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  1. Fremer will always be our analogue poster boy. He knows his gear but he knows his music better. Still, it would drive me mad not being able to play my music in the living areas of the house.
  2. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Genius! Gracias @Dave O)))
  3. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Great cd. Great cover.
  4. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A friend sent me a copy of this live recording, released in 2013. Stunning!
  5. Currently Spinning

    This blew me away when I bought it as a new release '81. Still sounding fabulous today. On some of that sweet sounding '80's wax.
  6. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    Thanks Mike for the opportunity to in house test these dynamic little monitors. I know that some of your more exotic creations live pretty close to me & I will make the opportunity to visit those SNA members. Also, thank you for your patience during my difficult little time. Mike is a really good communicator and a real pleasure to deal with. The monitors are boxed up & ready to go further into the land of domestic hifi. Cheers, mikey d
  7. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    So just for interest sake I thought that I would give the LK1's a real but unfair challenge. My second rig is my stereo AV set up. Sources are a satellite digital tv decoder & a CA bluray player. I take coax S/PDIF out off the Cambridge & an optical signal out of the 4K tv & use a Metrum Octave dac before the amp. The amp is the curiosity. A SE pentode ECL86 that outputs maybe 6-8w into 8ohm. Single input with volume knob only. A fabulous little amp. Lightening fast, pin point accuracy, huge sound stage & deep dexterous bass with the right speakers. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't strain anything when I plugged the LK1's into this system. I watched a bit of tv to start with. TV & movies really show how accurate your system is. I also went through a few blurays that have good soundtracks. All I can say is that the 4ohm LK1`'s seemed to be a very benign load to a flea powered amp. Not a great combo for a home cinema but just an experiment into how little was needed to drive the speakers. I was very surprised.
  8. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    This reply has taken way too long but unfortunately a sequence of events conspired to keep me away from my music & my laptop. First of all, thanks Mike for the opportunity to audition in house. Everyone who lives in the bush & away from large centres, sniggers ironically when you see purchasing advice stating to always listen to components in your own room. We wish So, my room is approx 6X8m, a little on the brighter side but I hate a dead room. I didn't change anything except to add the LK1's to the set up. The only stands I had were a very heavy pr of solid tallowwood diy's. Probably nothing like Mike would recommend. The rear ports were approx 1.2m from the back wall & about 2.2m from the side walls. Started playing music & my first impression was that I had lost a lot of scale, so I turned the volume up. I left them in their original position & played a variety of styles on wax & cd. The vinyl always sounded bigger, (always does) but perhaps it was because it was mostly reggae/dub & small band jazz/. On cd I played a bunch of electronica & jazz. I don't have much rock so I couldn't push them with a bit of metal etc. After a few sides I forgot that I had made the speaker change & just stated listening to the music. Without any testing, the sound to me was very linear. The top end was clear & well defined. I'm a soft dome tweeter fan so that suited me. The mid range was the LK1's strength for me, carrying good weight & presence. Female vocals sounded natural & projected into mid room without being too forward. I was surprised how low the LK1's could go but in my less than ideal room, the bass wasn't authoritative. I think that these little monitors would perform best with some real grunt. I couldn't get a real room filling sound even at quite loud levels. . My room is too big & I didn't experiment with placement, so I'm not saying they can't do it but I never really gave them the best chance. I use a pr of Ribbontek rca's from phono pre to amp, so I took the opportunity to swap in the Curious cables. I couldn't really detect much change in the sound. I didn't lose any of that phat but detailed ribbontek quality that goes so well with an analogue signal.
  9. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    I'm expecting my record in the post but did download n burn the wav files. I like it after 2-3 listens. As good as? Dunno. I'm not very discerning really. Hopefully home tomorrow night. Still very stiff n sore. Sent from my GT-I9195T using Tapatalk
  10. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Just a new start. Will come back better n stronger then ever. I've given up the durries 4 days ago and my indulge in less fromage. Sent from my GT-I9195T using Tapatalk
  11. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Cheers Chris. I'll be all good but it will take a while. Plenty of time for music n movies. Sent from my GT-I9195T using Tapatalk
  12. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    This ol jazz cat has had one weird week. Thought I had the worst e ever case of indigestion last Tuesday. Turned out I was having a heart attack. Got flown to POW in Sydney. The ticker is ok but the fuel lines were 90-100% clagged. Got a triple bypass for my trouble last Friday. A bit stiff n sore atm but the docs tell me I'll be ok lifting a tonearm. Home by the weekend and will be cleaning up all my elevator music [emoji52] Sent from my GT-I9195T using Tapatalk
  13. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    CD or vinyl Matt? i have the cd, unaware of any vinyl release.
  14. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    A mate near Bellingen made that & my cd rack for me. Both out of blue gum. Both racks take 4 blokes to shift them.
  15. Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    It's a Franken-Rega table sporting an Origin Live Silver arm & Micro Benz Glider cart going through an Eastern Electric Minimax phono pre (NOS valves). Rega Saturn cdp as a transport for Line Magnetic LM-502 CA dac (with very special NOS Telefunken AU7's) plus a vintage Philips CD210 cdp (a balltearer). The amp is a Unison Research Unico Secondo hybrid valve & mosfet affair, 100wpc into 8 ohms. A California Audio Labs conditioner with various Voodoo cables & Kubala-Sosna power cords. The digital wire loom is Antipodes Audio & Antipodes Audio speaker cables. Have a pr of Ribbontek & a pr of Silnote Audio ic's in there as well. The LK1's are sitting on some solid tallowood stands I knocked up for a previous set of bookshelf speakers I had. Those stands are 10kg each. My home speakers are bespoke red cedar cabinets with 8' Tang Band full range drivers. The stand is a bespoke solid blue gum rack.