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  1. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

    Happy to take your 550 when you make the upgrade Marc 😁

    Interesting ELAC seem to be moving away from their AMT tweeters
  3. I have a bunch of tittles to add if this thread is still active
  4. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

    Bigger amps, Better DAC chip set? I spent a fortune lm my receiver, they become obsolete too quickly. I'd be looking at trying the 390 or 550 and adding a power amp. I'd be interested to hear about your findings Chris. I'm due for an upgrade too. Are Arcam about to release another series, Why so cheap at the moment?
  5. 🙄 God give me a break Mr Boy Scout.
  6. I always ask the sellers to write a the items value just under $1000
  7. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

    Curious to know if you run music through this system, or you have a dedicated 2 ch?
  8. Currently highest bidder on an eBay amp, if I don't win I'll grab this
  9. Fantastic for home theatre use, I'm still enjoying mine ! GLWTS
  10. Yamaha RX-V3900 Firmware error

    Mate don't be scared of "bricking" the amp. Fw update is a piss of piss. I updated my Z7 last week.
  11. Once you've gone 18" you'll never go back
  12. I have the baby brother Z7, and it's a formidable beast for movies, no slouch for 2ch either. GLWTS
  13. Tracks with KILLER BASS. What shakes your system?

    Pitch Black - South of the Line Mark Knight - Nothing else matters, Nosia remix Bassnectar - Time Strech