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  1. Still available. A few more days and these are going on ebay.
  2. You have to be a more established member first, too many zero post scammers lately so things were clamped down on for everyones safety.
  3. Still available, a couple of time-wasters and just-stop-answering-PM types so far, disappointingly.
  4. They are superb. The replacement model is almost $19,000 AUD, which this retailed just under when new too, so at this price it's an absolute bargain.
  5. Buy these at asking price and I'll throw in the Seiveking stand pictured, valued at >$200
  6. No, the v1's. I have heard v2's and preferred the smoother top end of the v1's (the v2's are more HD800 like and for me that's not a good thing).
  7. Item: hifiman HE1000 headphones Location: Melbourne Price: $2200 Item Condition: Mint, unmarked Reason for selling: downsizing my setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank deposit Extra Info: HE1000's are considered among the best headphones available. Planar magnetic drivers with easy to drive impedance. A stellar combination delivering a beautifully musical sound. These present as new. I have all the retail packing and cables. Pictures:
  8. Items: Pass Labs x2.5 preamp and x250.5 power amp Location: Melbourne Price: x2.5 preamp $2000 / x250.5 power amp $8250 / Package deal for both $9750 Item Condition: excellent, unmarked Reason for selling: changing direction & downsizing for awhile Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: a wonderfully transparent and musical end game pre and power amp. Preamp is built 2006 and has been checked over by Dallas Clarke Audio and given a clean bill of health, power amp is one of the last built in 2013 and was bought new <12 months ago. I DO have the original packaging for both items. Pictures:
  9. what are the caps rated at i wonder...
  10. You can see the farfield measurements here at stereophile. Claiming 14Hz might be a little ambitious.
  11. I've never seen a 2qute under $1250.
  12. A month or 2 is perfectly fine Jake.
  13. Don't get the dealer to do it. Few reasons. 1. They won't decontaminate the car first 2. They won't polish all the imperfections out to a high standard first 3. They will apply whatever they got a great bulk deal on over the top of all the crap on the paint from manufacturing and transport. Take delivery. Take it to a professional, well regarded detailer and have them do a full wash/decontamination then correct the paint, finally applying a good coating like opticoat over the top.
  14. This isn't the place to be 'baiting' K2tsui into responding. He has a fair point - the remote, a mirror finish device that is handled by users and often damaged is so out of focus it's impossible to tell the condition of it. Let the OP respond rather than going into bat for them, clogging up the thread and ignoring the (un)clear evidence. I have a real question - if purchased last Jan, when does the warranty expire and is it transferable to the buyer?
  15. Item: Cavalli Liquid Carbon Headphones Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $825 Item Condition: Excellent, just received back from Cavalli after upgrading to new Version 2 internals (everything replaced) Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Highly sought after and very rare here, great sounding amp, true balanced design. Lifetime warranty transferable to new owner. Pictures: Will upload tonight but this is a stock photo