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  1. It appears Ed Sheeran's tour next year are selling out fast.
  2. I may be wrong, but I thought the full-back is the least important position/role on the field IF the rest of the team is playing well.
  3. Alan Dean Foster is penning an official original novel called Alien: Origins (http://www.alandeanfoster.com/version2.0/frameset.htm) that fits between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Fans are hoping this will provide the answers not given in the latest film.
  4. Nothing really new here. The famous rip-off case was a few years ago when Lexicon took the Oppo 83 (a US$500 blu ray player) and re-branded as their own player and charge its customers US$3500. Apart from the chassis they are identical player. http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=4051 The other thing worth nothing from the Lexicon cautionary tale was that the rip-off was exposed by hi-fi reviewers. They in fact exposed the deceptions by some review magazines like Home Theater Review that tried to argue the Lexicon was better than the Oppo, when in fact they should be identical. So one cannot simply paint all hi-fi reviewers by the same brush; some have more integrity than the others. Some reviewers like 6moons does provide photos of the internal components of their reviewed equipment.
  5. Anthony Mundine may be available though
  6. Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen are both out of the race. Now it is up to Dan to make the most of this opportunity.
  7. You guys are just bias me think What is this 'diving' by Bob Fulton, didn't saw any when he played for Easts. But I can agree that he was better as a five-eight than a centre.
  8. My reading tells me The Band is the genesis of what is now referred to as Americana. The Weight appears to be a well known song.
  9. Agree with the definitions of introverts and extroverts given by Legend above. As for the definition of 'audiophile', I think we have previous threads debating this. But just judging from the SNA forum, it seems audiophiles have tri-interests in the equipment for reproducing music (and in some cases the recording of music) the quality of sound in the reproduced music the music content itself (like a music lover or a performer/producer) Of course there is a spectrum to the degree of interests.
  10. ( disclaimer. This post is just for fun and no intention to offend or be disrespectful) I thought alternative-country would refer to the type of music sang in the following video ()
  11. Who ordered this round of results?
  12. Maybe if the Monitor Audio Silver 8 is over budget, maybe look out for an used pair of RS 8 that preceded them. Surely they have to cost less than $1500 used.
  13. Agree. Although he did benefited from a nice shepard by Massa .