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  1. The first film was great and a classic. The others were more forgettable.
  2. F1 2017

    That is exactly my point. If it did exist then both drivers would be on same page and are aware of what each other are doing in that situation. Instead we have a situation where Vettel had no idea that Kimi was already alongside the Red Bull. I am confident if Vettel was aware of this, he would not have made his cut off move side way. I read a comment that someone should have been shouting "three way" onto their radio to warn them, but alas it happened all too quickly.
  3. F1 2017

    There is good expert analysis given in this article that examine how the crash played out from the perspective of each of the three drivers involved. https://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2017/09/singapore-f1-start-accident-were-raikkonen-verstappen-and-vettel-all-entitled-to-go-for-it/
  4. F1 2017

    Vettel himself said he was fending off the Red Bull; it wasn't just about taking his rightful line. He has done this move before and got away with it because there wasn't a third car involved. It was physically impossible for him to see his teammate on the other side of the Red Bull, therefore in effect he pull that move practically blind. That was the risk he took, even though he has the right, it doesn't mean it was the wise thing to do in that situation. I am just as disappointed as any Ferrari fan that they ruined their opportunity for championship and constructor points. I am also disappointed that Ricciardo got outpaced by the Mercedes. But ultimately the root causes were: The Ferrari strategists did not coordinate their drivers properly for the start of the race Vettel had a poor start and that led him to feel the need to make the fending move
  5. F1 2017

    You are right, it was a no-win scenario - no matter what he did in that situation. Vettel was pushing him against the wall, but not knowing his teammate was situated between the Red Bull and the wall. No body can win in that scenario. If Verstappen brakes really aggressively, he would be rammed by the rest of the oncoming traffic not aware of the scenario developing in front of them. The blame has to go to those responsible for creating that scenario in the first place; it was completely avoidable.
  6. F1 2017

    The commentators already explained the incident. Verstappen did yield - he slowed down by braking. That was the only reason why Kimi got his car in front of the Red Bull. Verstappen also did point slightly to his left - probably a reflex reaction to Vettel's aggressive side-way fending move. While he judged the front wheel of the Ferrari well enough to avoid contact, the back wheels were wider and that was what he clipped to instigate the chain event of collisions. It was not Verstappen's fault. If one has to lay blame, the blame should go to Ferrari for not coordinating their grid start strategy better. It was a case of the left hand (Vettel) not knowing what the right hand (Kimi) was doing. While Vettel's fending move was innocent, it had unintended consequences that was entirely avoidable.
  7. NRL Footy Tipping

    A good outcome for the Roosters The Eels were the dangerous dark-horse team, but they probably underestimated their opponent tonight. The Roosters better not make the same mistake.
  8. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Stunning win by Geelong over Sydney. The Swans did well to recover from a 0-6 start, but their fairy tale ended tonight. This is a good outcome for the Crows as they match up better against the Cats .
  9. Without a doubt "Amadeus" has one of the best movie soundtrack. Not fair I know, music written by Mozart himself . (The acting range displayed in this scene is actually remarkable. F. Murray Abraham had to express astonishment, admiration, and devastation all at the same time.)
  10. He was ok in Kick-Ass. Speaking of that movie, that Chris (Red Mist) character was most irritating.
  11. Ok, for the sake of completeness, this video extends the survey of the best song of each year from 1940 to 2016. That is almost seven decades of music number ones (their criteria for best song is one that spent the most weeks at the top of the American Billboard chart). Again, based on this survey, I would argue the 80s music is just as good (if not better) than any other periods.
  12. YouTube Spinning

    "I'll Be Here" is a very moving song from the musical "Ordinary Days" by Adam Gwon. It starts off slow but well worth listening right to the end.
  13. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    I thought coach Hinkley gave a great post-match press conference. Very honorable man, he can hold his head up high for turning around his team's fortunes this year. As everyone have said, they just need to work on their kicking and composure.
  14. NRL Footy Tipping

    The Roosters to play either the Eels or Cowboys after a week's rest. Life is good
  15. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Cross-town rivalry (especially for a small city) is neither rational nor defensible.