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  1. Item: KEF B139 woofers (sold in pairs) Location: Croydon South 3136 Price: $100 for the pair with some dints Price: $120 for the pair without dints Very cheap for quick sale! Item Condition: Used but working Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Shipping with Paypal (friends and family only) Extra Info: Selling on behalf of family member. I have the woofers at my house. Prefer pick up but can post at cost. No responsibility taken for loss or damage in transit. Pictures:
  2. Valve MM phono stage

    As part of my job I occasionally measure the mains voltage. Irrespective of what was officially said Victoria only actually went to 230VAC about a year ago. It's really boring and pathetic that you've gone out of your way to "prove" me wrong with a document, rather than listen to me as a friend who is actually trying to help. Your comment really highlights the completely unnecessary hostility humans have for one another. I guess perhaps you may have been being humourous? But it didn't seems more like you were trying to be right and in doing so make me wrong. Which means you seek to get enjoyment from putting me down. Bringing my experience into disrepute. Pathetic!
  3. Valve MM phono stage

    It changed around a year ago.
  4. Speaker wire as fm antenna?

    If you just want to get ABC FM with speaker wire you need to adjust the length to be (I think) quarter wavelength of the frequency in question. Try a longer wire, and if no good, then try a shorter wire.
  5. Speaker wire as fm antenna?

    https://www.jaycar.com.au/fm-indoor-antenna-300ohm/p/LT3002 Should do the trick
  6. For me, the most enjoyable audio experiences have been seeing new bands at live venues in Melbourne in the 1990's. Hecate at the Punters Club were amazing. The mandolin intro to Rapunzel, followed by the huge drum and bass through the PA was awesome! Leviathan at the Tote went off. Craw playing at the Arthouse to a packed floor and the whole crowd moshing was so awesome. There were more great bands I liked back then. These sorts of bands just worked being amplified through the oversized PA's in Melbourne's pubs in the 90's. It was the best way to experience these bands. I saw a gig at the Oakleigh RSL the other day and the accoustics are very enjoyable. Only some 2 way plastic boxes on the walls but it just works. Great venue! For me, a great band playing though PA is one of those great things in life. I also enjoy watching the Salvation army brass bands play outside in shopping strips at Christmas. Those guys are tight!
  7. Wow! You've caused a flutter! Now, you know you're just making surface noise, and adding distortion to this topic. Too much rumble, and resonance in this post! Though im Shure some might find it pleasant, others may find it to be too Audio Technica. I might be having some Ortofon with my reply, I hope you don't mark my Grado down! The Rega for my outburst is that I'm getting the Benz! I swear I'm not a Lyra! I really am feeling off centre. The cyclic flutter is making me wow. Linn is calling me so I must go..... Ariston the arm rest is a comfortable position. Just remember that next time you're having a rest from your Pro-ject.
  8. Item: SME3009 S2 Tonearm Location:3136 Price: $400 + post or pick up is ok Item Condition: fully working Reason for selling: cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Shure SME version with 5 pin connector. Detachable headshell. Original cables. Pictures:
  9. Item: Kenwood KD-500 with SME 3009 S3 tonearm Location:3136 Price: sold Item Condition: please see photos Reason for selling: I don't need multiple turntables anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I have the original boxes as shown in the photos. Cartridge not included. Please also see my Technics SL-120 turntable also for sale
  10. What 'digital' have you bought today? 

  11. What 'digital' have you bought today? 

    A few CDs...