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  1. eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    not sure about that link Pops110 ? its a mess https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1153815092 is probably the one your looking at ?
  2. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    There are mobile phone apps that can provide the basic signal generator functions. I wonder what skippy124 thinks of them ? Of course there is always the ever available mixed signal generator ..
  3. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Is @Green Wagon still in the game ? Last i heard he was more than capable of Repair and Upgrades
  4. I shouldn't have sold my primare 30.3 Now I know it was actually my speakers and source that were at fault ... [insert picture of Homer saying Doh!]
  5. @JamesR Cant remember if you needed 3 channels or two ?
  6. Killer Pricing No need for a "GLWTS"
  7. In that case, consider it sold at asking $ I'll PM you shortly
  8. Hi John, Have you run it on 240VAC or did you use a stepdown transformer ? Cheers Hux
  9. @Luc your inbox is full. I assume from all the orders ?
  10. Hi Marc, are the unobtanium impregnated version able to replace my cloth filled ears ? I'm also wondering if the unobtanium impregnated version would make my 27,000W chip amp (runs on a single AAA battery), that powers my BEATS headphones, sound like a Earl Weston Class A Valve Amp ?
  11. Just about giving it away. Jakes been on the sauce
  12. FS: bulk CD's

    I'm wondering how much postage would be ...
  13. FS: bulk CD's

    Bargain Alert !!