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  1. Twiddle the knobs until it sounds good to your ears across a range of music
  2. A brand new cartridge with elliptical stylus for $48 sounds like a good deal to me.
  3. Is there a thread to discuss music that definitely sounds best on CD? I know it's subjective but, I was listening to Transvision Vamp - Pop Art ( original West German pressing) album on CD last night, whipped out the LP, did a comparison, and the CD definitely sounds better all round to my ears. Reason - the record is heavily dynamically compressed, not many transients, and the CD sounds smooth and dynamic, but not too dynamic (ear friendly) and very clear with deep bass. Often I find the mastering of records to sound more ear friendly, but this CD is an exception. Anyone else done some comparisons? I guess I'm looking for examples where the CD definitely unarguably sounds better....
  4. Yes. 45 rpm is better. More information per second. Better high frequencies. Good stuff!
  5. Nice work :-)
  6. @Jakeyb77 nice one. Can you comment upon how they sound? What's your general impression of them?
  7. Actually its a case by case thing, and the 440 is known to sound bright with too much capacitance. It is the brightest of all my cartridges, but I don't find it too bright, and I find it to sound very nice. I guess I must have it set up "right". I personally didnt find it too difficult to get right. 120pf, parallel to the record surface, and thats it. I have read elsewhere that the MLa is brighter than the MLb, but I have not compared them. They are both discontinued now and replaced with another model which goes by a different name and has lower compliance, and costs more.
  8. What is the capacitance of our cables and phono stage? That cartridge wants no more than 120pf total capacitance. I like my AT440MLB
  9. What information / opinions are you looking for? They are all good turntables. All are reputable.
  10. Absolute High End - Burwood Road Hawthorn Whatmough - Auburn Road Hawthorn Contemporary Sound Centre - Riversdale Road Hawthorn. ( the guys from Redgum) < just threw that one in for you
  11. @georgehifi I think it might have been an engineering exercise. A DAC designed by a committee, but only 1/3rd of the committee liked R2R.
  12. There is a few of this design. Even Burr Brown makes them.
  13. I've also seen that seller. Im fairly sure they are legitimate.
  14. Perhaps Dave was talking about the LC7880 from the 1990's?