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  1. 2017 AFL Broadcast Guide

    What time will the Crows Grand Final start? Stump
  2. Currently Purchasing

    Double Dutchess [VINYL] She is back and looking good....pre-order
  3. What about a meet up at a nice Coffee Shop...(non drinker) Stump
  4. Hope to get to this one next year. Stump
  5. Japan Record Shops!

    Good start would be the 4th Floor Reco-fan (arriving at Shibuya Station TAKE the Hachiko exit by the big crossing).They have a big selection of Classical.7th floor of Tower Records is Classical as well as some of the Disk union shops in the area. Stump http://diskunion.net/st/shop/e_shop/e_shop_routemap.pdf https://www.theguardian.com/music/tomserviceblog/2014/may/02/ive-found-classical-record-buying-nirvana-in-tokyos-tower-records
  6. $0.90 by 2nd Qtr of 2018 =Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Oct 2018 Stump
  7. Now a few years have past! I found one for you. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-emt-audio-jsd-5-2017-08-29-analog
  8. I would be happy to go on you behalf Marc.....( For the cost of a few Frequent Flyers Points) Stump
  9. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Hero LP 1983 India Bollywood I had the Cassette in the 80s...Just ordered the LP for old times sake.....If you were in India in the mid 80s you will know the hit song...
  10. 4-way active, high efficiency horn system You have my interest !
  11. LineMagnetic -845 Premium

    Line magnetic H/K 2017 LM WE41.2 212 Amps With the LM WE41.2 212 there is always room for a upgrade..
  12. Plenty of late night coffee shops around for you to edit your photos and prepare your reports Marc... Stump
  13. Singapore Sound and Sight 2017 Dec 1-3.. PARK ROYAL on Kitchener Road, Singapore Big Year for HIFI Shows. I had a 3 hour transit in Singapore planed for the 30th November until I heard about the HIFI Show.Now its a 3 day stopover staying at the PARK ROYAL on Kitchener Road. I dont know what to expect but I have been enjoying taking time and having a good listen to these Mega Dollar systems.Anyone else who will be in Singapore early December see you there! Stump
  14. Sony DSR-45P DVCAM Just bought a 6 terabyte HD for backups and have a few minidv tapes to put on.Looking at machines to do this the Sony DSR-45P DVCAM looks good.Anyone in Adelaide have one or similar to loan or Hire?? Stump
  15. Japan Record Shops!

    I still think those Bells are to let Bears know Dinner is Ready.. Stump