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  1. damn. dv prices have gone up heaps !
  2. how is the 20% calculated ? 20% of the historical cost ? 20% of the replacement cost of a new 20x ? or 20% of the new cartridge you want to buy ?
  3. Record covers and ringwear

    once you have ringwear the only way to get rid of it is to buy a clean copy of the record...
  4. how can vinyl be 'ddd' ?
  5. another 2juki story; affluent friend wanted another shelter 501/2 - then flavour of the month - his first was bought from a us dealer. one arrives from 2juki with off-centre cantilever. some emails and it gets replaced. replacement is clearly in excellent condition but carried the same serial number as the faulty one. it wasn't the original cartridge as both serial numbers were handwritten by different people. ???? the replacement sounded better than his us purchased cartridge.
  6. Just how good is the Denon DL 103?

    last week a friend tried to buy a 103pro from eifl in japan. he asked for a current price and was asked to pay the website price in usd + 20% because of brexit. he further asked why not charge in yen. never got a reply back.
  7. From NS1000m to NS1000x - impressions

    got a pic of these legendary speakers ?
  8. phono cartridge is not really balanced but a non-referenced floating device. output voltage will go to the side of the coil that is not grounded.
  9. The Technics SL1200 is back

    a really good sp10 would have all the dodgy aspects fixed both motors have similar specs but the new sl-1200 has a heavier platter 3.6kg v 2.9kg (sp10 mk2). sp10 counters with great starting torque 6kg/cm v 3.3kg/cm on the new sl-1200
  10. Boxing - Shipping Turntables

    if the seller has never shipped a turntable before , buy insurance too !
  11. The Technics SL1200 is back

    for that amount of coin you could get a really good sp10 mk2
  12. How warped is too warped??

    much depends on cartridge compliance and the tonearms ability to ride warps. so maybe...
  13. Kondo-Audio Note Japan and Audio Note UK

    it's an expensive tone control
  14. How warped is too warped??

    i'm with jerome on this one. if you can't hear any audible distortion just keep it. chances are the replacement will be worse (been there !) as for prematurely wearing out a cartridge - not likely with the warp in the video. decent cartridges (and tonearms) should be able to handle that.
  15. CXU cambridge audio

    it is a fantastic sounding unit for music, for movies i'd give the nod to the oppo 105. both are par for picture quality. the cambridge has a built-in volume control so you could use it as a controller for a simple system using digital (hdmi/usb/coax/optical) sources.