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  1. I am very interested. I am at 2281, so I can pick up too.
  2. Subwoofer upgrade project

    I picked up a Welling WS 602 dual 8" subwoofer as part of an old secondhand 5.1 setup. I bought the set, which included Accusound Eclipse speakers (not sure which version), for $30. My intention was to use the speakers as a test set for my DIY Class D amps. The subwoofer was just part of the sale. As I love a bit of DIY, I am interested on your opinions on replacing the dual 8" woofers with something better, and may be the plate amp too. I have never built a subwoofer before, or replaced drivers, but I am up for the challenge. Does anyone have an specs on the WS602? As their is a black hole for specs on the web for this model.
  3. Are these speakers still for sale?
  4. You research the new car to make sure you can install a completely new system, as the default is never good enough no matter what the car brand.... especially if it has a Bose. You wonder how to replace the plastic door speaker covers with cloth and mdf/plywood.
  5. I build audio equipment I don't really need.... does that count? My computer speakers are Mark Audio Alpair 7.3 Pensils that took me over 60 hours to build!!
  6. Suggestions on Full Range drivers?

    I recently built full range speakers with the Mark Audio Alpair 10.2 and 7.3's. My pick is the smaller 7.3s. The 7.3 in the Pensil design sounds to my ears and the wife's (the ultimate critic of anything I build) simply amazing. I am a convert full range fan after building the Pensil and mar-ken designs. I built them originally to avoid XOs, but I now have no desire to build anything else... just more fullrangers! You will need a subwoofer for movies, but for music the Pensils do impress and give sufficient bass.
  7. Looking to start DIY

    +1 for a full range bookshelf. Have a look at planet10's designs, especially with Mark Audios 7.3's. The advantages for a first time DIYer is no steep learning curve on cross-overs. I got Mr Plywood to cut all the timber for my last few builds. They were cheap and the cuts were very accurate. The cost of a Mar-Ken73 would be: Mark Audio 7.3 drivers - $150 Plywood (incl cut) - $120 Wiring and plugs - ~$50
  8. First Speaker Build - Input Wanted

    I just built my first pair of speakers and I went down the full-range option to avoid the learning curve of xovers. There are some really good first builder options for full range drivers. I decided on the Pensil 7 design with Mark Audio's Alpair 7.3. I spent an estimated $700 on the drivers, parts and timber (about $380 on quality timber and veneer). I also spent a fair bit more on power tools as I was starting from scratch. The Pensil 7.3s sound is very impressive. I have only the Paradigm Mini Monitors to compare it too. I also built a pair of Mar-kens using Alpair 10s and they also sounded pretty darn nice. They easily filled my living area (6x10m) with sound.
  9. Do AV Receivers around $500 come with pre-outs these days? If they do, you would link that to a decent 2-ch amp for music. A very good DIY 2-ch Class D amp could be built for less than $150. My HiFiMediy T4 2ch amp is a great improvement on my Yamaha RX-V767 (around $1500 retail when I bought it .. I paid $1099 by memory). The T4 + powersupply was about AU$120.