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  1. It is a 2 minute snip of 1 track [of dear Carmen] served up 11 ways... You can choose from the following formats: 1. DXD 352kHz 2. PCM 192kHz 3. PCM 176kHz 4. PCM 96kHz 5. PCM 44kHz 6. DSD 256 7. DSD 128 8. DSD 64 9 . FLAC 352kHz 10. FLAC 192kHz 11. FLAC 96kHz Pick as many as you like, all free. Recorded as the best of the 11, then down sampled accordingly.
  2. Talking of DACs being limited, recording studio Sound Liasons in the Netherlands is offering free test samples. http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/6-compare-formats I have bought a couple of album downloads from them...[ I love Carmen Gomes]. The process worked well. You register and go through the shop, but the cost is 00.00 so no charge is made, and the downloads become available. I think it is a worthwhile exercise, and might save [or cost!!!] you a lot of money. Sound Liasons are honest, unlike charlatans who merely upscale tracks and offer for sale as HD.
  3. I have decided that Audiophiliia is the craziest of hobbies. And, yes, I do play golf. Bilbo has experimented with docks, brands of hdd's, power to the docks etc. and decided USB with a powered hdd is for him. I followed him most of the way, and decided that Ethernet was, for me, superior. I cited a sense of better depth...and he the same for USB. On a whim, a few weeks back, I bought a cheap short 6 inch USB male A to male B cable from China. Dead cheap. It arrived today. Shorted out the 5v+ line with tape. [my DAC has internal ps]. I replaced the stubby solid connector that Uptone Audio says is the best way to connect the Regen to your USB DAC. Well, ...I am godsmacked at the betterment. Bad English, I know. The improvement has revealed enough to reverse my prior opinion and I now say, the USB/Eunhasu connection sounds better than the Ethernet connection. Bilbo and I have similar $ investment in our systems. He...Maggy 20.7. Me Sanders Electrostatic Hybrid 10c.+ Deqx Hp4. Crunch came after various tracks of indecision...Lightning Hopkins... On USB, he was THERE. Not so Ethernet. To let you guys know where I am at for comparison... Ethernet. Desktop>cat 7 >Router>10 meters cat6 >Switch with 5v linear ps and a starquad dc cable> cat 5ecable>SOtM SMS200 powered by a starquad cable with shield loop wire and a 12 v car battery >Chord Silver Plus USB cable>Regen with 5 volt linear ps> 6 inch cheap Chinese usb cable.>DEQX XMos HP4. USB WD Purple 2tb hdd.>cheap Dock powered with a starquad cable from a 12v car battery.> cheap supplied USB cable> SOtM SMS200. Where next.? Better dock? Better ps for dock? [ Bilbo says LPS is better than car battery.] Better USB cable from dock. I have some cat7 cable coming, so maybe Ethernet will resurge??? But, back to my opening line...it is crazy that a commercially chosen item should prove wanting [in my system]. Bravo Bilbo. I think you already have Curious cables. I now have no choice!!!
  4. @a.dent I think you need a nice new dc cable. Wotcha rekon, Bilbo???
  5. @a.dent Hey, you are supposed to be listening.!!!
  6. @muznuts I use Squeezelite. My computer is in the bedroom...sms200 in the audio room. Ethernet connection. I fire up Eunhasu [the stereo is all set to go] and check for the active sign under Squeeze [it is always active]. Then I fire up Logitech Media server and open web control. Even though I only play via ethernet, I always have to switch from Eunhasu to SMS200. Not sure if that helps. I would reboot the sms200 using the small rear button. Also remake your cable connections. Especially USB. Eunhasu may not see the sms200 if it has not shaken hands with a dac. This is a guess.
  7. @a.dent My worst fears have been realised! @Snoopy8I got mine on June 8th. I run it off a car battery. [yes, the supplied ps went in the bin!] The spark from the bulldog clip is a bit scary [no harm done] but I decided to keep it switched on as an experiment. The draw is very low. In 3 weeks the voltage of the battery fell from 12.65v to 12.01v and is still going. I plan the recharge the battery soon and will remove the sms200. The sms200 will take 14.5v apparently but it is not worth [IMHO] the risk to charge and run at the same time. Especially as once a month is no big task. Yes, I will switch off with Eunhasu. What happens at switch on, I will find out. I used the Eunhasu update path to read what I have. I am just 1 away from current, so did not proceed as I have no issues and I use Squeezelite.
  8. Re. Ultra. Wow, Bilbo. "Angels go........." Good'on'ya. Re. MR vs SOtM SMS200, yes, the MR is an Ethernet to USB converter, nothing but. The SMS200 is a Ethernet to USB converter, plus it can read inputs from USB, just as Bilbo says. Read this thread above for considered advice.
  9. @Jventer Also note that both have newer/better versions. Yes,very new, so no reviews yet...also at 2x the cost of the basic. eg $us 900 for the SOtM SMS200 Ultra compared with $us 450 for the vanilla... For me, that is excessive, and smacks of exploitation. The basic is soooo good. I stepped up from the SBT with edo and LPS....WOW!!! Mind you, I have a high resolving electrostatic system. Re. connection ease...I have always succeeded in the end. Some frustrations early on, but now a doddle. I use a car battery, [almost free, as it won't crank my car, but...] Also, an Android tablet using Orange Squeeze, to control Squeezelite on the server. @Wiffle The consensus is the SOtM SMS200 has the slight edge and is cheaper. Also easily available via cruxaudio.au on eBay. Try Youtube. Interesting to watch.
  10. I have also compared cat6 ethernet cable with the existing cat5e cable and prefer it enough to keep it. It is nothing fancy...10 metres of cat6 from Bunnings Australia for @17.50. I will buy some cheap Chinese cat7 on eBay, just for laughs.You never know!!! I am not tempted by Audioquest et. al., owing to the extortionate cost. When comparing A with B, please be aware that there is an internal buffer in the SOtM SMS200 that will play a flac file for 1 whole minute after the source cable is removed. If you are not careful, you will compare A with A from the buffer. In the good old days you could flip a cable over quickly and compare, but not nowadays in the age of buffers , handshakes and auto-reboots.
  11. I preferred the shielded cable with the loop wire.
  12. I am a convert to the importance of dc cables. Links are further up in this thread.Thank you Bilbo. John Swenson [part designer of the Sonere MicroRendu and also the Uptone Audio Regen range] recommends a Canare unshielded speaker wire with 20 gauge star quad wires. This is not easy to source in Australia. I began using a Canare shielded microphone cable with 24 gauge star quad wires. I modified it according to his thread so the floating shield has a wire connecting 1 end of the shield to the other. This is to allow a Faraday cage effect...ie a current will flow within the shield. He suggests that this is the best way to use a shield but really thinks the star quad arrangement minus shield is sufficient to produce a good dc cable. I liked my cable very much and made another one for the Regen. For Australian DIYers, Jaycar sells a star quad speaker cable with 18 gauge wires. It is called Response WB-1762. I bought some to replicate an unshielded Canare as per Swenson, and built a dc cable for the SOtM SMS200. I have a definite preference for the Canare [modified] microphone cable. I got mine from Swamp Industries in Sydney [using ebay]. Canare L-4e6s. This may be at odds with others, but I am confident it is right for me.
  13. Speaker Position Problems Magnepan 20.7's

    Hi Bilbo, just found your thread... As soon as I saw your schematic, I said " turn your system round". I still own Maggy 1.7's with twin SVS sealed subs...then upgraded to Sanders Sounds 10c with twin Sanders amps and a DEQX hp4. It took 2 years, a house move, a room tear-down and lots of Superchunk traps but finally I am ecstatic! But that is another story. The DEQX is a wonderful piece of kit, but I hear you re. $$$. Now Roger Sanders likes DSP gear, but never offered the DEQX in his "kit" as it moved him into a different market. He stuck with Behringer gear for quite some time. His latest 10e offering includes combined xover and DSP machine and I was so curious I search for a long time to find it. He offers a DBX Venu360. http://dbxpro.com/en-US/products/driverack-venu360 Worth a ponder, perhaps. Also, Roger Sanders encourages an asymmetrical setup...Dipoles largely remove side and ceiling refections and he reasons asymmetrical bass causes asymmetrical nulls and we wont hear that as much. Oh yes, I have 2 friends with 20.7s. 1 built stands out of car engine hoists !!!!! and the other bought stands off Bill Mclean in East Gosford. NSW. Both grip the wood cheeks to at least 1/2 way up. And elevate. And tilt. All good, IMHO. Of all the dipoles I have owned, I have always tilted forwards, never back. Same with the current set up. Square up to the ear. Phil
  14. Whoops, maybe this one. http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc02.html
  15. Yes+1. Because SOtM offer 2 cables so it would clearly matter. Quote from their website for the mBPS... You can choose the wire between copper or silver wires, and the length choice could be made among 30cm, 50cm or 100cm. Normally the copper wire sounds relatively calm and neat, and the silver wire is relatively open and more delicate. 7N UPOCC Copper cable : it brings a very clean sound without having any distortion in sound. Standard Copper cable : it brings a clean sound with much musical nuance without having any distortion. Stranded 7N UPOCC silver cable :Compared with copper wires, it brings more detailed and dynamic scenes, and brings the distinctive bright and precise sound propensity of silver wires. Stranded 7N UPOCC Copper cable :Compared with the standard copper wire and silver wire, the sound character is middle of their propensities, it bring very detailed musical nuance. Depending on which dc cable is used, it effects sound in your system hugely, so select the proper dc cable for your system according to your sound taste. The standard DC power cable which is supplied as a basic accessory is 30cm, copper wire and the jack size at then end is ID2.1-ID2.5. The secret sauce [IMHO] in the dc cable we are both extolling is the star quad cable. It is a self shielding geometry. I am a tinkerer and an obsessive fiddler. If you are not, this Chinese craftsman will make 1 for you. Double check, but I think you need 5.5mm by 2.5mm at both ends to feed your SMS200. Priced in $US...http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc03.html Written while smiling...Bilbo...you bastard!