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  1. @LogicprObe Thanks for the tips! Edited. I do at times but the boss says too much toys....... hence clearing the third bedroom out....... More coming!
  2. Hi Art, Prefer to sell the whole lot but please PM me an offer and we can go from there. Cheers!
  3. Item: Aranov LS-9000 Valve Pre Amp and LS-9100 Valve Monoblock Power Amp Location: Melbourne Price: $5000 Item Condition: Used but in very good condition. Please check out the pics Reason for selling: Not Using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit, COD Only Extra Info: Taken online: Designed by Yakov Aronov, Aronov amplifiers while not well known have been very highly regarded. It uses 4 x 12AX7 tubes in the LS-9000 pre amp and the power of each power amp comes from a self-biasing quad set of 6550C tubes and a single 6AN8 driver tube. Output is 110w per channel. Pictures:
  4. Will get the serial number for you on Monday, left it at the office this morning.
  5. Thanks for the offer Darren. I will definitely take your offer if someone from interstate buys it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks George, it is an awesome amp and it is hard to beat at the price even at full rrp. Power with finesse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Mm............ I might have to dig it up but not looking good. Will let you know if I can find it. Sorry mate.
  8. Item: Parasound Halo JC2 Preamplifier and JC1 Mono Power AmplifersLocation: MelbournePrice: $12,500. Current RRP around $27,000Item Condition: Selling for a friend. Comes with remote although not in the picture. Unfortunately no box, but can assist in boxing if needed to be delivered interstate. Bare in mind the freight will not be cheap for three big and heavy boxes. Both the power amps are in perfect condition but the Pre has some small scratches at the corner from house moving. Please have a look at the last 2 pics. Reason for selling: UpgradedPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: I do not think these combo needs much introduction. Just google and you can find lots of review and find out who legendary John Curl is. Taken from the manufacturer website: JC1 Premier monaural amplifier Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl and CTC Builder Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation Exclusive two position bias level adjustment Balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors Vampire Direct gold-plated OFC RCA input Dual heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker binding posts Direct Coupled - no capacitors or inductors in signal path Complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage 18 beta-matched 15 amp, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors 1.9 kVA encapsulated toroid power transformer Independent power supplies for input, driver and output stages 18,000 ?F filters for driver stage 132,000 µF Nichicon Gold Tune filters for output stage DC Servo and relay protection circuits REL and Nichicon Muse capacitors Harris hyper-fast soft recovery diodes for all bridge rectifiers Auto turn-on by 12v trigger or audio signal trigger Ground lift switch , adjustable turn-on delay 4u Chassis with rear carry handles, rack mounting kit included Premium detachable AWG 12 power cord with silver solder THX Ultra2 certified Specification: Continuous power output, 20Hz - 20 kHz: 400 watts RMS x 1, 8 ? 800 watts RMS x 1, 4 ? 1200 watts RMS x 1, 2 ? Class A power output, 20Hz - 20 kHz: 25 watts, bias set to high, 8 ? 10 watts, bias set to low, 8 ? Current capacity: 135 amperes peak Power bandwidth: 2 Hz - 120 kHz, +0/-3 dB at 1 watt Total harmonic distortion: < 0.15 % at full power IM distortion: balanced 16 V rms< 0.03 % Slew rate: > 130 V/µsecond Dynamic headroom: > 1.8 dB Input sensitivity: 1 V for 28.28 V, THX Reference Level Input impedance: 100 k ? S/N ratio: >120 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to high >122 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to low Damping factor: > 1200 at 20 Hz Power Requirement : 250 watts idle 1280 watts full power into 4 ? DC trigger output capacity : +12 Vdc, 150 mA Dimensions: 17-1/2" w x 7-5/8" h x 20" d, 7" h without feet Net weight: 64 lb. JC2 6 pairs unbalanced RCA line-level audio input jacks 2 input pairs can be switched to XLR balanced connectors Independent balanced/unbalanced select for the L & R channel Each channel's input is switched by its own gold-on-silver contact relay 4 output jack pairs with specialized functions: 1 Main output jack pair is balanced XLR, polarity is switched by remote 1 Main output jack pair is unbalanced RCA, polarity is switched by remote 1 output jack pair is unbalanced RCA, inverted polarity only 1 output pair is unbalanced RCA, normal polarity, fixed level for recorders Dual-mono left & right channel circuit boards minimize crosstalk Hand-matched complementary FETs Direct DC servo-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path Premium 4-gang motor-driven analog master volume control Separate TKD brand analog gain controls for L & R channel 3/8" thick aluminum shielding around audio boards Shielding prevents noise from power supplies & control circuits Separate output jacks for simultaneous normal & non-inverting polarity Aluminum chassis rear panel Remote control polarity switching uses gold-on-silver contact relays Vampire brand 24k gold-plated RCA jacks Neutrik brand premium XLR connectors Canare brand internal wiring High capacity R-core audio power transformer & inductor Hyper-fast soft recovery audio bridge rectifiers diodes Independent power supply for controller, relay coils, triggers, LEDs Remote control handset controls all functions Discrete IR codes for remote control Four 12v trigger output jacks for power amp auto turn-on: Two 12v trigger jacks are switched by the remote handset Two 12v trigger jacks are live when the JC 2 is turned on Two-way RS-232 serial port connection Line level inputs only; no inputs for phono Audio mute is switched by independent L & R relays Rear panel IR repeater input & loop out jacks Premium detachable heavy gauge IEC AC cord 2 6' (2m) trigger wires included Remote handset also controls Parasound Halo T 3 Tuner 3u Chassis, rack mountable with HRA3 (sold separately) Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB Distortion: THD: < 0.003% at 100 Hz THD: < 0.005% at 20 kHz IM: < 0.003% S/N Ratio: > 116 dB, input shorted, IHF A-weighted > 104 dB, input shorted, unweighted Crosstalk: > 100 dB at 10 kHz > 90 dB at 20 kHz Gain: 14 dB, maximum L, R Gain Control Range - 10 dB Input Impedance: Unbalanced: 30k ohms Balanced: 30k ohms per leg Output Impedance: Unbalanced: < 60 ohms Balanced: < 60 ohms per leg Input Sensitivity: 200 mV for 1 V output Total Gain: 14 dB Maximum Output: 8 V XLR Pin Identification 1 = Ground (Shield) 2 = Positive 3 = Negative (Return) AC Power Requirement: 110 - 120 V or 220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hzs (Set AC Voltage switch on rear panel) 25 watt standby; 30 watts when turned on Dimensions Width: 17 1/4" (437 mm) Depth: 16" (406 mm) Height, with feet: 5 7/8" (150 mm) Height, without feet: 5 1/4" (133 mm) Weight Net: 24 lbs. (11 kg) Shipping: 36 lbs. (16.4 kg) Rack Mount Accessory HRA 3 (May be purchased separately) Pictures:
  9. Item: Crystal Cable Crystal Connect Micro interconnect 1M (RCA to RCA) Location: MelbournePrice: SoldItem Condition: UsedReason for selling: SurplusPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Manufacturer's Description: Crystal Cable is a new name in high performance audio. With its elegant design Crystal Cable makes the thinnest high end cable possible. Attractive, micro sized cables with see-through jackets make Crystal Cable ideal for every interior. Crystal Cables are the finest true high tech audio cables designed specifically for the modern multimedia equipment. The compact design and specialized technology comes from advanced research in aerospace engineering, the cables offer major advantages for anyone looking to capture extraordinary sound and exceptional value. Pictures:
  10. Item: Nordost Flatline Blue Heaven cable set. 0.5M RCA, 1.0M RCA and 2M Speaker Cable (Banana plugs both ends)Location: MelbournePrice: $600 for the three sets.Item Condition: UsedReason for selling: SurplusPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Pictures:
  11. Sold and donation done!
  12. Sold and donation done, thanks!
  13. Sorry David, on hold at the moment pending payment.
  14. Item: WBT Sandwich Spade WBT-0680 Set of 4 X 2 Location: Melbourne Price: Sold Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Taken online: High current spade lug with elastomer shock absorber for progressive contact pressure eliminating structure-born and air-born noise as well as magnetostriction. Fully insulated body is safe to use and conforms to international safety standards. Color code: red or white. Easy fit for wire size up to 10mm2 (8AWG) 5/16" / 8.1mm Sandwich spade connector. Pure OFC copper contact is direct gold-plated. Pictures: