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  1. Schiit Eitr

    I guess other users don't have this problem, otherwise there would be widespread reports of faulty drivers. Do you think you were unlucky with faulty product? I haven't read of others having such an unfavorable opinion of Schiit. I bought a Schiit Loki and found the driver worked on windows 8 and it sounded very good. Is there something uncommon with your PC, or custom settings for windows? I'm not disputing your experience, and nor am I a Schiit fan boy, but if you had two Schiits and both had problems on your PC it seems more likely to be your PC than Schiit products. I understand that PS audio drivers worked, but that isn't an indicator of quality. With windows 10, "device driver signing" needs to be turned off to enable installation of non windows certified drivers. Perhaps something similar on your machine. I'm not in IT, but I do support for pro audio products and I've encountered many customers over the years have random issues with installing drivers or getting software to work in their PC. It's more common than you might think, and often relates to the PC hardware or operating system settings.
  2. Item: 33 records on the Astor label (60's) Syd Dale, Tony Hatch etc. Location: Croydon South Price: $66 Item Condition: mostly VG+ or VG. Outstanding condition for their age. Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: mostly well recorded 1960's orchestral audiophile. I think these were pressed at the Astor Moorabbin pressing plant. They are thick records with constant groove spacing. They sound great! Pictures:
  3. Item: Orchestral evening dance, and piano music bulk lot 22 records Location: Croydon South Price: $44 Item Condition: most VG or better Reason for selling:not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  4. Item: Dixieland jazz, ragtime, honky-tonk bulk lot 17 records Location: Croydon South Price: $30 the lot Item Condition: mostly VG or better Reason for selling: not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  5. Schiit Eitr

    Did you ask them for support? I thought you just asked for an RA? Did you get the driver from here? http://www.schiit.com/drivers Did you try both W7 drivers? (There are two)
  6. Item: Latin, Tango, Bossa Nova records bulk lot 65 records in total Location:3136 Price: $130 Item Condition: nothing less than VG with many in VG+ Reason for selling: not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: from my personal collection. Many of these sound great and could be considered audiophile quality in terms of sound. Pictures:
  7. Item: AC/DC Records Location: Croydon South 3136 Price: stated below. Prefer to sell as a lot, individual prices are also listed. Make an offer. Whatever suits. Must be sold. Consider splitting. Back in Black APIP046A Maxicut w/printed innner sleeve VG/VG $45 Fly on the wall w/printed inner sleeve STA-855696-B VG/VG+ $45 WHO MADE WHO APU431068B VG/VG $45 FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK APLP053B-2 w/lyric sheet 1st press $45 Item Condition: stated above Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Shipping with Paypal (friends and family only) Extra Info: I'm fairly certain these are all first pressings. Matrix numbers are included so you can check for yourself. Pictures: Available on request.
  8. Guy's thanks for all your replies and interest. But, please respect that I did ask for people to please send a PM with their phone number to discuss. Im not going to publicly answer what I do and don't have. If you're sincerely interested and willing to come to my place, please send a PM with your phone number as requested. If you don't include your phone number in your PM, I wont reply. If 3136 is too far out of your way, then just let it go and pretend this advertisement doesn't exist. Inspection times will be evenings on weekdays or weekends. Thanks for your kind understanding.
  9. Guys, thanks for your interest but I'm sorry, you have to treat it like a record store. You don't know what's there until you go. We do have supermarkets and ATMs in 3136, the nearest ones are 2 min drive You're welcome to call me for a chat.
  10. Item: My entire personal record Collection. Approximately 700 pop/ rock. Which is mostly 70's 80's and some 90's, new wave, alternative, metal, pop and prog etc. About 400 60's. 150 classical. Bits and pieces of various styles. Around 100 7" singles. Location: 3136 Price: I know the rules say we must state a price, so I will say most records will be around $10-20 each, and more desirable records will cost more. I will be selling for less than typical market value, but not throwing them away. I'm I still looking to get a fair and reasonable price by negotiation. Classical records will be around $2 each. I don't expect anyone will buy the collection in one lot, so I'm offering the opportunity for stereonet members to inspect my collection by appointment with intent to buy one or more records. Item Condition: mostly VG to VG++ Reason for selling: getting out of vinyl Payment Method: Cash only Extra Info: Ive decided to move my collection on to someone else. Inspection by appointment. Please send message with your phone number to discuss, or ask questions. thanks. Pictures:
  11. pioneer plx-1000

    No hum with the internal preamp or direct out. Speed accuracy and stability is perfect, just like the Pioneer. All I suggest is to check out both turntables in person. I'm not saying to get one or the other. My previous posts were just explaining my reasoning behind my choice for the Reloop. As is said on the internet......YMMV.
  12. I agree with you Newman. My thread here is exploring why some people prefer the sound of analogue replay over digital files, and expoloring the noise aspect of analogue recording/ playback which results in some form of greater percieved (real or imaginary) enjoyment (for some people). If you read my posts, I think the noise has a psychologically relaxing effect upon the listener. Mr Alan Shaw's test participants seem to percieve more detail etc, when noise was added to a digital recording. I think its an interesting phenomenon.
  13. http://www.harbeth.co.uk/usergroup/forum/subjective-soundings-your-views-on-audio/electronics-sources-stands-cables-accessories/analogue-sources-incl-vinyl-discussion/1916-an-honest-appraisal-of-vinyl-v-digital-reality-v-romance?p=38599#post38599 I found the above post which I think corroborates my idea that noise enhances enjoyment of music. I'd like to quote Alan A Shaw from the thread linked above (bold emphasis mine) who wrote: "Now, there are two interesting points to note about this mini, and rather crude* listening experiment. The first is that the loudness of the music is all clips is exactly the same. It is, in fact, the same audio file, so any perception of a change in overall loudness is not related to the constant loudness of the music, this extra loudness as perceived, is a recognition by the ear/brain that there is more sonic energy in the hissy clips. This is true both by listening and measurement. But not much.The second thing of note is that both listeners have found that the presence of hiss (clip 2, 2a) has created the illusion in their mind of greater clarity and openness. This can only be an illusion, because the music track is common to all: it is one and the same audio file, so it is the hiss and only the hiss that is creating that undoubted perception of a clearer, more open and detailed sound: that's just what I hear myself.Now the really curious thing is this. On amplifiers fitted with tone controls, it is by boosting the treble control, enhancing the high frequencies but not changing the low frequencies, that we can add, subjectively, more detail and openness to the top end, to transform a rather dull recording into something more enjoyable. In fact, when generating clips 2 and 2a, that is not what I did. I did not pass the music through any treble boost or indeed any signal processing whatever. The music signal in all clips, 1, 2, 2a, 3 is identical.So what have I done to the music to make clips 2 and 2a sound more open and airy if I haven't applied treble boost to the music?All I have done is overlay hiss onto the source music.Clip 3, reported as dull and muffled, is the reference, ex-CD music cut, unprocessed and 'flat'. But two listeners found it muffled and dead. I agree, but it is, however, the control in this experiment: it is how this recording should sound, whether we like it or not. It is the presence of hiss, layered on top of the music which, remarkably, 'brightens-up' the sound and gives our ears the illusion of more HF content, more openness, more detail, 'more resolution, a deeper insight to the music, more like being there'.All I've done is rather crudely simulate the effect or tape or record surface noise on top of a deathly quiet digital recording. I first encountered this effect years ago with analogue cassettes: they could sometimes offer what subjectively sounded like a exceptional high fidelity sound, yet I knew that by measurement, they were pretty hopeless"