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  1. Item: HiRise for iMac (x2) Location: Perth Price: $65 each includes shipping nationwide (these sell for $95+ brand new) Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: No longer needed. These units are supplied in original packaging and are both on excellent condition. There are some scuff marks on the inner shelf (cant be seen in normal use). One of the units has a scuff towards the rear right, but again, can only be seen in the right light and as its to the rear, would not be seen in use. From the website:- HiRise is an elegant iMac stand designed to elevate your iMac or Apple Display to your optimal viewing height for a more comfortable and ergonomic work station. HiRise has an internal metal support shelf that lets you adjust the height of your Mac in one of six internal positions and is over-engineered to securely support any iMac or Apple Display. HiRise also creates a hidden storage compartment that’s perfect for stashing hard drives and cables, or your wallet and keys. Save your back and ditch the stack of books under your iMac in favor of HiRise. Pictures:
  2. Great price, I'd snap this up as a second TT if I had the spare cash and hadn't bloody bought a Pro-Ject VC-S Cleaner yesterday! GLWTS.
  3. On the contrary, those like me who are heavily into Nick's work can see the (dark) humour in his music, lyrics, books etc. But I can understand the appearance his music might give to those dancing on the fringes.
  4. I concur. Bargain! GLWTS
  5. Actually its the previous generation 840E, not the current model.
  6. The new Planar 3 is a great TT but I think let down somewhat by the fact that most dealers most likely sell it with the Elys 2 cart pre-fitted, which I feel is its weakest link. Put a 2M Blue or Quintet Blue on there and the dullness is gone. And lets not forget the importance of a good phono stage.
  7. The Brio-R is a special little amplifier but the extra headroom of the Elex-R would be better. Trust me, once you go the Elex-R you will never look back.
  8. Item: Sangean WFT-3 FM/DAB/Streaming Player Location: Perth Price: $265 - includes shipping nationwide (RRP: $549) Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Scaling down Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: Unit has had minimal use and comes supplied with all original accessories and packaging. Hasn't missed a beat, and has probably had less than 50 hours total use. Full info on its capabilities here:- http://www.sangean.com.au/product/digital-radios/component-tuner-table-top/wft-3-dabinternet-radionetwork-music-playerusbfm Pictures:
  9. Grabbed my L-550AX a couple of months ago:-
  10. Very rarely do I have any issues streaming 4K from Netflix. In fact, presssing the INFO button on the SONY TV will bring up the nerd tech stats while the stream plays. Usually in the first 20-30 seconds it will start at 720, jump to 1080 then 2160p. i should add that I am on the 100Mbps plan.
  11. I use it regularly and there is certainly plenty of 4K content on Netflix now. Picture Quality is fantastic and at the very least 4K is genuine 4K content on Netflix, unlike the 4K UHD BD standard offering mostly upscale 2K content.
  12. It's been a while since I've been at Urban but I think the size of the collections are about the same? Anyways, working today (as always on a Saturday means I miss out on RSD every year)
  13. Playing Into The Labyrinth (vinyl) in the shop as we speak!
  14. Toward the Within - stunning!
  15. Item: Denon RCD-N8 Network Music System Location: Perth Price: $500 inc shipping anywhere in Australia ($999 when new) Item Condition: Excellent - just the usual superficial scuffs from polishing. Reason for selling: Probably buying a HEOS amp to keep it simple for family Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: This doesn't include the original speakers - they were so bad I threw them out! Unit has performed flawlessly and is an impressive little beast, comfortably driving my large XTZ standmount speakers with ease. Supplied with original remote but do not have original box. Unit will be well packed for transport. Pictures: