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  1. Elvis when I had a denon 3808 with an Oppo 83/93/103D, I used hdmi to the denon. The 3808 and 4308 have good dacs. This is also important if you choose to use audyssey. I expect the oppo and denon dacs won't produce that audible a difference. However, I haven't tested that for a long time, so others may have more relevant info. The 3808 and 4308 are excellent all-round performance receivers. The amazing thing with the 3808/4308 is the flexability of connection eg using video via hdmi and audio via analogue-in, if you so choose.
  2. Hmmmm, Football doesn't start till 7:20 pm, one-off opportunity to see the DEQX'd VAF's, with DEQX and SNA guests, plus Grumpy, plus others. 6:00 pm start. I'll change my mind and attend - might be an earlier leaver though at about 7pm. Thanks Phillip, Simon, Darren and co. Benje
  3. Christos my wife drives a 2013 2 litre 120i convertible - M sports pack (in blue). It would be called a 220i now. I can only wonder what the 135i delivers in power. When we were test driving, we took a 120i (or was it a 125i) coupe for a drive through the hills - great fun. Suspension is a bit firm for a couple of 'not so young anymore'. I agree about the difficulty of ingress/egress from the car. I get into strife from scuffing the side shelfs with my feet when getting out. That said, the boot is surprisingly good - fits a set of golf clubs without real problems (remove the driver from the bag, and the clubs fit straight in). Benje
  4. Mr Gadget great news - we are making progress. I'm sure someone nearby has a mic you can try. Or an audyssey pro kit (albeit with a cost for a licence). Benje
  5. Joz you don't need a passport to visit SA. Just leave your fly-riddled fruit at the border, that is all. Grumpy there is more than one room at VAF, and I doubt the Crows will be playing on the Rocky Mountain High VAF's. (I wonder whether John Denver will feature on that night's playlist?).
  6. I'm an apology - Crows are playing Hawks. Pity.
  7. Frankn The golf club stocks Scharke. That, and SetSergio's recommendation says 'try with confidence' to me. Benje
  8. I plan to be there - I hear the coffee is very good.
  9. I've been in the Duoro Valley in Portugal for the last week - it has been an experience. (DRC probably knows about the Iberian grapes). A lot of Touriga nacional, some tempranillo, even some muscadell Only one vintage port so far though - a 1999 Sandeman. Gosh they throw some crust and sludge! Wonderful stuff though. They opened the bottle with pincers, heat and ice - snapped off the neck of the bottle with the cork in one piece. Benje
  10. Gremrock I missed your post. Yes, they are still available, but have just received a local offer. 'Third and final call'.............. PS I can't fit them into an envelope
  11. No lowball offers entertained - we won't be paying you to take these!
  12. Disposing of two circular outdoor seats, cane construction. Located in Norwood Adelaide - pick up only Price is FREE, but please make a donation to SNA reflecting the value to you. Must be pick-up. By 23 April. Have acquired another setting - house rule is one item in means one item out. Includes circular cushions only. Have been undercover at all times, but are 9 years old. Structurally sound, the cane could do with a lacquer, especially if you are going to use them outside not undercover. Stylish Benje
  13. GTG

    No - we have a lunch with friends that was in 'her' diary. I can't make it. Benje
  14. GTG

    two tickets - as long as it doesn't clash with a Crows game. Those dates are good. Benje
  15. Re wives and girlfriends Two guys were playing a golf match. They didn't know each other and hadn't played golf together before but they were drawn to play each other. They teed off and after 4 holes caught up with a group of two women in front, who were not playing as quickly as the two guys were. The first guy said to the other 'Hmmm, this is awkward. I'd like to ask the group in front if we could play through, but I see that my wife is playing golf with my mistress. This could be a bit awkward' The second guy responded 'I was just thinking exactly the same thing'