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  1. Have sent them an email now asking if they can apply it...
  2. Nnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  3. Cheers @ABG just pulled the pin on CCMusic (and snagged a rare Aphex Twin in the process!)
  4. Love how the freight is more than the record. Pass.
  5. https://www.chisto.me/ Seems to be the cleaner of choice with some of the VERY high-end European stores, and wondered if anybody had ordered and tried it for themselves. I've been using the Melody Mate for some time now (extra strength) with my RCM, but always happy to try alternative fluids.
  6. Most stores should be able to sell you cable off the roll (ranging from very cheap to very expensive) with banana plug options that simply screw onto the bare copper. I'm sure some stores will also go the extra mile and put heat shrink sleeving on to if you wish.
  7. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    This morning's workout - Aphex Twin - "I Care Because You Do"
  8. Can I borrow a phono stage in Perth?

    Would a Primare R32 be of any use? If so, you are welcome to grab a loan of floor stock anyday Tuesday-Saturday this week in Nedlands...
  9. I was fortunate to audition a Luxman EQ-500 that was eventually purchased from me - it was absolutely stunning and like all Luxman gear beautifully built.
  10. Victor QL-A7 or Denon DP-47F

    The only issue I think with both would be the availability of spare parts IF something goes wrong in the future. I recently purchased an immaculate DP-47F from Stereonet but alas it arrived damaged in transit (internal damage) and unusable, and a replacement servo control board cannot be found to fix it, so just beware entering the fray of older decks.
  11. I'd like to chime in here with some experience from W.A, not as a service technician, but as the occasional meat in the sandwich between a client and a service technician, for work both in and out of warranty. Here in Perth, we have seen the closure/retirement of many reputable service centres within the last five years. As a consequence, the existing pool of techs have been overburdened with work, and unfortunately timeframes have blown out. My experience with the techs I liaise with is they don't like NOT being able to fix things. I mean, at the end of the day, they dont get paid until the unit has been repaired and collected by the client, so it is in their best interest to get the job done as quickly and successfully as is possible! All products require identifying the problem(s), but keep in mind that this could be something as simple as an obvious physical issue, to something more intermittent that requires time to diagnose, to effectively considerable work and time carried out to be sure that the original problem that an item was booked in for doesn't have other issues that the client was unaware of to begin with. I'm pretty sure all service centres charge an inspection fee, but in some cases a technician may need to spend hours to diagnose a problem that could be either cost prohibitive or unable to be fixed, and that inspection fee doesnt always cover the time they will initially spend on the diagnosis. And I havent even covered the ordering of parts and timeframes associated etc etc. Again from experience, the equipment I have been involved in that retains some kind of fault after been to a technician, is usually a result of the client pressuring the tech into getting it back in their hands ASAP. I would much rather be without a unit for 8 weeks knowing its been completely repaired to its former glory, than to get it back after a couple of weeks where it hasnt been fully diagnosed (and I have some of my own equipment that has been a victim of this!). I don't think technicians really care about Google reviews, service is a dying art and I wonder what will happen in 20 years - it seems there is very little new blood being trained up into the industry. Some techs may have over a hundred units in at any one time, and I think while we all want to feel warm and fuzzy and kept in the loop (as would I), i think technicians would much prefer to get on with the job. I fear we will become a society where when it breaks out of warranty, we throw away and buy again. We just won't have the options we have now.
  12. Bargain - use the same router and my wifi speeds are on par with my wired network. GLWTS.
  13. Turntable Purchase Advice

    Agree. We've noticed a bit of a drop in sales of the RP6 since the Planar 3 was released, and again, largely due to the ability to go up a cart or two for a similar price.
  14. Turntable Purchase Advice

    Rega P3 and a 2M Bronze or even a Black and you will be happy for a very long time.
  15. Turntable Purchase Advice

    The gap is very small, hence why the new Planar 6 has been in development for quite some time. Certainly the RP6 feels more solid, looks better, but sonically there isn't much between them (assuming same cart). I think the P3 with a great cart would be a better spend of the money than the RP6 and a cheaper compromise on the cart (working off the same budget of course). However with the Planar 6 out soon, there might be some RP6 out there that come up for sale, so price is always relative!