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  1. Cambridge goes very well with Richter. Had a 740a running with Wizard Mk1's. Great match.
  2. I can't believe the lack of 24" tv's on the market. My Hisense has died after 4 years of constantly being on so not a bad life. It was this Full HD 1920x1080. I wouldn't mind another Full HD if possible (not essential). Smart tv would be great but also not essential. Budget is up to around $400. Is there anything that really is good value? Cheers.
  3. Tasty option
  4. I'd crack it open and see if there's a fuse for each channel
  5. They don't have fuses in them do they?
  6. Cheap option
  7. Or Weston Tempest, mmmmm
  8. Add these to your list
  9. I've gone from grunge, heavy/thrash/death metal to jazz
  10. Yeah she might not want me to be involved anymore and come home and sell all my gear
  11. I paid $50 to get my $450 speakers from WA to VIC (Smart send). Not too bad really. Being in Horsham I have to get everything posted. $100 petrol to Melbourne.
  12. Thanks mate. I feel much better now. She don't eat much .:)
  13. If you like warm and smooth some the Sansui's are just that as @Cafad said. The Plinius is Neutral'ish depending on speakers and particularly the source. Another smooth sounding amp is the Exposure 2010s2, budget amp compared to what you have listened to but price doesn't mean everything. 75w/ch, don't forget watts don't mean all the much either (with your speakers anyway). My 38w/ch Sansui pushes my 90dB PMC's loud enough for a big party. I heard the Tonga at Stereophonic and didn't think it was an improvement on the 9200. I actually prefer the 9200. Chew Cafad's ear off, he'll point you in the right direction
  14. Is it audiophile sin to bring the Mrs????