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  1. Denon X4300

    Glad to hear your enjoying the 4300! I've been tossing up between this and then Anthem 720. Both use the same DAC as far as I'm aware so I'm assuming they would sound similar with music. I've heard good things about anthems ARC. Curious to know if you can use your subs in pure direct mode ?
  2. https://emotiva.com/products/pres-and-pros/xmc-1-0
  3. I've too been considering he options listed above, the further I look into it the more I come to the same conclusion. Mid level AVR and intergrated with HT bypass. It does everything you need at both ends of the hifi and home theatre spectrum.
  4. I've always wondered why more people don't use studio monitors for hifi... GTWTS
  5. Amp recommendation, Monitor Audio RX6

    I've secured a pretty good price on the new exposure. Also a dealer has recommended Primare I22 or I32 with the media boad, I can have the I32 for much the same price as the exposure. I've grabbed an oppo 203 and bluesound node 2 at a steal so the amp has taken a back seat. Srcatching around the classifieds and eBay for 2nd hand bargains but HT bypass is hard to come by.
  6. AVR's and the AKM Dac

    I think slot of the modem AVRs are using the AKM DAC, the oppo 203 too. Has anyone heard the anthem 720?
  7. Netflix now supports Dolby Atoms

    @PauliD Just renting mate, in ceiling or something discrete on wall is definitely the plan if/when I buy a place. I've been looking into the slimline units, I think they're just a looong way down from my Yammy Z7. I'm considering the new marantz with pre out to stereo amp HT bypass. Id get the amp first and see if I can live without the avr and centre channel first.
  8. Amp recommendation, Monitor Audio RX6

    After much consideration and testing my system with and without the central channel, blurays through analog rca I'm not sure I can live without an AVR. I can't accomodate one for now but to future proof I'm adding HT bypass as a requirement for an intergrated amp. so please, throw some suggestions my way!!
  9. Wish they were black.. Good luck mate
  10. Netflix now supports Dolby Atoms

    Ahh right, my AVR is getting a bit long in the tooth, no ARC no streaming services etc. I'm currently debating ditching the AVR and going to a high quality intergrated amp. I have space limitations in the entertainment unit the misses brought. Current avr doesn't fit, centre channel doesn't fit, and I get tired of dragging the rear speakers out and putting them on stands for movies, Mostly I'm using 3.1. A little apprehensive about ditching the AVR for a stereo amp.. I think I'd miss the HD audio codecs on blurays.
  11. Netflix now supports Dolby Atoms

    @:) al Yeah opitcal out from the panel to AVR, I've tried a wide range of movies and shows and it's all 2.0 Assuning using the app on a standalone player or mac/pc would result in different audio codecs?
  12. Netflix now supports Dolby Atoms

    I use nextflix in my LG OLED, I get no surround mixes from it at. I have to use the receivers dsp to get the centre channel working...