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  1. Yep I remember too. Great sounding speakers. I'd sell my PMC's for them if they weren't in Perth. GLWTS
  2. This gtg sounds gold. Since I'm going to the show I might ask for an invitation
  3. Great stuff mate. Never give up. Something will come along if you're keen enough. Upskilling is a wise way to go. I'm 44 and still at uni haha.
  4. Well if you get $600 together give it a try! I bet you'll be amazed at the performance to cost ratio. You'll lose nothing out of it either. Sansui's will always give your money back and Ushers are hard to find so you'll have no problem offloading them. I bet you'll keep it though. Even as a second system
  5. And I'll take the Pepsi Challange on that combo
  6. @Suopermanni You're going to laugh at this but if you can get hold of a pair of Usher S-520's and something like this for around $600 you will be absolutely gobsmacked. I'm running an AU-4900 with my Ushers and it's divine. You don't need to spend $5k to get good sound. Want to know how good this combo is? I have a pair of PMC TB2S+'s, a Plinius 9200 and a Plinius CD101. I hardly ever listen to it anymore. I walk in the room and put the Sansui/Ushers on. Sad but true.
  7. Hi Ed. Just wondering which amp/receiver you will be using?
  8. I found out a long time ago that it's very hard to do both well in the same system. I tried Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Onkyo and Sony for ht and 2 channel. All were good for ht (didn't sound all that different) but shite for 2 channel. I looked for every receiver with 'the most watts'. Then I was talking to an old fella in a hifi shop one day and he said it's not the number of watts, it's the quality of those watts. He suggested I try a NAD receiver. Well I sold my big name receivers and bought a NAD. The difference to 2 channel was an eye opener (or ear opener). The Sonique's never had it so good. I lived with the NAD for about 12 months. One day I thought maybe there are better watts out there. The salesman in the hifi store said why don't you try a 2 channel amp for your music? I had a bit of cash and he offered a good price so I went home with a Cambridge Audio 740A ($1k from memory). Wow what a difference. Long story short I sold my ht gear and haven't looked back. 2 channel does movies fine and dandy frpm my point of view. I think receivers vs 2 channel amps is like comparing sports cars to 4wd's. My Patrol does sand dunes really well, no problems. My XR8 wouldn't get 6 foot into sand. My XR8 does highway very well, to well buy the number of speeding tickets I have. My Patrol barly gets to 100km/h and sounds like a speedboat with the big muddies on it. AV receivers and 2 channel amps are built to do different things. Only very few do both well. My 2c.
  9. Ahhhh you're killing me. Those Merlins are mk1's. The finest Richters made. They sound fantastic and are quite rare. I sold mine cause I desperately needing the money. I'd grab them if I was in Perth. GLWTS
  10. Just spoke to Mark on the phone. A true gentleman. Looking forward to hearing the Pluto's
  11. Thanks mate they look pristine.
  12. They look like damn nice speakers
  13. I'll take em. PM sent.