDO usb out, and a 5v lineal power supply. Of course this set up uses an external DAC. Using this same DAC,, when some improved power is supplied...I used a 12 car battery...things move into a different league. I am delighted with the new sound. I have a fairly high system...Sanders Sound 10c system with twin Sanders Amps...Deqx HP4 [digital x-over, DSP and preamp all in one]... and now a SOTM SMS-200. It is a keeper. I also use a USB Regen with stock ps that is worth a thumbs up. So what is this improved sound? It is day 1, so I am using my years old test sounds...Gabrielle Roth, Harry Manx, Leonard Cohen, Dali Test disc, Patricia Barber, Holst the planets etc.. From the outset, the complaint against cd [apart from a glassy sound] was the lack of reverb information. Decay would sort of...stop. Glassiness was solved a long time ago, but this new steamer is wonderful in that percussive delay [Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors <Audiophile Percussions>] is so good that the reverb defines the recording space. Wonderful, and not experienced before. Each kettle drum, cowbell, whatever, decays beautifully. I think the reason is better timing...jitter? ie. less loss of info because of less cancellation. Just my thought. Also, bass punch is more obvious, timing is improved also [it may be the same thing] and resolution of treble is really good. Shimmer replaces sandpaper. This is an exaggeration, but I want to convey what is happening. You guys do not know me, so where do I sit on the audiophoolery scale??? For me, cables and power supply count when the power is small. eg. I have a Chord usb cable and like it, but do not buy mains power cables or speaker cables above Mogami.[stock with Sanders Sounds]. Like Bilbo, I will happily play with cheap tweaks such as Ikea bamboo serving platters but will not buy Mpingo discs or Peter Belt whatsits. But a Glad zip bag full of sand on the SMS-200 is worth a play!!! I like a cheap fiddle factor. But am sceptical of things on the hogwash [for me] end of the scale. In conclusion, the SOTM SMS-200 will absolutely pass a blind test with a car battery supply over a fully decked Squeezebox Touch. Cheers Phil