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  1. Very rarely do I have any issues streaming 4K from Netflix. In fact, presssing the INFO button on the SONY TV will bring up the nerd tech stats while the stream plays. Usually in the first 20-30 seconds it will start at 720, jump to 1080 then 2160p. i should add that I am on the 100Mbps plan.
  2. I use it regularly and there is certainly plenty of 4K content on Netflix now. Picture Quality is fantastic and at the very least 4K is genuine 4K content on Netflix, unlike the 4K UHD BD standard offering mostly upscale 2K content.
  3. It's been a while since I've been at Urban but I think the size of the collections are about the same? Anyways, working today (as always on a Saturday means I miss out on RSD every year)
  4. Playing Into The Labyrinth (vinyl) in the shop as we speak!
  5. Toward the Within - stunning!
  6. Item: Denon RCD-N8 Network Music System Location: Perth Price: $500 inc shipping anywhere in Australia ($999 when new) Item Condition: Excellent - just the usual superficial scuffs from polishing. Reason for selling: Probably buying a HEOS amp to keep it simple for family Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: This doesn't include the original speakers - they were so bad I threw them out! Unit has performed flawlessly and is an impressive little beast, comfortably driving my large XTZ standmount speakers with ease. Supplied with original remote but do not have original box. Unit will be well packed for transport. Pictures:
  7. Absolutely amazing price for these.
  8. Worst movie of the year for me so far? The Void. Soooo many horror movies are disappointing, and then one comes along that has so much hype attached to it and is marketed as the movie to end all movies etc. Horror fans seemed to love this, so I gave it a try. What a load of s*** I understand its low budget credentials but it was rubbish - the tone, the characters, the acting. Everything. It tried to better movies such as From Beyond and Xtro, but failed miserably. A-VOID!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry guys no PMC at Frank Prowse, but they are at Douglas HiFi.
  10. I concur, these are stunning speakers and a bargain relative to how good they perform. GLWTS.
  11. Have the 4K version from the US. Might give this a spin over the weekend.
  12. Hold on, surely you were given a reason as to why its being pulled? Is it just not being made available in Australia or being canned worldwide?
  13. Price drop then off to eBay she goes.
  14. Item: Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I-IV" Boxset (Rare) Location: Perth Price: $100 inc. shipping. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Only the CDs have ever been played. All discs in immaculate condition. Package consists of a black, fabric-bound slipcase with a metal NIN logo on the front and two inner books. The first book consists of images and credits. The second contains the standard 2CD album set, the album on Blu-Ray in 24 bit/96 kHz high resolution stereo (with an accompanying slide show) and a data DVD with multitracks for remixing. The Data-DVD has two additional ghosts tracks not found on the album elsewhere. These two tracks are only made available as multitracks. The file format for the multitracks is 16 bit/44.1 kHz wav with each song being compressed in its own zip file. This DVD also contains the album in 320 kbps MP3, 22 wallpapers, web graphics, and the PDF file included with the web release of the album. Was originally purchased from the nin.com store upon release. Pictures:
  15. I've never, ever, had a hard-wired network product constantly drop off the network, unless that product itself suffers from 1. Flawed design 2. Being faulty in the first place. As I was testing these in my home AND work network at different times, the conclusion (in my opinion) was they were a POS, when they cant reliably stay on the networks they are connected to, as the chances of having two units at different times, being faulty, would be unlucky. I was testing them for NO OTHER REASON than to bloody own them! They sounded awesome. But I want to spend what little free time I have actually listening to music, not trying to get the product to actually work. Any product has to be judged on the sum of its parts, not "just" because its sounds incredible for the money - why do you think Sonos are so successful? Great that you have no issues, but the I think you're missing the point of this thread - I wasn't aware posting my displeasure in a brand or product would single me out - I have made numerous reference on this forum that all things suggest V2 is greatly improved, but as I have already moved onto better things, I have no desire to move back to the product. Please note I haven't used the word "ever".