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  1. John Carter - A Suite of Early American Folk Pieces
  2. Glad you like it.
  3. Let us know how it works, Steve. Stylus pics are always welcome.
  4. Just had a short look, there seems to be plenty of software available that allows one to measure angles in jpg or pdf files. I will investigate further.
  5. And software for both Mac and PC (often PC only). However, the software is very basic, one should not have high expectations at this price point.
  6. This one: http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/171182470551?_mwbanner=1 I chose this one because of the swan neck. The picture was sharpened in Lightroom.
  7. Yes, that is my interpretation as well.
  8. It would be interesting to compare the KiiThree to Genelec 8260 and 8351. The 8260 are probably comparable in terms of pricing. The KiiThree has the "Active Wave Focusing" (reducing the amount of bass waves reflecting backwards), while the Genelec feature automatic calibration to your room. But I guess Kii is working on such an automatic calibration solution as well for the KiiThree. These three speakers certainly show what digital processing (DSP) can do.
  9. Thank you, excellent review and speakers!
  10. I will post a picture after cleaning. For the time being I have decided not to use the Onzow Zerodust anymore.
  11. Thanks, I guess I still can get closer but I am still learning. And I noticed that I need to be alone in the house do take such pictures to avoid even the smallest vibrations.
  12. Indeed, I have the same question. I always used Zerodust but after seeing this picture I am no longer sure I should continue doing this.
  13. Ok, I bought one of these USB microscope thingies with the aim to correctly set the SRA of my new cart. To get familiar with the microscope, I took a picture of the stylus of a used Benz Micro Glider SL cart. See below. What I am missing is experience in judging such pictures, I simply have not done this before. How does the condition of this stylus look to you?