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  1. A great album for sure, Leonard suffered terribly with back pain whilst recording, his son was with him the whole way.
  2. Hey Alberto, the blu ray is the Story of WYWH....another worth a look is The making of Dark Side, it has some great extra footage of DG on pedal on the back of the neck stuff
  3. David Gilmour .....WYWH....blu ray, acoustic, is there anything better ?
  4. Anyone stumped up and purchased the Deluxe edition as yet ?
  5. this is true....he has only two DVD's I know of, and I have both, plus his performance with EC at Crossroads concert, still to buy a copy of Live in San Diego....seems a really nice guy with a great touch with guitar.
  6. Hey Billy.... details for John sent via pm.
  7. Is that right ? learns something new everyday. I do enjoy the background knowledge of musicians. In the scheme of things he was a very private guy, therefore not a whole lot out there about his thank you
  8. Morning ... Nice and cruisy to start the morning, coffee is brewing and JJ is weaving his bluesy guitar magic
  9. Anybody have a guess at what they might retail for ? Lovely stuff.
  10. It's all about size with you blokes lmao !
  11. But it's far safer to hide it from "the one that must be obeyed" right ?
  12. For punishment betrothed has advised me I have to cleanse my soul by posting a pic of my little stash. She thinks I have a cable fetish....but seriously guys , this is what happens right ?
  13. Had a look see at the mention of this on the Stereophile site Would have to put my hand up for the Deluxe Edition.......can never have enough of John, Paul George and Ringo. The reason I am hooked on this "remixed" stuff is my discovery of their Anthology 1 2 & 3 Cd sets, (DVD's are a must too) awesome studio insight, chance to hear these guys as a rock and roll band perfecting their craft. The finished albums that have sold , who knows how many....are great...... but to hear the guys "construct" the tracks is a real pleasure. 'Tis why they release all this stuff 'cause there are heaps of folks like me, ready to part with their hard earned....
  14. With the arrival of the patter of little feet....that's a positive. Try on for size a get to sell your gear with NO positives..... well I suppose I did cut the cancer out of my life
  15. Way too young, and what a funny guy".....will be missed....!