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  1. Be all right with my Koetsu Black though, loves 100 ohm. ( and other Koetsu's )
  2. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Man I've got about a dozen turntables. I wish I had the space to run say 5 ? Doesn't exist I'm afraid... lol
  3. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Just upgraded to vinyl nirvana spring kit & george merrill mat and poly pulley.
  4. I love this comment. It's an interesting thing about our hobby that even if we are happy with our sound , if we hear better at some GTG we will be pained until we figure out how to achieve it in our own system. I don't see it as jealousy. I see it as an admiral homage and pursuit of the goal we all share. The goal of good sound. And just how good and moving well produced music can be. -pauly-
  5. what makes you think the stylus is not genuine? I assume all my f8's had original styli. is it that you can tell by the pic that that is non genuine? chs, p.
  6. 9 years ago I heard it a few times. Was always impressed.
  7. And they are ALL setup, aligned ? Good work Mark!
  8. I ran a K3 from 87 till 2010 on my thorens. Great cart. I have a P77 but have never got great things out of it. Don't know why. My mc's took over then. Only run them since. Can't go back. P.
  9. Hi Mark, the tip of the stylus undergoes some considerable heat in it's journey. there can be muck, esp on older records I'm told, that will melt onto it. if you forget to wipe it one night before bed it will stick hard. some alcohol will remove it but don't drown it as the alcohol can damage the suspension in the cart. Saw a stanton , new, in op shop the other day! was going to buy it but I think it was a lesser model than the good ones. -pauly-
  10. My love affair with 80's AR's has continued. I was very impressed with an EB101 AR TT. Transparent, and very musically expressive. But the English EB101 is the cheapest possible AR. I was very keen to try an "AR The Turntable". ( A real one, ) Now you can add a very natural sound and body to instruments which sound more like they have realistic tone, to that list above. I recently set this up over a few days including conversion to Aussie power 240v. The Koetsu absolutely loves it. I've never heard the Black quite like it . Here is some TT porn ... -pauly-
  11. I grew up with Grace carts. An F8. Bliss is an apt description. -pauly-
  12. Thanks , I don't have the measurements. I bit the bullet and bough the expensive poly one like vinylnirvana. Paul.
  13. Palo, All, Howdy, I am going through a similar exercise with an "AR the TT" at the moment. Does anyone know if you can just use a high Wattage wirewound resistor to step down the 240 to 110V. The Connoisseur BD1 turntables have been doing that for years. I am hoping I can do that rather than use a step down transformer on the mains. Thks! Paul.
  14. sounds awesome. will make one one day ...