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  1. I'd be asking them to put whatever cart was on the Accoustic signature onto the Music Hall, just for comparison sake. Comparing turntables with different cartridges isn't a fair comparison. It's like comparing amplifiers with different speakers. It's a folly.
  2. The 2M bronze has silver internal wires and a nude fine line stylus which traces high frequencies more accurately which provides a more accurate sound, and lower distortion than the elliptical stylus on the 2M bronze. Not saying the Blue is bad, just that the bronze is better, of course! I second and third the other suggestions that you might get the OMG factor from a cheaper turntable. Having done extensive testing I've personally found that the cartridge is the dominant sound of the turntable so I suggest to get a good cartridge first time round.
  3. What turntable did you hear at the shop that made you go OMG? Unless you get the exact same setup it's not going to sound the same. I'm a fan of direct drive turntables so you won't find me promoting or endorsing the use of a belt drive. So note my bias accordingly. Personally, I recommend the Reloop RP-7000 with a AT-440 or Ortofon 2M Bronze. That should be in OMG territory, and have much better pitch stability and speed accuracy over a Rega RP1. This combination will also cost around $850-900. The turntable will come with a suitable cable irrespective of what brand you buy. The only requirement for a turntable is that the cable has low capacitance and good shielding. Not all cables have low capacitance. At this price point MM is better than MC. If you want to spend thousands on a cartridge, and phono stage then MC could be argued to be better. The other option would be to buy a used turntable of which there are plenty of good ones with a good cartridge for less than $800, and if spending that much on a used turntable it's likely to be much better than the RP1 or 2.
  4. It's a good cartridge. It's sins are of omission not commission. Easy to listen to. Unlikely to offend. Very fun and vibrant. Punchy. You can get it for $29 https://djcity.com.au/product/gemini-cn-15-dj-cartridge-stylus/
  5. I made my own record grinder. No need to buy theirs
  6. Must be very nice with the eliptical because the conical version is very vibrant.
  7. What differences do you hear between the spherical and the eliptical stylus?
  8. The AMI Jorgen will sound better. Looks better too.
  9. Wow. No THD measurements listed. No noise measurements listed. Why?
  10. http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-roommodes.htm
  11. I think generally no. But they might. You have to ask the particular dealer. If they fit it then post it you will still need to set the tracking force before use because it will likely go out of whack in transit. Also usually the counterweight is removed during transit to avoid bearing damage. Buying from a local shop is probably better because you can carefully take it home in your car without as much danger of it going out of whack. If you are getting into vinyl I suggest buying an alignment protractor and stylus force guage. Probably cost $30 all up.
  12. Item: Obligato and Russian K71-4 capacitors. Various values. See photos. Location: 3136 Price: Sold Item Condition:some new some used see photos. Reason for selling: not needed anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Pictures:
  13. I'm confident you will be pleased with it. I actually bought another one too.
  14. I forgot to report about this one. Actually I didn't like the sound of this one. It was a bit harsh and not much bass. Seems that sound quality is highly variable between these boxes! Since I've got two boxes that sound good I won't be testing any more. If anyone else want to list some good sounding ones it will probably be helpful to other readers.