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  1. JBL 4435 resto

    speaker exchange in the us is your best bet,you can send them a message and they will get back to you with pricing and freight costs.
  2. JBL 4435 resto

    i agree with kelossus and maloo,something looks odd with the enclosures and as chris said if they don't have original cones and diaphragms not to mention the crossovers it will not be cheap to refurbish with genuine jbl components,but hey jake if you can check them out and find a bit of history on them it may be worthwhile-good luck.
  3. Correct fuse for my amp

    you can purchase 250v 5amp slowblow fuses from rs components online(littelfuses)as recommended by primaluna valve amps,no postage charges and next day delivery have ordered from them several times excellent service.
  4. Item: ME 25 PREAMP Location:MT MARTHA VIC Price:$1200.00 Item Condition:very good Reason for selling:nln Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only,bank transfer Extra Info: me 25 remote controlled pre,the motorised volume pot is a quality tkd 2cp-2511mc($148.00 imported from uk) the tkd is a step up from the blue alps pot fitted to later model me preamps,all capacitors etc have been replaced ,sourced from peter stein,all work done by ron berger at winovate authorised ME specialist including fitting the tkd remote volume,the balance control is out of circuit,could be reconnected if you really need it , nice sounding pre there has been quite a few discussions on this site about me gear. Pictures:
  5. Item: BAMBACH Location: MT MARTHA VIC Price: $95.00 EACH Item Condition: NEW Reason for selling: HAVE ENOUGH Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only bank transfer Extra Info: have more than one available of the bambach cable,3x 2.5 tinned copper conductors,11.7 diameter,25amp current rating,oxygen free tinned copper wire braid with aluminium foil pet tape 100%shielding class 5,australian 3pin plug to iec,flexible. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Pictures:
  6. Item: YAMAHA A-S701 Location: MT MARTHA VIC Price: $500.00 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: NLN Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only bank transfer Extra Info: amp in as new condition,complete with all original acc,power cord,remote,owner's manual,original shipping box,[email protected] ohms,[email protected] ohms,built in dac,sub out,phono in,plenty of favourable reviews online. Pictures:
  7. Item: SHENGYA CLASS A INTEGRATED AMP AS NEW Location:MT MARTHA VIC Price: $1950,00 Item Condition: PERFECT Reason for selling:DOWNSIZING Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only,bank transfer Extra Info: a nice sounding amp,some really good reviews online,unit is in perfect condition and operates as it should. Pictures:
  8. Pandora Finished in AU/NZ

    no more pandora for australia
  9. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    hi, you mentioned about using tkd potentiometer they do make a motorized version.
  10. Holton Zero Five Zero Introductory Offer!

    nice sounding pot i use the tkd motorised volume pot in my ME 25 preamp.
  11. Item: dvd audio discs Location:mount martha vic Price:$35 each plus postage$7.00 Item Condition:very good,kd lang case has a bit of plastic broken off still opens and closes as it should Reason for selling:not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only bank transfer Extra Info: Pictures:
  12. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Hifi Collective: Amplifier valve kits, HIFI pre-amplifiers, speaker kits ... https://www.hificollective.co.uk/
  13. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    try hi fi collective ,glasshouse remote control kit for alps +tkd motorised pot.

    JBLs love being kicked up the proverbial i reckon these se300s will be a great match for jakes 4600s