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  1. I was last in contact with Earle at the end of January when I ordered my amp. He said then that it was likely he would need surgery with a lengthy recovery time some time this year which might throw out his schedule. I suspect that is what is happening. He is straight as a dye, as many people on this site can attest.
  2. Nothing like a nice little saturday afternoon nudge.
  3. I doubt the stands are included for that price. @gat474
  4. Maxheadroom03 - Anyone know which bricks and mortar store is connected to this eBay store? It's in Carlton so I assume CAV or Stereophonic.
  5. If you're in the market for new mid price cdp don't waste your money - buy this one. it's a beauty. I have it my system at the moment to compare it with my Alpha 9 and it's considerably better - more air, more dynamic, more detail, more bass.
  6. It should go to the dynaudio contour 1.4 Le for $3199. Really good price for such lovely speakers. i assume they are superseded by the new contour range.
  7. Great price on these. http://www.deniswhite.com.au/#/product/1213
  8. Those tweaks on the Rega do make quite a difference - subplatter, platter, weight - I've done them on the cheap but that's my lot.
  9. I have a digital tracking force gauge you are welcome to borrow - I think that's all you need. I'm in Richmond. You rest the stylus on the gauge and check the read out. you then adjust to the correct force by sliding the weight along the stub till you get the weight you need for your cart - the closer to the pivot the better I believe. I think that's all it involves. I have a different weight but the principle is the same. It's pretty straightforward. I assume you could use either weight as long as you achieve the right tracking force.
  10. I don't want to contribute to any vinyl vs cd argument but I'm not at all surprised that your TT embarrasses your cdp. I find that with good analogue recordings my cdp is quite inferior to my TT in terms of dynamics, sparkle and all round enjoyability. The difference isn't quite so great with modern digital recordings. If you're going for a dac I would certainly check out the classifieds here on SNA. I can't imagine that the MDac - or any $1k dac that I've heard - would come anywhere near your TT. Maybe have a look at the Darko dac index. http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/the-darko-dac-index/ There is also a nice Arcam cd23t in the classifieds that might be worth a look.
  11. that is certainly a possibility but I need to rationalise my speaker collection first. The Maggies are superb — easily the best speakers I've owned — but just too big for my study.
  12. Can I ask a stupid question: Are the crossovers pictured mounted inside the cabinet or in external boxes? lovely speakers for an excellent price by the way.
  13. I'm under strict instructions to move on my Maggies and one other pair of speakers before I get the 805s. If these are still here ...
  14. These b&ws are a very nice deal for someone here