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  1. Going Digital - Goodbye Vinyl

    I'm on both. No harm being flexible.
  2. Can someone assist with speaker selection

    I'm drooling over the Q900's. If only I had the $$$
  3. These might be worth a listen too. Nearly half price. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/speakers/products/kef-q100-bookshelf-speakers-1
  4. Lotto win amp purchase

    I'm modest
  5. Have a listen to the Monitor Audio Bronze 2 www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/speakers/bronze2.html
  6. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

    Haha just a suggestion. Very good for music.
  7. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

  8. Which receiver to buy - Arcam v Anthem

    What about NAD?
  9. Currently Spinning

    Going to find and get this.
  10. Sansui AU-317 MK2 Repair/Restoration.

    @skippy124 or @pete_mac
  11. Servicing Amplifier

    This is where I sent my Plinius. Not far from you either: Andy McLaren HiFi Repair Services 10/185 Currumburra Road Ashmore QLD 4214
  12. Sansui Au-717 and speaker advice

    Usher S520's sound beautiful with Sansui (if you can find a pair).
  13. Yeah might actually try the digital version