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  1. Vintage HiFi

    Quite the quote Thanks for pointing out my Engrish
  2. Vintage HiFi

    And here i was thinking it would be a quite Monday morning ...
  3. Id suggest withdrawing this and waiting a while. Then relist with a much higher price and tell the lowballers they are welcome to throw a price into the ring. They cant help themselves
  4. PSU looks original. Well its the same as mine Squeezer for a free android app that totally kills it Edit - it still has the blue plastic cover on the back stand
  5. With a sound to die for and a giveaway price I imagine fast eddie has had numerous offers Great community price
  6. I have an identical pair running on a 28 watt class d integrated, and they sound so clear and revealing its not funny. marvelous little office setup
  7. Anyone in the market for a Yamaha Pre is spoilt for choice right now Two classics up for grabs A smart person would buy both
  8. Must be something in the water ... You couldn't not sell one of these in 12 hours or less just a few months ago

    This is in stunning condition @BATMAQN @The Fez is a bit of a yammy fan. Any interest ?
  10. Vintage HiFi

    We should be allowed to give double 'likes' to some of these posts Lovely old gear
  11. eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    not sure about that link Pops110 ? its a mess https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1153815092 is probably the one your looking at ?
  12. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    There are mobile phone apps that can provide the basic signal generator functions. I wonder what skippy124 thinks of them ? Of course there is always the ever available mixed signal generator ..
  13. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Is @Green Wagon still in the game ? Last i heard he was more than capable of Repair and Upgrades
  14. I shouldn't have sold my primare 30.3 Now I know it was actually my speakers and source that were at fault ... [insert picture of Homer saying Doh!]
  15. @JamesR Cant remember if you needed 3 channels or two ?