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  1. I never seem to play 7 inch 45rpm.BUT I have over X100 12inch 45rpm that get regular playing......... Stump
  2. Price Slashed to $2100
  3. I run the Vitus - 025 and the Line magnetic 219IA with Vaf 193Mk2 and both do a good job.You need to pic a Amp to be in balance your system or be prepared to start the upgrade trail to get the best out of your Amp..... Time you visit a HIFI Show to experience whats is out there... Stump As it would be nice to have in home demo to try out these Amps ,Anyone considering a Vitus -025 Demo (Adelaide) PM me .......
  4. That makes me .01% Stump
  5. I always like to look inside the box to see what Im buying.I have seen some Phono Stage lately with a big shiny box with nothing inside but enough parts to build a Crystal radio set!! Stump
  6. Nice pair of "Woofers"
  7. I would love that in the four car garage I dont have. I can only have one vice............(HIFI) Stump
  8. You dont pay GST on goods under $1000.In your case your item would have a value of whatever brings you under the $1000 Stump .
  9. If you can get it in on the plane do it.Customs are not interested in second hand goods and the value is under $1000.Post it back with a value of $900 plus shipping will incur taxes when over $1000 Au .Here is an example of a Amp brought in from Asia recently. If the seller put $Au instead of $US the parcel would have been delivered straight to my door.Instead it had to be cleared by customs where I pay an extra $328...... Amp and Shipping $993 US ($1337Au) Total Duty $66.37 Total GST $179.45 Total WET Other Charges $83 TTotal AMT. PAYABLE $328,82
  10. Check out the japan dealer site for DEQX Horns pic
  11. You know its Winter when you Roll out the Tubes.
  12. HAHA ,I think it was lost in translation....
  13. I have had a good listen to both.A/B on different LPs with some different ears for opinions. Firstly running the LM there is a 50Hz noise coming through.I first considered you are correct with your advice! While setting up yesterday It was pointed out the 50Hz noise is there when the power amp is switched to phono even before either the LM or ASR is switched on!! Unfortunately for me there is some external interference which affects my house regardless of amp being used. I have tried the ASR on another members system and it was total silence .So best I try this with the LM before I verify if it is noisy. Getting back to the sound difference between the 2 ASR and LM. For music enjoyment both are 10/10 .Where the LM sound signature varies with music played it is a open sound wide sound stage similar to live music which is going to be a ideal match for Horn speakers .Switching to the ASR you are blown away by the pleasing sound of the instruments floating around the room with tight fast Bass response.The quality of the cart was mentioned which enables the information to be taken from the LP. Remember the LM is WE 1940s technology so the ASR has 70years advancement in its favor and shows. Before I conclude I will follow up by putting the LM phono in someones else system preferably one using a Tube Phono and get back regarding the noise issue.... Although this is the first LM phono in there retro line they might put one out in there in there modern line which could work better in a modern SS system. Stump
  14. Another reason as I use my LM 219 with a pre Amp the pre Amp gauge seem more realistic and accurate.I put this question to the guys at LM and he explained they are 2 different power types???
  15. I generally run mine with volume level 75%-80% and disregard the meter. Stump