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  1. Yeah don't go the P1. At least P2 in the Rega range in my opinion. This one if you can spare the $45. That's what I'd do if you want new. All set up.
  2. Where do you get tapes for these? Can you buy them new?
  3. I stumbled over this clip. I'm quite amazed at how nice these units look and how good it sounds.
  4. Out of the rat race Michael, you'll love it. So much less stress. Looks like you had a great day boys. Nice write up too evil, some great pics there. When you heading off uncle?
  5. Yeah I'm using JRiver and Spotify Premium at the moment with my phone as remote. It works well but sound quality isn't as good as cd I think. The dac is letting it down without a doubt. Looked at this but not sure how much of an improvement it would be.
  6. Very true. Something I didn't really think about.
  7. Do you find that streaming the burnt cd's is as good sound quality as spinning the actual cd's? Which way are you heading in with the streaming/network player?
  8. Love to. Bit of travelling time involved though
  9. Yeah John I agree that high price is no guarantee of quality. Now I bought the Schiit (and Wyrd) to stream from my mac. I do listen to quite a bit of FLAC and HD from my lappy so that may be a place to upgrade as you have said.I am really unsure what I would have to upgrade the dac (cd player) to to get a reasonable improvement. And the Project? Well I'm basically a beginner in the TT world so I thought the 5.1 would be a good place to start. I love vinyl and you're right it could be better. I may just think about getting a sub, REL maybe at some stage. And upgrade at least the dac. Thanks for your ideas
  10. Have you tried the Plinius without the Yamaha's? 200w/ch is a kind helping.
  11. Yeah. Lonely headphone amp. Sold my k701's so it's collecting dust. You're right. I will need a set of speakers if I do that. That presents a problem. I nearly always buy second hand. If I'm going to find speakers I really like I'm going to have to buy new. It's impossible to audition second hand.
  12. Yeah that's me Six years time might be a different story...
  13. Yeah I think I have not been sure what I liked so ended up with 3 systems.
  14. Sorry Jeff. Missed your comment somehow. Yeah I tried the Sansui with the PMC's. I think it sounds 'bigger' but loses quite a bit of detail which surprises me.
  15. Changed the title for those who despised. In a midlife crysis I think. Might sell everything except the Plinii and Sansui and start again....