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  1. Exquisite! https://www.allaboutjazz.com/land-tides-jackson-harrison-hatology-review-by-j-hunter.php
  2. If I am right there is a new JZ release due before the end of the year. It was Birdland's best seller the year it was released. Will play it tomorrow morning. Good Sunday morning fare.
  3. I can help you out finding a whole bunch more beautiful Australian recordings Geoff. I am constantly amazed by the quality of local musicians & their recordings. Check 'Gondola' by The catholics or anything by Melbourne outfit, Way Out West, for seriously good contemporary 'jazz'.
  4. I turn off everything with valves in them. CD players & DACS I leave on. Even the cartridge seems to benefit from a side or two, especially in this colder weather.
  5. How long does it take for your kit to really warm up & start singing at it's best? I reckon that after 3-4 hours my main rig really hit's top gear. It sneaks up on me, them wham!.... damn that sounds good
  6. Been too long since I have spun this classic. Great sounding reissue vinyl. Sonny's tone & musicality just kills me......
  7. Chillin' with this excellent OJC reissue on Riverside on the deck after a hectic day at work......
  8. Throw a valve based phono pre in the mix with some sweet NOS valves. A used eastern Electric MiniMax will blow you away.
  9. There is a jazz brotherhood in this thread Josh. Welcome & we look forward to your contributions
  10. Christian Scott was with the Miles Davis Electric Band at Bluesfest this year. Might spin this one next.
  11. On cd. From a new 6 cd box set of remastered Black Saint & Soul Note recordings. Needless to say, it is superb.
  12. Hey, thanks Chris. Have just downloaded the WAV, burned to disc & now playing. I could imagine that the vinyl sounds fantastic. Very sweet music. It is amazing how much good music there is out there that we will never hear. For music fans, there is an upside to globalisation.
  13. Brand new cd from Sandy Evans & Friends, http://www.tallpoppies.net/
  14. Very, very nice one bro.Such beauty & magnificence.
  15. Two albums, recorded during the AEC fertile Paris period from 1970, on cd. Fabulous sound. Groundbreaking music. @soundfan, do you have these?