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  1. Sorry, wrong tubes for my purpose.
  2. Not going to happen, unfortunately.
  3. That would be another great reason to go! Will consult my better half tonight.
  4. Amazing, I wish I could be there. I have recordings of Fujji/Melford and Spence/Melford and like them a lot. Hmm, seriously thinking of flying over...
  5. I noticed a new brand for active studio monitors, HEDD (Heinz Electrodynamic Designs), founded by Klaus Heinz and his son in Berlin: http://www.hedd.audio/en/. The monitors are already available in Australia. Heinz has a long history of speaker design. He also was the founder of Arcus, ARES and Adam Audio. The speakers look very interesting, in particular their latest model, the compact 3-way monitor Type 20. All speakers use Air Motion transformers. The smaller models are priced quite attractively. The Type 7, for example, retails for $2400 in Australia (quite a bit cheaper in Europe, of course). Not bad for a pair of active monitors with a frequency response of 38Hz-50kHz (at +/- 3dB). I will make an effort to audition the Type 20 once it becomes available down under. Has anyone here already experience with HEDD monitors?
  6. There are some interesting concerts scheduled for our little ones in Melbourne: 20 May 2017: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Meet the Orchestra, Hamer Hall 10 June 2017: Playschool's Big Jazz Adventure (part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival), Town Hall 16 September 2017: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, Hamer Hall
  7. Die Like a Dog - The Complete FMP Recordings (no longer complete after the release of Close Up)
  8. I probably did... and then some more.
  9. We made it to page 300!
  10. Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey - First Duo Concert (London 1974) Emanem, 2015
  11. Good to see someone else enjoying Tapscott and Carter. I no longer feel like a lone voice in the wilderness :-)
  12. Just when it got interesting...
  13. From the World Saxophone Quartet to the Clarinet Summit: Batiste/Hamilton/Carter & Murray (again)
  14. Sell everything and get active ATCs Just noticed, you already did that. And you are still searching for improvement?