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  1. Help setting ups Dynavector 17D3

    Sounds like a mini GTG right there
  2. TT upgrade advice

    Townshend Rock would be for you then, had mine since 1986 and it has never been near a dealer in all that time, great TT too. If you can find one.
  3. TT upgrade advice

    pre loved LP12 should be within reach of your budget.
  4. My M.2 fits in a slot on the motherboard.
  5. Turn table advice

    well priced used TTs turn in the classifieds here now and then, keep an eye open.
  6. Who remembers?

    Another user here. My first PC was a 386sx16 with 4x 256k simms but had to install another 4 to do anything on win 3.1. single speed cd rom and 19 bit sound card, 120 Mb HDD (cost a lot). all that top watch 'defrag' run.
  7. I don't get it

    So you have a schiit system?
  8. Justification of a purchase.

    Christine is an Elvis fan and luckily Marillion too.
  9. Justification of a purchase.

    I don't try to hide anything from Christine, she likes to have a listen now and again too. She doesn't know why I need more than one TT though, but she hasn't asked me to cut down on them.
  10. I have found with my Q701s that suspending by the leather(?) headband causes the elastic bands at the side to distort and eventually give up the ghost, I now suspend mine by the metal headband as this does not put any strain on the bands. Great 'phones and GLWTS.
  11. Gary, you never need an appointment mate, always welcome.
  12. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    So my brain still works...
  13. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    He married Toyah if I remember rightly.