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  1. All discs purchased have been shipped. Ive updated the list to show only whats left for sale. Make an offer!
  2. The missus wanted it to watch so watched it with her but have to say I thought it was terrible. Contrived and while it did open the discussion on bullying and self harm, its message was poorly delivered. By episode 3 I wanted Clay dead.
  3. No probs mate
  4. Item: Movie and TV Soundtrack CD Collection Location: Perth Price: $5 each (minimum 5-buy) @ $1 per disc for postage Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Moving home soon - need to declutter Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: FOR BUYERS LOOKING FOR THE ODD DISC or TWO, THERE IS A MINIMUM 5 Disc purchase otherwise postage charges make this not worth the while. Add $1.00 per disc for postage. Pictures: Bernard Herrmann Film Scores $5.00 Burkhard Dallwitz & Various Artists The Truman Show - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Carmine Coppola & Nino Rota The Godfather, Part III - Music From the Original Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Danny Elfman Sleepy Hollow - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 David Holmes / Various Artists Out of Sight - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Elliot Goldenthal Michael Collins - Music From the Motion PIcture $5.00 Elliot Goldenthal Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Elliot Goldenthal Titus - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard Gladiator - More Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Harry Gregson-Williams Spy Game - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 James Newton Howard Snow Falling on Ceders - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 J John Powell Endurance - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 John Williams Angela's Ashes - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Mark Snow The X Files - Fight the Future - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Michael Nyman The End of the Affair - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Patrick Doyle Carlito's Way - Original Soundtrack to the Motion Picture $5.00 Stephen Warbeck Captain Corelli's Mandolin - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Thomas Newman The Shawshank Redemption - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross The Social Network $5.00 Various Artists William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet - Vol.1 (Baz Luhrmann) $5.00 Various Artists Dead Man Walking - Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists The Rules of Attraction - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists Stir of Echoes - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists A Life Less Ordinary - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists Until The End of the World - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists Kill Bill Vol.1 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack $5.00 Various Artists William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet - Vol.2 $5.00 Various Artists Carlito's Way - Music From the Motion Picture $5.00 Various Artists The Princess and the Warrior - Original Soundtrack $5.00 Various Artists Moulin Rouge - Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film $5.00 Various Artists Moulin Rouge - Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film - Part 2 $5.00
  5. The Hana carts seem to offer fantastic performance for the money.
  6. I'll have to champion the Luxman cause. Use a L-550AX at home which replaced a couple of monoblocks running 110w a side and the Luxman (Class A) has more grunt. And that's before we discuss the sonic improvements the Luxman brings to the mix.
  7. PM incoming mate.
  8. They seriously need to invest in either a photographer or a decent camera - the pictures on their website are terrible.
  9. The 12.9" isnt getting refreshed though, is it?
  10. Gotta agree, the thing is powerful.
  11. It doesn't matter how careful you are, that clamp is going to cross thread. I was SUPER careful having read this is as the biggest complaint of the ProJect, and yet it still happened.
  12. So long as it doesnt sound distorted I wouldnt worry about the gain. As others have said if anything the issue is always not enough gain so be happy you have it! I have the same TT with 2M Black and up until recently using the same Primare and I would agree that going from Ortofon MM to MC in this setup would usually drop the gain, but of course not sure not pre-amp you were running previously.
  13. Despite the strong vacuum, I can't see any way the ProJect spindle could get warm, with the exception of being left on constantly spinning for hours on end and heat travelling up to the spindle.
  14. My VC-S arrived last week and I singled out a couple of good quality secondhand vinyl as guinea pigs. The Good: This thing exceeded my expectations and both records had very large pops that both the Knosti and Record Revirginizer couldn't eliminate. With the VC-S, pops are gone! This thing really is excellent and has improved all of the 30+ I've cleaned so far. I have no issue with the odd spillage of liquid over the side, no big deal in the scheme of things and after a while you get the amount just right that it doesn't happen. It also does a much better job of eliminating static compared to the other two methods. Build quality is good for the money and the unit is solid, BUT... The Bad: I believe the record clamp that comes with this is a second generation as the first one was badly designed. Well I can say that this V2 clamp is an absolute POS. I read reviews where people said to be very weary of the clamp, as the threaded socket is half plastic and half metal and it doesn't take much for it to mis-thread and no longer screw onto the spindle, so armed with this knowledge I took EXTRA care and time each time putting the clamp on. Anyways, I reckon the clamps ability to actually screw onto the spindle lasted all of 6 records. Fortunately I used my heavy duty record clamp from my ProJect RPM10.1 which just sits on the spindle, and despite being heavier doesn't seem to impede the motor and movement at all. In fact, using my own clamp speeds up the cleaning process dramatically. However this is not ideal for those users without a spare record puck lying around, so I will hit the distributor up for a replacement clamp. OVERALL Very happy with the actual results and it is a no regrets purchase but as I am also hoping to stock these with a view to sell to my clients with decent-sized collections, I fear the supplied clamp will cause more headaches than its worth. ProJect need to supply a better solution otherwise InterDyn will be getting these returned from all over the country, and as they're heavy, that won't be a cheap cost to absorb on every return! Have purchased some Melody Mate fluid to try.