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  1. Three hours ago at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. F/A-18 doing it's best to scare the locals. I like the metallic B&W feel of this due to the harsh lighting.
  2. I rather like it without the water but then I'm a bit of a brutalism fan.
  3. Yay, selected as the banner at Nikon D750 Users FB group.
  4. No idea which ones these two are, but they're cute.
  5. "I love you dad" This morning at the Werribee Open Range Zoo to see the lion cubs. Shot through dirty glass and not much I could do with the framing as I couldn't move.
  6. Well good for you, you love your new Peugeot but do you even know what a Peugeot 404 is, or a Peugeot 205. Real cars.
  7. Sunday night sunset at St Kilda Pier and Marina. 10 stop ND, 30 sec exposure.
  8. And run a dedicated power line from the switchboard to the room with surge diverter, RCD etc. FWIW, one listening chair. A tad sad.
  9. If we're hot Hugh ( @AKSA ) it will only be because of all that foot tapping
  10. They say that when you're out taking pics you should look around and up and down and when you're with a group, take pics of what they're not. Sunday night with a photo walk group at St Kilda Pier and whilst they were taking pics of the sunset. Anticrepuscular rays apparently, or there's something really dodgy going on in that cloud.
  11. People watching at Moomba
  12. Bright lights and colour at Moomba
  13. Wow, Tony doesn't like filters. Or how to use them. What nonsense. Apart from the UV filter which you don't need other than for protection of the lenses front element, polarizing and ND filters do serve a purpose and no you can't simulate their use in post.
  14. Lowther speakers often get good reviews.
  15. Peugeot to take over Opel. Oh well, another good brand soon to be ruined. Peugeot used to make really good cars. A long time ago.