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  1. Great to get to watch this series - even if it is only on an iPad. What a great experience for Hanscomb and Renshaw - they got a front row masterclass in real 5 day test match batting from a couple of great batsmen - Smith and especially Pujara. They will benefit enormously from this tour whatever happens next. The future looks good.
  2. Brocolli
  3. Someone has to beat back the forces of reaction.
  4. That's why I'm seeking the wisdom of this august international collective.
  5. From the many reviews it looks like Harbeth SHL5 should be on the audition list. Tannoy anyone?
  6. Okay, I give up. I'll check them out. They're added to the list. now please no more Maggie talk - this thread is about alternatives.
  7. I'm not sure I want to go from large panels to small panels - I'd need subs with those I suspect.
  8. Thanks Russell (another Russell! We're taking over) I'm a techno-idiot so diy is out.
  9. Thanks Ray - the spatials are on my radar
  10. Thanks Ray - I don't know these. I will check them out.
  11. Terry, I used to own the older model of the Haydns - they are brilliant and I deeply regret selling them - and for a song. I bought the floorstanding version - also the older version of the mozarts - they are nice but do lack a little of the magic and transparency of the Haydns.
  12. So this doesn't go down the rabbit hole. I am a Maggie lover who can't have Maggies or large panels of any kind I humbly accept Maggies are wonderful But i don't wish to argue about their merits Or provide a forum for arguing about their merits. I am looking for suggestions for boxes that might share some of Maggies undoubted talents.
  13. I have a pair of the older mozarts. They sounded nice with my creek evo 5350 and an Arcam a90 - both 100 watts or more - and terrible with a primare i32. They really came alive with an elektra reference. I suspect it will be the same with both Beethovens. If you're going to the trouble of new speakers in a largish room I would suggest something with a bit more grunt than the destiny - and definitely audition it.
  14. I'm shortly going to be in the market for some new/used speakers in my study. Ive had Maggie 1.7s in there until recently and sound wise it was pretty much what I wanted. Unfortunately the Maggies were too physically big for the room and they've had to go so I'm now back switching between B&ws cdm 7s and Vienna mozarts ( older version). They are both pretty good on the end of decent amplification but they ain't Maggies. So I'm looking for something that will get me closer to that planar transparency, staging and mid-range brilliance. I prefer tight and focused bass and am prepared to lose the subterranean. (Yes, I do know nothing will do that except another pair of Maggies, so Maggie fans don't feel you have to clog the thread berating me for my apostasy.) Room: 4.5 x 3 metres. (Listening position about 3 metres) Amp: Earle Weston Topaz KT 120 (so reasonably efficient speakers needed) Source: vinyl, cd, streaming. Music : varied, but Miles Davis, Leonard cohen, Indian classical, middle eastern, acoustic strings, piano, Purcell, Monteverdi, Keith Jarrett, are all on high rotation. Not a lot of rock or big symphonic stuff. Budget: flexible but maybe used between $2-$5k. As I already have Vienna mozarts and the B&ws - which I'll probably move on - I'm looking for a significant improvement on them, not a sideways move. I'm open to floorstanders or standmounts. Any suggestions?
  15. I have been struggling with a very challenging room with lots of glass and hard surfaces,as well. The tendency is to go for a quick fix solution - new kit etc. I think I would wait till you have window coverings- it will make a huge difference then reassess.