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  1. I've been using a sub with my 30.1's for a couple of years - it does add another dimension to the sound, but I found them quite satisfactory without the sub for a few years prior to that. As far as amps go, I've used quite a few - including an ARC VS55, Quad 909, Odyssey Khartago, Xindak PAM-20, Halcro MC30 and (diy) Pass F6. These ranged from 20 to well over 200W/ch. The only amp that I thought didn't mate well was the 20W Class A Xindak - sounded kind of sluggish and non-engaging. Perhaps surprisingly then, my favourite of the bunch (and current amp) is the DIY F6 which is a 25W/8ohm class A design. This amp sounds wonderfully lively and involving with the m30.1's, with a gorgeous harmonic quality that's quite addictive.
  2. Withdrawing from sale - change of components means they're now required.
  3. OK, I've done some more comparisons between Roon and A+3 - aided by my new PS Audio Directstream Jnr (DSJ) dac. Very interesting indeed. The DSJ has the extra input option of a network bridge which is Roon compatible and allows sending of audio from my Mac mini over LAN. This is supposedly a preferred PS Audio option (like a many other manufacturers PS Audio are not fans of usb for audio). When I compared the DSJ LAN bridge connection to usb using Roon, the bridge option sounded best. Roon > DSJ bridge also sounded better than Roon+HQP > DSJ usb. So Roon > DSJ bridge looked like a winner. Then I compared to A+3 > DSJ usb - Wow, simply more transparent. A+3 back in the winners box for me!
  4. May look to trade in the m920, so offering now at a considerable discount before I look into that option. Will be hard to beat at this price for build + sound quality + functionality.
  5. While I find Roon/HQP a good sounding combination it's hard to argue for as a value proposition - especially given the excellent sound of A+3 and it's bargain price. I also find A+ easier and faster to use - I don't know what they were thinking with all the confirmation button presses required for basic playback in Roon.
  6. Can't answer that since I don't have any SACD ISO and in fact only 2-3 SACD's.
  7. @soundfan did you try HQP with Roon? It's clunkier than using Roon alone - but you get the better ergonomics/features of Roon with the superior SQ of HQP. Not sure about the 'issues' with A+3 though - runs without a hitch on my mid 2011Mac mini (El Capitan 10.11.6).
  8. Well, in the longer term I've found A+ to be a little insistent so I've been comparing again to Roon with HQPlayer. I have the latest version 3.06 A+ installed. I used the HQPlayer 'poly-sinc' filter - a x8 PCM upsampling filter sending 352.8/384K to my Grace m920. I used the same up sampling rate with A+ - but of course A+ doesn't have the extensive/sophisticated filter options of HQP. In this comparison I found Roon/HQP to have superior focus, dimensionality and layering in depth - as well as a more musical relaxed sound. Interesting, as I'd done previous comparisons to Roon/HQP - but in a different system configuration and not with that specific filter. I'm going to do more listening, but at the moment I find myself preferring Roon/HQP.
  9. Item: Grace m920 DAC/Pre/Headphone amp Location: Bendigo Vic Price: $1850 SOLD + shipping Item Condition: Excellent - unmarked Reason for selling: trying something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: m920 is the current model Grace Design DAC/preamp/headphone amp. Utilizes the well regarded Sabre 9018 DAC and covers all formats up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and 64x and 128x DSD playback. The USB connection is asynchonous and galvanically isolated. Nice. The headphone amp delivers more than 2W/32ohms and will drive anything - even the Hifiman HE6. In addition to the various digital inputs there are 2 analog inputs (balanced and unbalanced) allowing the m920 to be used as a complete system preamp. Too many features to run through but one of my favorites is the independent volume control of balanced, unbalanced and headphone outputs - meaning you can toggle between headphones and speakers or run both simultaneously with independent level control. I believe only the m920 offers this feature. Volume and balance of all outputs is adjustable in 0.5dB steps over a 95dB range - so will work perfectly with any equipment match. Comes with original packaging/manual, full function remote (a $150 extra) and also a set of quality Magami gold TRS/XLR interconnects for the balanced output ($100 value). Also has the balance of the transferable Grace Design 5 year warranty (3 years remaining) - so purchase without risk and save over $1K on the current Aus retail (original Aus purchase receipt supplied). Pictures:
  10. Wow, surprised this hasn't been snapped up by anyone. This amp was competing with others in the $US5-6K price range.......and beyond. Reducing to $1750 plus shipping - surely unbeatable SQ+power output+features/flexibility at that price. You know you want some Halcro hi-end magic.
  11. Yeah, I think any of the Mac Minis will be adequate if not doing upsampling. My mid 2011 2.3Ghz i5 Mini typically has less than 3% cpu usage with no upsampling - which I'm not really a fan of. I upgraded the memory to 16GB - because 3rd party Mac memory is so cheap, so why not.
  12. Happy to demo this amp for any interested buyers - can even compare to the Pass F6 Class A amp. You might be very surprised at the wonderful detail and musicality of the Halcro - and it maintains it's superb sound and ease at any volume.
  13. Item: Wireworld Eclipse 7 Interconnects - 1m XLR pr (or swap for RCA pair of same) Location: Bendigo Price: $400 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct deposit Extra Info: Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnects are highly regarded and well reviewed. I have 2 sets surplus to requirements: 1m x RCA pr and 1m x XLR pr. Whoops, underestimated my requirement for RCA interconnects, so withdrawing the RCA'a from sale. In fact I may need another pair of Eclipse 7 with RCA termination - so willing to do a straight swap for the XLR set below. Comes with Wireworld zip pouch. Pictures