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  1. I agree with Cafad. The Myryad is excellent value for money at that price. I thought it had enough power when I had mine. I was running PMC's with it. Would go well with your speakers IMO.
  2. No idea if it's still under warranty. Plinius repairers have done all the repairs. I realize it's not their responsibility to fix it. You're missing the point. I'm not happy with their product and I won't buy their product again. Read the title. It's not "Plinius won't repair my out of warranty cd player". I'm not crying wolf and I'm not wanting sympathy. I'm saying what happened and that I won't deal with them again.
  3. Why would I be crying wolf? I'm just saying how it is. I've had a lot of problems and won't be buying Plinius again. Maybe one issue could be excused. But four? Not good enough in my books for a high end product.
  4. I had the amp fixed here in Australia and the service was horrible. Took about 4 months. Every time I rung the tech no one answered.
  5. They do improve quite a bit on the Plinius. I hope the Topaz KT120 has enough power for them.
  6. About 12 months ago I guess. Yeah I'll find out about the recent repair.
  7. I bought them second hand but still. They were very well looked after by another SNA member.
  8. Yeah I told them they should pay the postage to NZ and fix it themselves.
  9. Well I look after my gear just as much as most on here. Have no idea how it cracked. Maybe in transit? Yeah tried that. It opens it but I don't want to do that every time :/ Well that's what I'm hoping for. Not just 'send it to Sydney mate'.
  10. I just wrote a lovely letter to Plinius saying how dissatisfied I am with their product. First my 9200 amp was popping through the phono pre. Sent it off to Sydney to repairer. Cracked board, transistors gone, caps gone. Eight hundred dollars later it was back. Now the phono-pre is buzzing. Great! To add injury to insult the Plinius cd101 stopped reading most disks a month ago. Load them and noting. I tried to see if it worked again yesterday and the tray is now stuck and won't open. So much for top end gear. Blake.
  11. Were the super tablets not up to these?
  12. They are running off the Sansui too. Not sure why they are bright. They are on heavy stands too. Maybe try different speaker cables. They are running on cheap chord ones atm.
  13. Not sure I like the Proac's. They are brighter than I thought they'd be and sound like they are struggling.
  14. Yeah that's exactly why I started the thread. I don't particularly believe the solid state needs burn in however I think I've changed my mind. I know sound and this went from muddled and disgusting to quite beautiful. It might be as you say, warm up. It did start from cold. For a $199 pre I'm impressed. It gets very good reviews.
  15. No not yet. I wouldn't say it's as good but it's not far off. I'm going to use it for a while until my new tt turns up/