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  1. Happy to demo this amp for any interested buyers - can even compare to the Pass F6 Class A amp. You might be very surprised at the wonderful detail and musicality of the Halcro - and it maintains it's superb sound and ease at any volume.
  2. Item: Wireworld Eclipse 7 Interconnects - 1m XLR pr (or swap for RCA pair of same) Location: Bendigo Price: $400 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit Extra Info: Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnects are highly regarded and well reviewed. I have 2 sets surplus to requirements: 1m x RCA pr and 1m x XLR pr. Whoops, underestimated my requirement for RCA interconnects, so withdrawing the RCA'a from sale. In fact I may need another pair of Eclipse 7 with RCA termination - so willing to do a straight swap for the XLR set below. Comes with Wireworld zip pouch. Pictures
  3. Nice phono amp, I've owned one for years and have preferred it to more than than a half dozen other phono sections I've tried over that time. Responds very well to NOS valves, which handily outperform the stock supplied tubes.
  4. Thanks for the input @Sbartt. I also found that I could have my AV pre- out connected to the unbalanced inputs and my stereo pre-out connected to the balanced inputs simultaneously - and switch between the two using the bal/unbal toggle switches. Worked perfectly, and very handy since I don't have cinema pass through on my preamp.
  5. Price now reduced. Thought I'd post some pics of the Halcro monitor software. 1st image shows the config window. The software finds the amp on your LAN. Clicking on the amp brings up another box where individual channels can be set to either be on or off at power up. Once set the config is saved in the amp. Since I was using the amp for 2 channel I turned off one channel - but I set all channels back to active for this pic. 2nd image shows the amp status - comes up on a browser page - shows total run time (powered on), rail voltages and channel status etc. You can see that the amp has a total run time of 88 days.
  6. If anyone is wondering what happened to the replies in this FS thread - I posted the ad twice when I thought something had prevented it from listing properly. Eventually they both listed - but now the thread that was being replied to has been deleted.....unfortunate, but so it goes. Thanks anyway to those Halcro owners who chipped in endorsing the SQ of the amp, appreciated.
  7. I've decided to keep this amp and I'm going to rearrange my system around it. Sometimes its strange how things work out.
  8. Item: Parasound Zamp V3 power amp Location: Central Vic Price: $450 including shipping Item Condition: As new - 6mo old Reason for selling: Funds for new preamp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is a terrific little amp with Parasound's big amp DNA running through it's circuits - and even some design input from the Master, John Curl. At 45W/8ohms or 90W/8ohms bridged, it can drive most reasonably efficient speakers without issues.. Supposedly Parasound's CEO, Richard Schram, even uses them to drive Quad ESL-63's in his office (see review below). Has some great features: trigger(with multiple settings), signal passthru, adjustable gain and even a front headphone socket. I was using this to drive my HE6 headphones, which I just sold, but would make a fantastic power amp for desktop monitors - any headphone amp or dac with volume controlled line outs could be used as a preamp. Retail in Australia is around $700, so this is a nice saving on a practically new amp. Comes with original double boxing, manual and power cord. Pictures:
  9. HE6 now sold, pending payment - thanks for looking.
  10. I have about 6-7 people expressing interest to buy - just so you know if enquiring.
  11. Item: HiFiman HE6 planar magnetic headphones Location: Central Vic Price: $750 ($1K with Parasound Zamp) Item Condition: Very good - modded Reason for selling: funding preamp upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Hifiman's previous flagship HE6 headphones probably need no introduction with HP enthusiasts. When introduced it was one of the best headphones available and, although superseded, many still think certain qualities of the HE6 remain unsurpassed. I'm the original owner of these headphones - bought around 03/15 - from the last batch produced. I've done the popular grill mod (open weave grill) which further enhances the sound quality - though this can be replaced with stock grill if required. Excellent clarity, transient response and superb bass are among the HE6 qualities. . Very low sensitivity means these have to be driven by a robust dedicated headphone amp or even a small power amp(!) for best sound. They can be driven by a HP amp like my Grace m930 (1.5W into 50ohms) and sound very good - so this would be a good starting point in terms of power output. Note: I also have a Parasound Zamp mini poweramp for sale which works wonderfully with the HE6 - I can bundle that with the headphones for $1000 if interested. Driven by the Zamp the HE6 is a viable alternative to my Focal Utopias(!) Bundling with extra sets of earpads - including Hifiman focus pads and Brainwavz HM5 leather, original cords + custom Kimber TCSS speaker adapter cable and matching Neutrik xlr HP cable. Heaps of reviews on the net and forums. Here is a fairly comprehensive review which includes some comparisons to other headphones: Pictures:
  12. Item: Halcro MC30 3 channel power amp Location: Central Vic Price: $2200 reduced $1850 +shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Funding preamp upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is the 3 channel version of the glowingly reviewed Halcro Logic class D power amp. The Halcro doesn't use off the shelf modules like other class D amps, but Halco's own proprietary 'Lyrus' Class D designed by the same man (physicist Bruce Candy) who designed the famous ultra High-end Halcro amplifiers. Halco made 2, 3, 5 and 7 channel versions of this amp - all with the same channel modules and power supply, only differing in number of channels fitted. The build and finish is commensurate with an amplifier that originally sold in Australia for more than $6700. Magenta Audio has since taken over the Halcro brand and sells the MC30 direct at $3300 (this amp was purchased from Magenta). IMO an amazing, Australian made, high-end bargain at $3.3K. I doubt there is anything that can directly compete at my selling price. Rated at 400W/4ohms/channel (Stereophile tested the MC20 it at 290W/8ohms and 540W/4ohms). Tube lover Art Dudley reviewed the 2 channel version in Stereophile and compared it very favorably to his $25,000 more expensive Lamm monoblocks. The amp runs silently and very cool despite it's prodigious power output. I'd never listened to a class D amp before the Halcro and I was totally taken by surprise with it's wonderfully involving sound - no grit or SS nasties here. The amp has great clarity and finesse - and can also produce a huge soundstage with precise and dimensional imaging. Comes with a Windows software monitoring program which connects via LAN cable and can monitor channel modules and allow shutting down of unused channels if desired. I used as a 2 channel amp so I switched off the 3rd channel. The amp has balanced and unbalanced connections along with trigger input for remote power-up In pristine condition - the amp has 88 days of total use (see monitoring software post below, it keeps track!) Comes with original accessories, manual and very sturdy Halcro double boxing. Art Dudley's review: Jim Austin's followup comments on sound: Stereo Mojo review: MC20 POWER AMPLIFIER REVIEW/HALCROMC20POWERAMPLIFIERREVIEW.htm Pictures:
  13. Sounding wonderful with the Chesky recording I'm playing at the moment - lovely textures and harmonics with acoustic instruments.
  14. Yes, I believe you know it well. Funny thing. Like I said above I bought this amp to try with my HE6 headphones. I deliberately didn't try it with my Harbeth speakers - partly because I'd tried a 20W class A Xindak amp previously and it was kind of sluggish/bland compared to bigger amps, and partly because I was using balanced pre outs for my speaker setup and didn't want the upheaval of sorting out integration of an SE amp. Since I'd decided to sell I thought I'd give it a play with the Harbeths........sounds really good. So now I'm buggered. I've changed the thread to an EOI instead of FS while I sort through my options. Maybe I'll sell the Halcro.
  15. Item: Location: Central Vic Price: $1400 + shipping Item Condition: Very good (minor marks) Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This amp is a build of the Nelson Pass First Watt F6 design. (Note, after initial Pass build runs Nelson Pass releases his First Watt designs to the DIY community. The Pass built F6 continues to be available at US$3500). Like all Nelson Pass First Watt amps the F6 circuit is a pared back, purist design. Matched FET buffers drive the Jensen transformer which in turn drives a pair of the output MOSFET'S - that's it. As usual the circuit design has been expertly honed by Nelson Pass with extensive listening tests determining the final circuit. While not built by Pass, this is a Nelson Pass F6 amp - carefully put together by a couple of SNA members using premium parts. Parts include the same Jensen signal transformers specified by Pass; Matched FETS/MOSFETS; Charcroft, Caddock, Dale and Mills resistors; Elna Silmic caps etc. This amp is built into an overkill rugged chassis. Power output is 25W/8ohms, 50W/4ohms. A link to the build thread for this amp is here: I bought this amp only a few weeks ago off another SNA member to use with my super low sensitivity HE6 headphones(!) - yeah I know, overkill. While waiting for the amp to arrive I got a deal on a dedicated Bryston headphone amp and no longer require the F6. I've used it with the HE6's and it sounds marvelous - plenty of detail and great tonal quality. The amp is dead quiet and the Pass specified thermistors in the power supply ensure a delayed soft turn on with zero pops on power up/down. Pics below. Note there are some minor scuffs on the chassis - eg scuff on the top right corner of the faceplate highlighted in the bottom pic - otherwise the amp is in very good condition. Pictures: