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  1. I'm not an audiophile either but yes it was the live recordings I meant. I have a few that probably shouldn't have been released. You're son is a lucky guy. Keep up the good work brother
  2. What's the sound recording like? My experience with those Pablo Live are that they are very poor. Sent from my GT-I9195T using Tapatalk
  3. Mate, I bought the cd & it was expensive. The wax would sound sweet.
  4. Listening to this before going to work. Thanks Chris @soundfanfor putting me onto this masterpiece
  5. Have fun tonight Mark. Say g'day to Leigh for me too please.
  6. Lovingly restored & remastered from a 1976 release. Funky, Township jive jazzy grooves.On cd.
  7. Long out of print, I found this on discogs & prolly paid too much for it but what the heck, it's Gil and it's fantastic!
  8. I saw the Birthday Party at the Trade Union Club in the early '80's. They scared the crap out of me.I respected their performance but I wasn't prepared for the devils that I found were inside me. They pushed themselves & the audience to the boundaries of sanity. Didn't go near Nick Cave for decades after that. I haven't seen a performance of the Bad Seeds or own any of their material but I do admire Cave's artistry. Another case of it's your bag or it isn't. The recent doco on Cave was very enlightening.
  9. Well? How's it workin' out for ya bro?
  10. Will sound sweet on wax
  11. Just bought the WAV download, burned to disc & now playing. Lovely morning music with the coffee Chris.
  12. Did you visit Birdland music shop Zaph?
  13. Cecil is harddcore. That's what I always felt, that he uses the 92 key Boseldorfer as a percussion instrument.
  14. Huh, I just purchased the WAV download of this group last week & it is superb. You gotta go bro! Barlow is brilliant & Farnsworth is a helluva drummer.
  15. Sounds like a must see Davo. I know Chris @soundfan would be excited!