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  1. Good to know about 3.1 as that's how I use my Direct Stream - via the Bridge 2. Hopefully it will support the Bridge 2. Regarding MQA some people are just so cynical. The article is true - as far as it goes. Yes it can be seen as a cynical exercise to get more royalties. But it doesn't give all the technical facts: 1. Its very easy for services like Tidal to incorporate. 2. Its not lossless, but only lossy in inaudible ways I will list: The last 8 bits that store the compressed 22-44khz info are below the noise floor of virtually all recordings, random sounds below that are of not of much concern even if nothing was done. But something is done. What you do is from the 24 bits you subtract the compressed data from last 8 bits, chop it off then put in the 8 bits you subtracted. This is a form of subtractive dither and increases bit depth to above 16 bits - see the graphs below - notice how it lies about 2/3 of the way between 16 and 24 bits. Notice the following. The theoretical noise is always within about 10db of the thermal noise limit that its impossible to go below and WAY below the noise of an actual implementation such as the Explorer 2. 3. It interpolates to go from 44k to 88k, 176k or beyond. But since this is mostly noise who really cares - that is of course very lossy but since its mostly noise it represents just some more noise added in. But that high in frequency the noise added in is WAY below the thermal noise limit. So why do it? Because it reduces impulse response time which it is claimed to be audible. It's a practical solution to the problem of streaming hi res within our current infrastructure. Thanks Bill
  2. ML5

    In a round about way yes, although much of it belongs in the capacitor GTG. For the Uber ML5's, Reference, Limited or whatever Mike wants to call it he has a couple of orders already. He had to decide on Caps. Cast were simply too expensive because you need at least 2 per speaker rather than just one as in the ML2. He had to make a decision and decided on the VSF. It was at the time cheaper than the RS and since from past experience sounded better than the RS, the VSF was decided on. BUT you must buy them in at least lots of 10 as a dealer (which of course Mike is) - which means at least 3 orders. He had two firm orders so took a punt he will get another. Hence my post about anyone wanting a pair. Since then Parts Connection has slashed the price of RS so they are now slightly cheaper than VSF. Why is the issue - is it because they aren't selling since the VSF were cheaper and sounded better, or is it they are now made in larger bulk quantities so you get economies of scale. I don't know, nor does Mike, nor does Rawl99. Our guess is they are not selling as the VSF is better and cheaper, so the price was slashed - but that's just a guess. Mike will look into it when he gets back from Adelaide ie has the price been slashed by Duelund which will indicate one thing, or is the price the same and Parts Connection is slashing the price perhaps because they aren't selling. Mike thinks the first pair of Uber ML5's will be finished end of April - maybe a little sooner. Thanks Bill
  3. ML5

    They maybe Cast on the cheap. They are rated better than the VSF at Humble Home Hi Fi in their huge capacitor comparison: A lot of personal taste comes into it. Obbligato for example are rated highly - very surprisingly they sounded like rubbish - but who knows, they may sound great to some - certainly people that attend the GTG will find out. We would like to include the RS in the GTG and in the past they were more expensive than VSF, but recently that has been reversed, being now discounted heavily at Parts Connection, which may be saying something eg they are more of a mass produced item: BTW the VSF are not discontinued - as a distributer like Mike is you just have to get 10 or more. But rationalizations have to be made as far as what capacitors are at the GTG and having heard them was not that impressed so decided against including them. If anyone want's to bring them they are more than welcome - I think we need 2x10uf and 2X6.8 but double check with Mike if thinking about it. I already have got the Jupiter's for the comparison so think I have done my share . Thanks Bill
  4. ML5

    Have done the comparison - a bit dry for my, Mike and Rawl's taste. But if people want them Mike will do it - BTW slightly less expensive than VSF - but not much (maybe the reverse when buying 10 - don't know - but it probably wont be much). Will do Cast as well but since you need 4 the cost - WOW. We (meaning me, Mike and Rawp99 on separate comparisons) have done the comparison of: 1. VSF Copper 2. Jupiter Copper 3. Jupiter Aluminium 4 Jantzen Silver 5. Jantzen Superior 6. Obligato Gold We did them all with and without Duelund Silver Bypass. They will be at the Capacitor GTG plus Erse and maybe others. It will be on my ML2 Limited so the comparison will include Cast. Our ordering was: 1. VSF Copper - neutral and natural 2. Jupiter Copper - nice sound but slightly bloomy - ie euphoric but not the last word in neutrality. Also more expensive than the VSF. I decided on them in my Magnesium Limited for two reasons. First the slight bloom will combat the slight coldness it has. Secodly VSF's are available only in lots of 10. 3. A tie between Jupiter Aluminium - Jantzen Superior. Not a lot in it but I preferred the Jupiter - others including Mike the Jantzen. The Jantzen is what Mike decided on in the Standard ML5 he is taking around. 4. Jatzen Siver - unatural detail and leading edges. 4. Obbligato - disgusting actually - but when bypassed acceptable All were improved by the bypass with one exception, the VSF. When using a Master Tape Machine as source they tended to highlight treble unacceptably - but that may have been something wrong with the tapes used. We did it with a simple Squeezebox as source and the silver bypass were easily better. Will be doing it with the Killer DAC as source soon. Thanks Bill
  5. ML5

    Hi Guys Down at Mikes paying for stuff and was told the Duelunds for the uber M5's have arrived and their construction will start soon. The only trouble is you must buy the VSF copper in lots on 10 these days. Mike got 12 in so he can do three - 4 needed for each pair. My friend Kev has fully paid for a pair. Another guy has put a down-payment so he has secured a pair. If another person want's to secure a pair give Mike a tingle. Since they need to be bought in lots of at least 10 then after that you will need to wait for 3 orders before they can be built. Mike is busy, busy, busy preparing for the Adelaide GTG. Thanks Bill
  6. Audirvana 3 released That's not going to help much though - the Mac I have access to is not powerful enough to run Audirvana 3. Looks like I will have to dig into my dwindling funds (Yuk) and get a Mac powerful enouht to do it: One I have that and install Audirvana 3 will lend it to Clay and see what it does with his Dac's and compare it to a Meridian Explorer 2 I have - after I have mucked around with it of course. I particularly want to compare it to MQA via the Bridge 2 to Audirvana 3. But it will be a month or 2 before the Direct Stream Bridge 2 does MQA. At the moment, the Bridge 2 its not as good as Audirvana (or the Konverter from memory) and a Curios cable but will see with MQA - it should be out for the Bridge 2 in a a month or two. You guys will have to decide - are you happy with only Clay doing such a comparison and writing it up or is something more independent is also required? My vote goes to both - but the independent one will take a while to organize, probably at a GTG or something like that. BTW Clay is a VERY upfront sort of guy - if something is better than his product he will say so. But I know that simply because I have known Clay for yonks - others likely will not know Clay that well. Thanks Bill
  7. Hi Guys My Magnesium's are nearing completion. Decided on a couple of things that will be in the final version. 1. It will use Jupiter Copper capacitors bypassed with Duelund bypass capacitors. I actually slightly prefer VSF Copper but they must be bought in lots of 10. The VSF is slightly cheaper, a bit more neutral and natural. The Jupiter has a slight bloom by comparison but in this case may be an advantage because the Magnesium's drawback is a slight coldness this may counter - we will see. 2. Will be using Bybees directly bonded to the driver terminals. Mike is getting in two lots of the internal speaker bullet kits: Will also see how they go on the new ML5's Rawl, me, and some others are tweaking, before installing them in the Magnesium's. As soon as they are completed the comparison to the ML5 will be VERY interesting. I already think they are better than the ML2 Limited - but we will see. I have a pair of ML2 Limited at Mikes just for that comparison. The looser will be sold. Thanks Bill
  8. Hi Guys Visited Mike yesterday to pick up the Duelund Bypass capacitors for the tweaking of the ML5's with Rawl99. It was a madhouse down there - busy, busy busy. No time to even hear my new Bridge 2. But will be returning Friday to pay for it so may get another chance then - but he is so busy I am not counting on it. He will probably just put my credit card through then get back to work. Anyway he clarified what's going on with future GTG's and travels around the country with the ML5's. From the 20th to 24th of this month Mike is going to Adelaide with the pair of ML5's I posted in the ML5 thread. The Sydney GTG will be at another time to be determined. The capacitor GTG will also be further down the road - Mike is just so busy he cant set a definite date for this stuff yet. He asked me to post this and of course apologizes for not being able to post himself. Thanks Bill
  9. ML5

    Otherwise known as Seas Exotic: Quite possibly the best tweeter in the world - certainly before Seas released their uber expensive Diamond tweeter its most expensive. Thanks Bill
  10. I know the NAKSA and it too would be a good match. But remember the NAKSA is built to sound 'good', which it does - but it does vary with material. See: My next favorite was the Naksa 80 - a very musical amp with an extremely lovely and detailed midrange - a lot of foot stomping prat that brings an involuntary smile to your face - my favorite performance of the day was Dianna Krall - Case Of You. That an amp in this price range is up there with uber expensive amps like the Griffith is a real feather in Hugh Deans cap. It however had a slightly rolled off treble and not quite as good bass grip - which considering the doubling down capabilities of the other amps is only to be expected. I could not detect the slightest trace of Mosfet Mist like I have heard in other amps - but there was a person there who thought he heard it - however he believes he can hear it in all Mosfet amps and this was certainly not anywhere near what he thinks some others have. A few there like myself knew the old Naksa 100 and this was clearly better - again well done Hugh. Thanks Bill
  11. BHK 250 is what I did my listening on: Best amp I know - but this DAC deserves it. Thanks Bill
  12. ML5

    Hu Guys - And Of Course Girls - We just had International Women's Day. Well I was over at Rawl99's place last week listening to the latest iteration of the ML5 we are tweaking. It gets better and better all the time. Latest thing we were looking at is internal wiring. Gee its sounding really sweet. Don't know what magic stuff was being used but it was good. Next thing being looked at is the feet it will rest on. I will be heading on over next week with the Duelund Silver Bypass to see if they make a difference now. Last time we tried it it sort of put a bit of an annoying highlight on the treble that didn't sound nice. But we were using a Master Tape machine as source and now think it had issues. Mike came over and was not that impressed. We switched to a el cheapo squeezebox as source and it was, strangely quite a bit better. Using that the bypasses a massive positive difference. Now its using a Killer Dac and will see exactly what they do. Mike is also nearing completion of my friend Kevin from down in Canberra uber ML5's. Once that is finished before Kev takes delivery (and yes Mike has already agreed to a GTG in Canberra when that happens - Rawl will be there as well) it will be at Mike's so people can listen. By then my Magnesium Limited's will be finished. The prototype had a very distinctive sound - speed like I never heard before, incredible detail retrieval, and a window like transparency, but a bit on the cold side. That comparison should prove quite interesting. Despite loving the ML5's to bits, and thinking right now they are better overall than the prototype Magnesium's, it may turn out the Magnesium's float my boat better. We will see. Have decided on the final capacitors I will be using with them - I will post more info in the Magnesium thread. Thanks Bill
  13. Mike is a pretty busy guy as I only know too well whenever I go and visit - its go all the time at his factory - he gets very little time to participate in the reason I go - to check out new bits of gear I bought either from him or elsewhere, pick up stuff, the part I hate the most - paying (just joking Mike always does a good deal and looks after his customers - but I do have to pay for the PS Audio Bridge 2 I purchased), or whatever. Of course he is the one that should answer that question, but since he is so busy, just in case he doesn't get time he did mention to me he will be away on his tour of ML5's (and it looks like ML1's as well) between about the 20th and 25th of this month. Do not take it as gospel, hopefully Mike will chime in. I will be seeing him next week sometime to pick up some Duelund Silver Bypass to see what they do with the tuning of the ML5 Reference, Limited or whatever Mike wants to call it that Rawl99, I, and others are working on. Will mention it to him to do a full post about the tour he is doing so everyone knows whats happening. I will do a separate post about how the ML5 tuning is going in the ML5 thread. Thanks Bill
  14. H Guys I heard a simple $400.00 Explorer 2 DAC with some crappy cables from Jaycar: It was OK. Mike said wait a minute - and got a simple adapter rather than a cable from a box of goodies he had. Holey whatever Batman - it now was up there with a SOTA DAC like the DS. The DS was clearly better (voices were a bit too forward) but for a $400.00 DAC to get this close just by using cables - mind boggling. Mike is now building me a cable that doesn't require an adapter and will see how it gores. Mike will be having a GTG when he gets the time (he is taking the new ML5's around Australia and has to keep churning out stufff), probably a capacitor comparison, but we will do other stuff as well. We can check it out as well as seeing exactly what MQA does. There seems a lot of controversy about it, but Mike and my experience is Holey F - its way better. Still nothing like a GTG to see what others think. Thanks Bill
  15. Thst's interesting. Its the exact opposite of what we heard/ the Album Blue was immediately and obviously better. Strange what different people with different systems hear. Thanks Bill