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  1. Agreed - a very enjoyable evening with some great sounds coming from the mighty i93's Thanks again to Philip, Simon and the rest of the VAF crew present for a good night. Now to save up for upgrading my i93 Mk 1's - good though they are Cheers all Des
  2. All being well I'd like to attend ! Cheers Philip Des
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have a pair of VAF i93s Mk 1s and am generally very happy with them given that they cost me much less second hand than the full price even though that's not high by some standards. I used to admire (love) the Duntech Soverigns but could never have afforded them - cost or size For what it's worth, I'm bi-amping the i93s with an Emotiva XPA 5 amplifier - ie using 4 of the channels to drive the speakers. This seems to work well. The only reason I'm doing this though is that I'm no longer using the Emotiva for multi channel HT, so thought I'd try the extra outputs to bi-amp the VAFs following advice from Simon. Thanks again. Des
  4. How do Duntech speakers compare to VAF i93's or i66's ? They seem somewhat similar in design concept and share some of the same attributes. I believe VAF's Simon ? (who I think designed the latest i66) once worked for Duntech - true ??
  5. Thanks for your responses fellas (aechmea & rmpfyf) You're right in that I don't really need 32 bit floating point, but in Adobe Audition 1.5 (which is quite old now and basically the same as Cool Edit Pro) only gives you the choice of 8, 16 or 32 bit floating point resolution - hence my reason for choosing the highest rate - just being pedantic about it really, I strongly suspect it makes nil difference. You have given me some avenues to explore which I'll do in due course, but my current thinking is that the AVS Audio editor software is causing the anomaly as it's a new version and now will sample at the various rates ie up to 190kHz and will now do 24 bit resolution whereas it used to only do 48kHz 16 bit downsampling to FLAC - if that makes sense. Anyway, it's now more a curiosity than a problem, so thanks again for your responses and thoughts. Regards Des
  6. Hi All I hope I'm in the right forum for this question. Firstly a little background. Over many years I've been successfully digitising LP vinyl records. I've always used Adobe Auditon 1.5 for the capture process and recorded at 96Khz and 32 bit floating point in Windows PCM format ie. WAV. I usually then convert the edited audio files to flac format - either CD redbook standard or higher resolution using AVS Audio Converter or dBPoweramp on occasions. This process has always worked successfully with no issues. However, I recently had a major hard drive crash on my desktop PC and had to replace and hence rebuild my HDD. I reinstalled Adobe Audition and the AVS Audio Conversion software (latest version). Yesterday I digitally captured an LP record as described above with Adobe Audition which worked successfully as expected. That's when I struck the problem I'm asking about. I used the AVS Audio Converter to convert the files to redbook standard flac, which appeared to go successfully with no error messages, but on replay, the files were obviously corrupted and extremely noisy - first time this has ever happened and I have no idea why. To correct the problem, I first had to first convert the WAV files to CD standard ie. 44Khz 16 bit, and was then able to convert the subsequent WAV files to flac format successfully. I've never had to do this extra conversion before. I tried dBPoweramp conversion, but it wouldn't convert the 96kHz 32 bit WAV files to flac at all, stating that "FLAC accepts only PCM audio source" - which they are anyway. I was able to us dBPoweramp to convert the 44kHz 16 bit WAV files to flac. Does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on here ?? I'm totally at a loss to explain or correct the problem. Prior to the HDD crash I was running Windows 10 updated from Windows 7, and then the new HDD had a new Windows 10 installation. Any hints to the problem in that situation ?? I'd appreciate any help I can get as I'd like to resume the process as described initially ie. capture at 96kHz 32 bit floating point, and then convert to flac format for digital playback. Apart from that, I'm dead set curious as to what' happened here. Thanks for any help or thoughts you might have Des
  7. Item: Zu Audio Essence Speakers Location: Adelaide Price: $2000 Item Condition: Immaculate, near mint (nothing is mint once unpacked – but this is as close as it gets) Reason for selling: Not being used often enough, and it's time Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, (I prefer not to use Paypal due to their slow release of funds post sale - annoying !!) Extra Info: These are the now discontinued Zu Essence speakers which were the last model to incorporate the ribbon tweeter. They are highly regarded and reviewed in most write-ups. I bought these brand new some years ago, from Mike at Magenta Audio as a demo sale. These speakers are extremely efficient and apparently work well with tube amps including SET designs, although I can’t attest to this. I’ve driven them successfully with a Denon receiver, and also an Emotiva XPA-5 amp, with great success. I’ve now replaced them with VAF i93’s in my main system, although I’m still very fond of the Zu’s. I now need the space and the cash, so it’s time. Audition and inspection is most welcome. Included in the sale is a set of Audio Principe cat. 5 speaker cables with spade bits to banana plugs valued at approximately $90. Also included although not shown in the photos, are the floor and carpet spikes originally supplied with the speakers, and of course the front metal grill covers. Please PM me with any queries. Please Note: I no longer have the original packing boxes, and can't easily transport them interstate, so local pickup only is the preferred option. Regards - Des Pictures:
  8. I'm afraid that no amount of cleaning using any method, will rectify groove damage caused by some or all of the above. This is an inherent problem when buying second hand records. Not everyone in the 70's, 80's etc had quality record playing devices of the hi-end kind (and some were nothing more that "record wreckers") - nor did they all handle their records with care. Some second hand vinyl records look clean, but you simply can't see the fine groove damage you're probably hearing.
  9. Marketing = dollars Without even reading the articles, I bet it's nothing more than HD digital recordings transferred to vinyl LPs. Sorry but it's been done already - and yes well recorded and produced vinyl played on good gear sounds great - it's just expensive. BTW the vinyl production process will degrade the original recording. Just saying - don't flame me Ok - Ive read the article, and it seems to be a genuine advance in the production of dinosaurs. Sorry - slip of the tongue. Could be interesting, but I fail to see how producing any vinyl record from a HD digital recording is going to improve the sound. If it's simply for collecting and aesthetic reasons, then fair enough - it sounds good !
  10. Yep - machines ruining records for more than 50 years. No wonder 2nd hand records are a risky buy given that so many were played on such machines - which can hardly be called "Turntables"
  11. Price reduction How does a price reduction to $250 sound ? BTW, the perspex lid is in excellent condition as are the fitting hinges - I just took it off for the photos.
  12. Item: Audio Technica LP120 Turntable Location: Adelaide Price: $250 (current new price $485) Item Condition: Excellent – as new. Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct debit Extra Info: This turntable is clearly a copy of the well regarded Technics LP1200, and is surprisingly very good, especially given its low price. I’ve seen this advertised for between $449 and $485 depending on where it is purchased. The turntable is surprisingly heavy and noise free, with accurate platter speed. It includes the excellent (well, very good) AT95e moving magnet cartridge used for only about 20 hours. I bought this new to attach to my PC for the purpose of digitising my LP record collection, and it performed seamlessly. I should say however that I can’t vouch for the USB connectivity or performance as I didn’t use it that way, nor did I use the on board RIAA phono equalisation, but rather through an external PC soundcard with RIAA equalisation. This has now been replaced by my Ariston / Micro Seiki / Ortofon setup. Included in this sale is a quality cork turntable mat valued at about $30. There are numerous favourable reviews on the net, and this would be a very good purchase for someone just beginning their vinyl experience. Inspection welcome. Please Note: I would prefer pick up, however, I do have the original packing, and can transport it interstate by courier at the buyer’s expense, preferably with insurance, as it is still a rather delicate instrument IMO, and should be handled carefully even when packaged. Pictures:
  13. Item: Krix Seismix 3 Mk 5 Subwoofer Location: Adelaide SA Price: $400 (current new price $1095 to $1245) Item Condition: Excellent - as new Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Debit prior to pick up. Extra Info: This is a fabulous subwoofer for HT and music, considering the new price is only about $1100 for black vinyl model. This unit has served me well but only for a short time and I am the second owner. I am now using VAF i93’s and I find that the sub is unnecessary, and is just taking up space. I don’t have packing for this subwoofer so personal pick up ONLY is offered, unless the purchaser wants to arrange Pack and Send services. Please note: I'm actually not sure if this unit is black vinyl or black ash version, as inspection without damaging the external surface is difficult. I suspect it is black vinyl which is very well done. Inspection welcome but price remains the same.