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  1. Vinyl - LPs for Sale

    Rickie Lee Jones if you can post to 6024 Thanks, Chris
  2. 21 days to buy gear from the UK

  3. Audysee X32 subwoofer setup problem

    I guess I was surprised that Qualifi suggested getting the AVR serviced as a first solution when mics can and do fail Hopefully you're close to solving this
  4. Audysee X32 subwoofer setup problem

    I think when the 4311 was originally released they had quite a few problems with the mic
  5. Sub (Bass mgmt) with AVR and Integrated - possible?

    Maybe you'd be better off with a pre-amp with home theatre bypass and a 2 channel power amp (can't think of a way to use the AVR's bass management) How much is the Yamaha going to cost you?
  6. That was quick Weedgie, all yours. PM me a time for pick-up Chris
  7. Item: Sony STR-DE435 Receiver Location: Perth Price: Free Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Gathering dust Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: This legacy (historic/prehistoric) Dolby ProLogic receiver does not sport any HDMI ports so would be good if you'd like to take a walk down memory lane with a VCR. (remember the good old days when you had to fast forward to find a fave scene or fiddle with tracking to lose the noise?) The bonus here is it does have a radio and connections for other inputs and outputs for 5.1 (and it's free ) It also has a manual (forgot to put in picture ) and maybe a remote (if I can find it) I have powered it up and it seems to be working, but I haven't connected any input device or speakers. Pick-up only, in Greenwood Pictures:
  8. American Epic

    Executive producers T Bone Burnett, Jack White and Robert Redford A fantastic 3 part documentary on American music, plus a fourth called sessions where they record numerous current day artists on the original 1920"s recording machine http://www.pbs.org/wnet/american-epic/ If you have access, it's currently on BBC IPlayer, terrific stuff
  9. 21 days to buy gear from the UK

    Still interested to see how (if) this will work
  10. 21 days to buy gear from the UK

    Probably GST
  11. Audysee X32 subwoofer setup problem

    Have you tried a factory reset of the Denon? http://rn.dmglobal.com/usmodel/DENON_AVR_Reset-Initialization-Procedure.pdf Seems strange it's reading 104db in your pic, it's like reference level
  12. Record Revirginizer...

    I love Record Revirginizer but I like the idea of cleaning the record within a few minutes (as opposed to one side overnight) and I see there's a few fans on here of Melody Mate and at $35 a litre would be worth giving it a try. I might use both, RR for recently purchased second hand records and MM for interim cleans With the Melody Mate how many ml's would people use per record? (can't seem to find details on their site)
  13. Record Revirginizer...

    Haven't tried that, must give it a go