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  1. Its been 25 years ... season 3 to premier in May 22nd in US Showtime. Locally I believe it is available via Stan.
  2. Yes, they were colourful indeed. The other point was the prejudice that no one 'serious' would use Apple. Recall this ad?
  3. Once upon a time we would have chuckle over a movie scene like the one below. But I wonder if today's young would 'get it', or will they be confused.
  4. The ability to get into Terminal must be a recent development? My Unix friend in the 90's told me they don't like mac because it is a 'black box' to them. Things might have changed over time.
  5. 'Enjoyable sound' can mean different things to different people. For example some people have a wide taste in music and would want their music to sound authentic regardless of their genre; those people would be well served by an accurate/faithful system. Others may have a very narrow range of music which they enjoy, but they want to enjoy all the available music in that genre regardless of recording quality; those people would be well served by a coloured system catering to their taste.
  6. If you haven't seen this yet, this post by Legend is excellent in explaining about accuracy and the thinking behind the two camps. IMO if one has a system that has little or no distortions, i.e. near perfection, then the only way to go is to reduce all remaining distortions. But such a system would be very very expensive and difficult to achieve. More realistically, if our system is very far away from this perfection, then the two approaches described by Legend are applicable.
  7. With all respect, why do people like to use the word 'myth' around here? Even if there is a myth, it is something that Apple would like to promote for commercial reasons. They would love people to think that they have to buy into their ecosystem, and other ways 'don't work'. They already show this attitude by refusing to touch any products fixed by third parties even under warranty (although that is a different issue to integration). Of course Apple products can work with non-Apple, however Apple don't tell you how to do this in their manual (my Airport being case in point) some Apple retailer said it can't be done (due to ignorance or deliberate) it usually requires some form of hack or work around of varying complexity may require additional costs like buying a dongle
  8. But where is the proof that this is a myth? As you know the research of Toole and others have identified that people with hearing problems don't confirm at all to their blind testing results, and they said roughly 25% of the population has hearing problems. So already there are two camps, one with healthy hearing and one without. If that is possible, then more sub-camps can be possible.
  9. Well they don't tell you that in the Apple manual But if I have an Apple product, it just works seamlessly, which appeals to the Apple users.
  10. I agree they work well together, but I want to know just how important is that factor. I have an Airport Express and it can link to the Time Machines to do backups without any hassles. But the non-Apple machines can't be backup that way, so there are incentives to keep buying from the same ecosystem. I understands that, but I don't understand why we, as audiophiles, would put up with that. If any of our audio and video gears require us to buy from the same 'ecosystem', the audiophile community will be up in arms. Take the current discussion on MQA as an example.
  11. Look, I understand that you have a preference for Apple products for their quality and functionalities. I guess my question about ecosystem is: if you already have a macbook, would you be biased towards buying an iPhone because it would integrate easier with it than non-Apple phones? How important is the ease of integration as a factor in purchase decision?
  12. An interesting question is how much weight do people place on this Apple 'ecosystem' concept. As audiophiles we are very comfortable with mix and match components together, so integration is not something that really concerns us. So what do you think of Apple's ecosystem and the need to keep buying Apple products?
  13. You are correct, it is only three years in total! I just checked my own plan and it has less than a year to go. That is a worry.
  14. That would be ideal . But even simple information like their policy on handling congestion and not over subscribing, backed up with some indicative real-world data would be a good start.
  15. Would it be reasonable to expect the retailers to publish this data for comparison? Seriously, that would be really useful information to shop around with.