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  1. AFL 2017 - In memory of Nude

    Another stupid round of footy. Teams whose season is on the line just failed to step up and make themselves count. Take the Dockers getting smashed in front of their home crowd. Port, Saints, WC and GWS that just can't separate themselves from mediocrity. It looks increasingly like a Crows vs Cats grand final, and now we know who is the better side
  2. Lots of new trailers and teasers at Comic Con.
  3. The more things change

    If one looks at the latest music industry report it appears that Drake and Ed Sheeran have dominated the scene. http://variety.com/2017/music/news/drake-ed-sheeran-buzzangle-music-industry-report-streams-subscriptions-sales-1202487312/ Digital consumption of music has exploded, but what it also mean is that artists now need to tour and perform live to generate income. Ed Sheeran has been phenomenal in terms of live shows; his Australian tour next year have already set new record. The days where one could operate purely as a studio artist has gone.
  4. The more things change

    According to Wikipedia the best selling artists (individual or band) post 2000 is Rihanna . She doesn't need u-tube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_music_artists
  5. In this messed up age that we live in, sometimes it is good to have a laugh at ourselves. So this funny new rom-com movie is quite timely with its complementary take on inter-cultural relationship. Could work as a movie to take along one's partner, or a date movie for those young enough.
  6. Roger Federer on the way out ?

    Yeap, take it from Federer himself in this interview. “Every generation definitely is different,” Federer said. “Since my generation and Rafa’s generation, the next one hasn’t been strong enough to push all of us out really, so that has been helpful for us to stick around.” http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/tennis/generation-never-federer-blasts-young-crop-of-tennis-players-who-were-supposed-to-take-over/news-story/d9949625fe2cabd60b8ca53f411e4277 The latest ATP ranking has Murray as 1st, Nadal as 2nd, and Federer 3rd. The US Open is shaping up to be big.
  7. Roger Federer on the way out ?

    I love how the commentators said the only part of Federer's game that he needs to improve on is his 'challenge' calls.
  8. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    I agree this can be ambiguous and certainly reflected sound can contribute to what is heard (and measured). The earlier thread I linked was basically an academic discourse, so in that case just assume it referred to a near field hearing experience. But if one were to extend that conclusion for a flat FR speaker that is also highly directive (beaming?) to the listening position, then logically the sound would still have the most details.
  9. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    This is contrary to the conclusion that @davewantsmoore, @almikel and I arrived at when we discussed this in a much earlier thread. We agreed that dead flat frequency response is what give one the most details across all bands so all low level details could be heard. I quote from Dave: "Flat. ...... because a non-flat frequency response significantly contributes to stored energy, which raises the noise floor, which blocks quieter sounds from being accurately reproduced. The frequency response is "linear distortion" ..... Non-linear distortion, like harmonic and intermodulation distortion also contribute to reduced SNR .... but they're a lot less problematic (it is easy to get them below their audibility threshold)."
  10. Roger Federer on the way out ?

    In the 2nd set Federer hit a rising backhand winner that was well worth staying awake for.
  11. Roger Federer on the way out ?

    I think I was right about him being dominant.
  12. Roger Federer on the way out ?

    One could also interpret it as an indictment on the state of tennis if Federer, Nadal and Williams are still dominating the sport at their age.
  13. F1 2017

    I would say LH was disheartened last year from the many mechanical issues. However Rosberg also experienced similar amount of mechanical problems, yet he had the mental fortitude to score as many points as he can, come what may. At the tail end of the season LH's car was more reliable and he did fight hard to crawl it back, but it was too late.
  14. This child prodigy is now a few years older. Has she fulfill her early promises and public expectations? Not sure. Her biggest successes were in her younger days; of note more recently she performed in the US Presidential Inauguration. The video below of her singing a rendition of Caruso is a nice alternative to Pavarotti.
  15. Tyre pressure and temperature?

    I should add that from my experience when one purchase tyres from a specialise store (Bridgestone, Continental, Bob Jane), or have one's tyres service there, they might not follow the manual's recommendations. They normally recommend 36 psi all around regardless of one's car. The dealers are no better either. Two dealers that I service my car with fill my tyres to different pressure than that recommended in the manual.