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  1. EMS have a size limit.Here is the Australian shipping weight for Australia in hi-lite.The box was 16Kg and cost $260Au. I have a bicycle being shipped from Tokyo in a week or so with DHL.I will update there shipping cost when I get it.
  2. @Ian McP Thanks for that.Not too many allocated for Australia.Looks like ebay for some.Here is my wish list.Mr V in Semaphore is my closest! Wish List David Bowie — Cracked Actor Sex Pistols — God Save Sex Pistols T Rex — Electric Warrior (gold vinyl) The Cure — Greatest Hits and Acoustic Hits
  3. @frankn @Grizzly Frank may have been correct all along! A closer look at the LP Bin the shelving is made of 18 G.A steel with long grain particle boards sides.Just getting import cost quote but may be option to make here.Would folding the shelf s be something you could do at work??
  4. Gave the gumtree guy a call.If I custom make ,it will be like the Black one with bottom sliding shelf's from the gumtree one.Just waiting for a price to import the LPBin2 from the USA.
  5. Thanks Hippy Im getting a price from gumtree made complete.If I don't go that way I will get back to you. Stump
  6. Thanks ,I have sent him a message..
  7. Isnt he a sheet metal worker??
  8. Looking at adding to my record storage.Flip type similar to these 2 .I could knock up one myself but want the professional finish and I don't have wood tools.Anyone in Adelaide interested or recommendations?? Stump
  9. You have Sex on your Mind.And NO i have never had Sex on the Speakers.
  10. $180 posted pic 1/2. Ill take them
  11. @lonewolf Similar specs to Vaf subs... 350 Watts of pure Digital amplification
  12. Item: X2 Platform Subwoofer Location:Adelaide Price: $2500 Item Condition: Good condition (Not Mint) Reason for selling:No longer use Surround System Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, (Interstate buyers to arrange pickup) Extra Info:Similar specs to Vaf subs... I have X2 which I used with Arcam Amp in a surround system.Not required in the stereo system. Selling due to need the space.General marks on the Tasmanian Blackwood which does not affect play.These are custom made by Vaf.. Woofer is 250mm Will go on ebay Gumtree in 7 days. Trade: Will consider trade of used / Arcam - FMJ A39 - Line Magnetic G-212 - Bowie Japanese First Pressing LPs with OBI, Pictures:
  13. The new Bowie LPs was not part of my average! The Next Day double Yellow is $75 here but $280-$400 on eBay.I got stung myself buying the Blackstar Red 45RPM 12 inch for $280 eBay thinking it would sell out before my trip.At $40 each at the Bowie Is expedition the dozen I have will keep me going a while........ No doubt your In Tokyo for work and not have much spare time.The Bowie Exhibition is on up to April 9th and if there is one record shop you could get to I would recommend Reconfan in Shibuya .The building is called Shibuya Beam and shop is on the fourth floor. Open 11.30 - 9pm Google maps will show you the way. Stump
  14. I agree with that Mondie.Given that scenario you would not buy any Japanese records unless the bands recorded in Japan.The number of times a remastered Bowie LP comes out you will hear from the 60 year old ears "Its not as good as my Uk first pressing matrix number blah blah blah .Give first pressings are rare expensive and if unplayed and mint means they don't listen to them anyhow.I myself have some first pressing but also love the latest x2 Bowie box sets...... So for myself The Japanese pressing is more about being quiet ,great condition for age ,nice album artwork OBI strip and the thrill of putting on a LP made in 1974 sounding pristine is what it's all about........ Stump