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  1. This thread has lost all semblance of its previous life.
  2. I dont think there is a very much higher authority around than some guy named Trevor who worked at Marantz during their glorious '70s receiver battles with Pioneer. Cant think how youd find him, you need a detective. Ive got a 2238 and a 2240B. I also have a Pioneer sx-5530. All good fun and very pretty.
  3. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hitachi-Turntable-PS-15-Vintage-Belt-Drive-Record-Player-Needs-Repair-/172497628462?hash=item2829a8ed2e:g:W0wAAOSwjDZYfybb "The turntable plays backwards most times! Sometimes if you push it in the right direction it will continue that direction and play fine. Apparently this isn't completely unusual."
  4. I'm keen too. Pm sent
  5. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-x-Wall-side-unit-4-shelf-glass-shelf-cabinet-office-storage-side-unit-/291859150564?hash=item43f42936e4:g:Kv0AAOSw9IpXw-kG Decent HIFI shelves in Donvale very cheap!
  6. I have had 2 similar experiences in Windsor, in the last 18 months. I didnt think I looked like a fool. I felt like one twice.
  7. http://www.buckscoop.com.au/deals/rio-q-acoustics-q2050i-floor-standing-speakers-gloss-white-599-save-900-delivered-105585 "WHAT HI-FI 2014 award winning top notch Q Acoustics Q2050i for $599 delivered is absolute bargain." White only (I think)
  8. Trouble In Mind by King Curtis. No time to mix it up. cheers Don
  9. Thanks JimmyR but SurpriseTech has fixed my Mixed Tape Jones.
  10. Man walks out of a bottleshop with a slab of beer. Shapely woman holds the door open for him, and he thanks her. Say, she says with smile, you wouldnt consider swapping some beer for sex would you? He thinks for a moment and says Well yes maybe. But what beer have you got?
  11. Thanks Rockeater, it sounds great and I need tapes but I cant stretch that far. I would imagine postage is $50 or thereabouts.
  12. Item: Cassette deck Price Range:$100? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I need to make mixed tapes again. Must record ok. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. The Folk Singer by Muddy Waters and It serves you right to suffer by John Lee Hooker are highly regarded recordings of greats in their prime. The vinyl is excellent for both. My favorite in this Blues Genre is King Curtis Trouble in Mind which transcends this category to be my No 1 album. Some good copies of the re-issue from 1987 are around. My next favourite is Ry Cooder's Smack Dab in the Middle- due to great production values and great band. Thanks for the tips on Willies Blues. And Ive now refreshed Stardust by another Willie. Great Thread.