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  1. Vintage high efficiency speakers

    Excellent. I'll keep that in mind. I haven't the time really for box building. If my project, in a seed at the moment, comes to fruition I'll contact you about him Mark. P.
  2. Vintage high efficiency speakers

    Hey Matty, are there any horn loaded cabinets you'd recommend for the Daytons? Ones that aren't too difficult to make. Anyone? I was listening to some lowther opus 1's on youtube yesterday. great sound. Reminds me of the benefits of high efficiency. I still think vinyl/valves/high Efficiency full range is a great way to do things. cheers, -pauly-
  3. AR / Wand / Koetsu On an 8 layer platform for isolation. cheers, Pauly.
  4. Show us your Turntables!!!

  5. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Ok here was a difficult project it seemed. How to get an arm on an AR EB101. I bought one for 80 GBP. Cheap I thought. Pressed buy now b4 any rational thought. I used to luv these back in the 80's but in them days could not afford much. Cost about $360 Aussie by the time shipped here. The 80 didn't look so small any more. And no arm! Then discovered it was an English version with only a small amount of room for a foreign arm! Then discovered to more horror it was pivot to spindle of about 213 mm when most of my arms were 222mm. So it sat sadly in a pile of other turntables for 18 months while I thought about it. Then I sprang to action! What else to do in Easter ? I was pleasantly surprised to find that Simon Brown's Wand mount plate fitted just neatly inside the T-Bar suspended chassis. I just had to do some metal work to extend the hole for enough room for a 222 arm. It just fitted in the plinth hole also. You can also fortunately get an allen key in from top to adjust the VTA. The TT Gods were smiling. Rest of set up was straight forward. So I'm back on the belt drive wagon again ... Pauly.
  6. Mark Dohmann of Audio Union

    Blyme! Glad i read this before i turned up else i would have thrown up on the spot. Big disappointment for a turntable night not to have the turntable. Still mark is so awesome just hearing his talk will be well worth it. P.
  7. Hey Owen, I was just going through some old paper print outs that I have collected over the years on valve phono and yes your wood box phono from sound practices popped out! Looks like nought was spared in this build. Well Done. And you still run this one I gather, years later. I must have found your article years ago... P.
  8. pot is for vol control yes, at the end of this phono pre, no additional linestage used P.
  9. ok Andy... I think you've actually misread my posts. I haven't got any significant noise from my horns. It's ok. I solved the initial problem. Totally. I was just saying it was initially challenging to nail it. So I don't need a quieter listening experience. Thankyou regardless. Further "quietning" is just fun for me if I can afford the time. It's not a levinson ML2 or a Stan Curtis, personally when I'm happy I get to a point when I'd rather spend the precious time listening to music. Some other replies to your post: 31db equates to 1:35 I realise the POT especially my cheapy, degrades the sound, but, I don't care remember occams razor? I can upgrade it later. Depends how motivated I am. I didn't "give" myself too much gain. you don't get to choose gain that much in a tube amp. once you choose your happy bias point the gain is what it is, at least with a given valve. my other preamp the 4SUTea by retro thermionic is even more gain. It sounds excellent. Perhaps like mine, it could be better , but .......... ok one day yes! love to have you around for a listen to my preamp and for me a listen your paris, The Paris as you say with less gain could be even nicer. But you'll have to join the queue... family life has me stretched in all directions, honestly. I will try some of my head amps later. You've sparked my interest regardless of need. cart is the Koetsu Black. cheers, -pauly-
  10. oh yeah , the SUT is 31db. so +44 = 75db! which is suddenly ALOT. but the pot cuts it down to just a fraction out. those cathodes are un bypassed btw... P.
  11. oh no I wouldn't say zero I use occams razor with hifi, 80% of the good can be got pretty directly , discard the other 20%. Actually it is acceptably low. I did alot of good filtering and grounding in there really. The next most audible noise now between tracks is one of the pesky 6SN7's in the power amp left channel. It's on the way out that tube. Need to swap it. No doubt even more could be done to reduce noise. Fun for the future. I have kids. And not much time. It sounds quiet enough for me to enjoy. ( ps the time spent building this in the last week did almost cost me my relationship ! lol all for a phono pre. I can make it up to her it was worth it ) P.
  12. I can work out most of the gain, but not all, first stage is about Av 40. 32db. RIAA -20db = 12db. not sure how to calculate the gain of the last stage with the ccs on top? if I assume it's about the same as the previous then 12 + 32 = 44db. I'm not using an additional line stage. It's just the MC cart into a stepup, then this phono preamp and then straight into KT88 PP power amp mono blocks. The phono pre has enough gain to go straight in. One of the reasons I always wanted to build one of these. The pot is just on the end of the phono pre. I haven't investigated yet if it will be a bad match for the power amp input and need a buffer of some sort but it sounds like it doesn't need it. So I guess the gain is a bit low, but it's plenty for me because I'm driving altec horns at 98 - 100 db efficiency. P.
  13. HiYa Owen, etal, 2 triodes in parallel at the front. passive RIAA no feedback final amplification stage is another triode with a constant current source on top. First 2 tubes are older sovtek 12AX7. Next 2 tubes are 12AX7LPS, a newer sovtek. Good value for money & nice bottom end on this one. HT supply and heaters caused some damm hard to cure noise. higher than 50Hz. I am yet to really see it on the cro to measure it, but I cured it with a resistor and cap between HT and heater earths. sounds pretty decent. I was extremely ambitious and tried another front tube in grounded grid for MC input. That hasn't worked yet cheers, P.
  14. Ok here is my phono stage. Looks not so hot But I only have ears for her... -pauly99-