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  1. A minty pair of Maggie loveliness.
  2. That's not very charitable referring to @djb' s scent. It's a fair cop, he is a bit whiffy but you didn't need to draw attention to it.
  3. I've spent a large chunk of my professional life arguing with recalcitrant authors about 'correct usage'. These days I take a much more pragmatic and flexible view of such things. But I do draw the line at emojis.
  4. According to the official Stereonet Style Guide the use of the American spelling of 'ass' is permitted — indeed required — when quoting or parodying a phrase derived from American popular culture, in this instance 'we're gonna bomb them damned Russkies back to the stone age.'
  5. Shame, shame, shame, Wally. Why, i oughta sue your ass back to the Stone Age. Go Tigers.
  6. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Im a big fan of Kalhor - must check this one out.
  7. What Phono amp to buy

    Sorry this one has sold but it is a very nice unit. The Slee loaner program through @cheekyboy is a terrific service and worth taking advantage of.
  8. Primare i32 owners

    Careful matching is very important with the primare i32. Its very different from previous primare amps. I had one and I'd have to say it didn't match well with my old B&w cdm7, with Vienna Acoustics Mozarts or with Magnepan 1.7. I found it to be quite hard and brittle with all three. I have no particular feelings either way about d class amps but I couldn't get on with this one. I'm very interested to hear other experiences and what it does sound good with.
  9. Music as time travel.

    very well put Billy
  10. Music as time travel.

    Yes, it's true - I have a very negative view of nostalgia and won't be easily swayed from that opinion. So yes, it's a fair cop, I'm set in my ways. i don't think I said I like 'new' - that would be lame - I said 'new to me'.
  11. Music as time travel.

    Yes, I don't disagree with that at all. maybe I didn't express it very well when I talked about blood on the tracks. my point was that great music/art grows with you, it's not just about taking a warm bath in some rosy recreation of an idealised past - nostalgia.
  12. Music as time travel.

    A lot of people do. Well maybe not 16. But you can always rely on nostalgia - it's self-reinforcing and guaranteed to give you a nice warm inner glow. Like the man said: 'hopes can be disappointed, nostalgia is irrefutable.'
  13. Music as time travel.

    I'd have to say most of my growth in music is also in music of the past - just not MY past. I don't care particularly about new or old music - 15th century or 21st - as long as it's new to me. Though it's certainly fun now and then but it's just not very interesting or challenging to keep revisiting the stuff I used to listen to when I was 16.
  14. Music as time travel.

    Nostalgia is a double edged thing. harmless - necessary probably - when kept in its place but mentally and spiritually stultifying if you let it get too strong a grip. As an example, ive been listening to bob Dylan for close to 50 years - sometimes I'll listen to blood on the tracks and it's absolutely the soundtrack to a bit of my life and puts me back into that moment. But the strength of the music and the lyrics means that I can still hear it anew and extract more juice out of it. the best experiences I have with any bit of music or art is when I hear something fresh, new, inspiring, moving. i want to remember the continuity of my life and honour the past but I don't want to constantly relive it - that's for tired old folk. Move on chaps!