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  1. Projector advice for a newb...

    DV you might glean some ideas on my last HT with PJ, drop down motorised screen hidden in ceiling void.
  2. While we now have this HDMi Fibre Optic cable technology in long run [email protected], pricing can be high, but I'm starting to think we are Ok after seeing this.
  3. Its a problem doing in-house demo with Australia's demographic locations, however, in out case we have money back no questions asked as long as item is sent back in condition received. and Kazz, thanks for the excellent update on the Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables, it confirms what others world wide say on AV forms and reviews.
  4. Excellent review Kazz just confirms the Amazon reviews the 4K Ruipro Fibre Optic cable is one of the best on the planet
  5. Thanks for the heads up here on DTV. Since the media release this week EZYHD is now the RuiPro Australian Distributor we have been inundated with AV trade enquiries, mainly 4K projector dealers from all over OZ and orders already. Even the previous week, a number arrived from customers on backorder to be posted out next Monday. It was interesting that quite a few did not know a HDMI cable of this type existed, well they do now To see reviews of the RuiPro HDMI Fibre Optic cables this is a good place to start.
  6. Sound bars

    We have secondary system Yamaha S401, sounds fine, fitted with Bose cube rears from eBay even better.
  7. 8K - That Didn't Take Long

    Just had my eyes checked, they are so old doubt I'll see any difference
  8. Hdmi v2.0 it's official

    Its not just the change from one version to another but the confusion it causes.
  9. I remember when I was selling new homes 8/9 years ago always advised customers to be pre cable the whole house. I'd say to the builder at least put cable in for rear speakers gratis but they never listened.
  10. Check out Epson seconds and shop soiled deals, currently have a EH-TW3200 at just $1495, all their Pj's are small and light.
  11. I've used a Dinon in one of my instals, was Ok. See Grays Auctions have a few..
  12. Cheap HDMI cable ok?

    good idea that one:)
  13. Maximum HDMI length

    Can go up to 20m with HDMI as long as correct specs. 10m/15m common with PJ guys.
  14. Zinio

    Me too been receiving for a few years. Will get it via my iPad soon.
  15. Wall Mounts for 50" Plasma

    +1 for Selby TV Wall Mounts, use them many times, well made low price.