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  1. 110 volt versus 240

    Does the frequency cycle difference not play a part in the sound..?
  2. Sony ESPRIT TA-N902 Power Amplifier

    Wah, nice!. I've got a Sony TA-ER1 lying around unused and I need a matching Sony power amp....
  3. Bought a $10 copy. Comparing it with the mofi. WTF!!!??!! The $10 copy sounds better!!?!! More detailed, more life, more energy.
  4. I'm on the look out for Fats Waller...
  5. I think I might have this, but i couldn't resist picking up the promo...
  6. Among my circle of audiophile buddies, whom are also contactless cleaning and drying practitioners, there is speculation going on - why different water can make your records sound different - that perhaps it is the amount of oxygen in the water that makes the difference. Tried this brand of oxygenated water a few weeks back. Results were surprisingly good. Doesn't make your records sound dead and lifeless like most distilled water....
  7. SACD Players

  8. Which Amp for my Yamaha speakers?

    It's easy. No soldering involved. I suggest to use a cheap coaxial/video rca cable that has a thin insulator jacket. I think the thinner the cable jacket (dielectric) the less capacitance it adds to the cable. Check the correct signal flow direction of this video cable. The source end will be required to be plugged from the audio component you wish to be grounded. Cut off the rca plug at the destination end. Stripe the cable jacket for about 1 - 2 cm. Gather all the strands of shielding cables and twist them. Cut off the positive conductor core. Connect the shield cable to the ground pin of an ac plug. Both the live and neutral pins must be discarded. Connect this ac plug to the wall mains with only the ground pin.
  9. Which Amp for my Yamaha speakers?

    Been mucking around at the yammy dealer's setup. Tried grounding the a-s3000 first, and then the cd-s3000. Both times we noticed audible differences. With just the a-s3000 grounded, soundstaging height increased by nearly a metre, the spaces between sound images cleared up and became less hazy, and consequently, imaging became better delineated, more pin point and more focussed. The soundstage became slightly more recessed further back behind the speaker baffles (if the speakers had been positioned further out from the wall, we are pretty sure the soundstage might recessed in towards the back further more). Overall, there is a weightier foundation to the music and we could listen at much louder volumes than before without getting fatigued. When we tried grounding the cd-s3000, the effects were the same, but not as pronounced as when the a-s3000 was grounded. However, when we lifted the grounding cable on the cd-s3000 off the carpeted floor, we then heard the same degree of improvements. It seems that the grounding cable we used can be very reactive with the materials that it came into contact with! The grounding cable we used is a thinny video rca cable (typically came supplied with cheap dvd players) that had been checked for signal flow directionality. The source end was plugged one of the unused rca input terminals of the a-s3000 and the other end was stripped and it's shield was connected to the ground pin of an uk ac plug (with both live and neutral pins removed) and plugged into the wall. When this was done, straight away we noticed that the perennial "buzz" on the front metallic faceplate of the amp was gone. When the ground cable was unplugged, the buzz (which is parasitic electric leakage current) came back. Unplugging the ground, we noticed that the soundstage collasped immediately. I briefly compared the ground cable plugged into Line1 input terminal vs Rec Out terminal, and i thought i can hear some differences, but I'm not 100% sure. It was very subtle. The ground cable to the cd-s3000 was connected to the coaxial output terminal. When we grounded the streamer, wxc-50, again we noticed the same improvements. Cheap tweak that yield very big sonic improvements! One more thing - after listening to the a-s3000 it was difficult to step down to the a-s2100. The differences are not subtle. If ever I'm in the market for an integrated amp and i have the dough, I'll go straight for the '3000. Forget about value-for-money thingy. Because after hearing both side by side i couldn't be able to live with myself with just the '2100.
  10. Which Amp for my Yamaha speakers?

    I grounded the a-s2100. Sounds a lot, lot better.
  11. Which Amp for my Yamaha speakers?

    Is the aussie version of yamaha a-s2100 grounded?
  12. My all time favourite cd disc: German silver rim first print.
  13. Yamaha RX-A3060 v RX-A3070

    The new A3070 now gives you the choice to select 3 types of digital filters: - Sharp (typical brickwall that comes with pre and post ringing) - Slow (less pre ringing, better temporal transient response, with a more gradual curve, but roll off top frequencies earlier around 18kHz) - Short Latency (or more commonly known as apodising filter as touted by Meridien and Ayre, that eliminates pre ringing totally, providing precise, stable imaging and less of the top frequencies truncation like the slow filter) Default filter is Short Latency This feature was previously available only on the pre pro model CX-A5100.
  14. Bought 3 CDs for just $10 Apply that onto the hair... Take the night out... Go on a killing spree...