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  1. I've never seen a 2qute under $1250.
  2. A month or 2 is perfectly fine Jake.
  3. Don't get the dealer to do it. Few reasons. 1. They won't decontaminate the car first 2. They won't polish all the imperfections out to a high standard first 3. They will apply whatever they got a great bulk deal on over the top of all the crap on the paint from manufacturing and transport. Take delivery. Take it to a professional, well regarded detailer and have them do a full wash/decontamination then correct the paint, finally applying a good coating like opticoat over the top.
  4. This isn't the place to be 'baiting' K2tsui into responding. He has a fair point - the remote, a mirror finish device that is handled by users and often damaged is so out of focus it's impossible to tell the condition of it. Let the OP respond rather than going into bat for them, clogging up the thread and ignoring the (un)clear evidence. I have a real question - if purchased last Jan, when does the warranty expire and is it transferable to the buyer?
  5. Item: Cavalli Liquid Carbon Headphones Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $825 Item Condition: Excellent, just received back from Cavalli after upgrading to new Version 2 internals (everything replaced) Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Highly sought after and very rare here, great sounding amp, true balanced design. Lifetime warranty transferable to new owner. Pictures: Will upload tonight but this is a stock photo
  6. If I were the OP I'd be really pyst
  7. Throw me an offer these need to go!
  8. Hugo TT sold and shipped today HE1000's need a new home!
  9. Item: FS: Purist Audio Musaeus (Praesto Revision) 2.1m speaker cables with spade terminations on both endsLocation: MelbournePrice: $500 oboItem Condition: Excellent, no damageReason for selling: No longer requiredPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct DepositExtra Info: Fantastic cables, I'd still be using them if I hadn't re-arranged things requiring me to source longer ones. I don't have the original box, but I can package up and post at buyers expense.
  10. My timekeeper buzzed as well. Got it changed under warranty after trying everything to get it to stop. New one still buzzed but not as badly. Burson said it was normal. I figured it was something with my house power.
  11. Hugo TT sold pending payment HE1000's still available
  12. Due to a million questions, I have decided to separate these items. Hugo TT $3900 HE1000's $2350
  13. Far out mate, sorry to hear, but very glad you were protected with a helmet!! Nice new bike too, what a weapon.
  14. 12k for a power cable? Wow. I need to start a power cable company!! Anyone want to be a co-founder?
  15. Not sure I agree. What you're hearing when you do sighted tests for something that doesn't produce measurably different sound (ie: power cables) is your own brains cognitive bias. We know that, that's not an opinion. When that's written up it makes for a cool story, but that's it. If he's just sat down and plugged in each cable one by one sighted, then it's no surprise that he likes the one that either looks the best, is the most expensive or that he otherwise had a conscious or unconscious bias towards. Still it's nice he's done it and related his experience for us to read. Others may rush out and buy the winning cable and also think it's wonderful for much the same reasons. Perceptions are indeed real, it's not taking anything away from their happiness for the pragmatic few to know it's just perception not physical. Conversely if he's indeed conducted a robust test and his biases and expectations are controlled for then those same pragmatists are suddenly more interested in the experimental outcome. it is what it is. We will each take what we take away from such testing.