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  1. Having been lucky enough to hear this new development last week, I think your on the right track Brian. Even more impressive than last time. Very much looking forward to the next GTG. Let me know when and I'll be there.
  2. Very nice. It still amazes me that such beautiful gear is made here in little old Tassie.
  3. It was a brilliant night mate. Was great just hanging out and talking music. Thanks to Matt and the family for putting up with us, cooking for us, looking after us and generally treating us as part of the family. Very much appreciated.
  4. Matt get off stereonet and come be social
  5. None of that here mate. But we do have northerners beer!
  6. Just stopped in Campbelltown for a quick bite.
  7. Class A amps to huddle around and keep warm!
  8. Looking forward to catching up mate. Will be good to see a few new faces this time too by the sounds of things.
  9. Want us to bring anything up Matt?
  10. Amazing. Very VERY happy with this attempt. I'll let the photos do the talking.
  11. Got it Brian thank you very much. Appreciate you dropping it off. I also have Matts amp and cable. So ready to go.
  12. John Inlows work has been discussed in the thread a few times. That photo is actually of an acrylic and aluminium horn he also makes. He has at lot of good designs. Thanks for the encouragement FR.
  13. Well, it's still not quite dry but is certainly getting there. The extra water in the plaster and the cold air (1° last night) has slowed the drying process substantially. I've changed 2 things for this prototype, paper, now using 110gsm paper rather than 20gsm copy paper and the plaster. The thicker paper has definitely helped. Curing seems to be a lot more stable too. No signs of warping. A massive improvement. This, looking at thw second photo seems to be due to the paper not the plaster. This horn is only 2 laps so 5 "layers" thick. I'll buy some more paper early next week and build one much thicker, 10+ layers at the mouth of pure paper. I have a new plan for the outer ring of the mout too. I'll post photos as I build it.
  14. Sounds good mate. Thank you.
  15. Sounds good mate. Thank you.