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  1. Reviving the thread as off to Hongkong HIfi Show soon.Just noticed this HIFI Shop I intend sitting down to compare all those Mono Blocks.. Stump
  2. The Journey has began. Russell Storey Stones Sound Studio As the player was not in working condition I expect the quote to be at the higher side of the guesstimate of $1600.Given there are a dozen Nakamichi machines to repair in front of mine I will be looking around 6 months.Similar to plato8010 there has been some dodgy repair work done by a previous owner to over come. Once done and running like new (I Hope) it will go well in my Retro System.... Stump
  3. How a $300,000 Speaker is Made
  4. As a Sony SCD-1 owner I would say get the latest used Oppo machine you can afford . Stump
  5. Amazing group of speaker manufacturing companies in SA. Ive always said you can not beat the Value of buying local. Stump
  6. Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 11-13 Aug 2017 This is the big one of the year in China.Ive just booked instead of the Guangzhou Show .Been a long time since a H/K visit.Anyone elce going?? Stump
  7. Is this the Amp your getting??? Meixing MingDa MC767-RD
  8. You mean 10 years ago!!
  9. Any interest for trade?? ASR Audio Basis Exclusive Phono
  10. Thanks to the Vaf team and Marc with Allan giving a demo of the DEQX with the Vaf 93s.With Allan answering some in-depth questions I see myself going down this path with a future Horn speaker setup. Also good to catch up with some new and old members..... Cheers Stump
  11. Sold pending payment.Thanks to all who showed interest and good luck with your tube journey.. Stump
  12. Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 11-13 Aug 2017 2 weeks after the Sydney HIFI Show.My ears will still be ringing.I have read HK Show is overly busy with line ups to many rooms.How did you find the experience? Stump