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  1. Seriously that very hard to believe
  2. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Cool so just an idea try a real DD and get the full DD experance
  3. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Yep even says SME on the headshell
  4. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Total understand why would any one want one of these
  5. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Seriously so you now own probably the two best TTs ever made total respect now if you some how get a Yama GT2000x
  6. Apologies I do the best I can given slight dislexia and and American primary school education
  7. I may be a pendant in all this, but I think its very generic, and not all the helpful, to talk stand mount v floor stander at all. Especially for any "newbies" that may come across this thread. There are many examples of stand mounts with large internal volume and large capable woofers and subsequent good and deep bass response just as there are many floor standers with small internal volume and small bass drivers and hence limited abilities bass response. As just one example JBL have some massive stand mounts, past and present and compare that to and of the many slim tower floor standers that are so trendy today - Totem Arro a classic example. The real issues are any, however, in room frequency response ( generally more bass with larger internal volume and woofer size) and dispersion (generally better with small frontal area and appropriate size mid and treble drivers ) are some common factors
  8. Did I damage my KEF LS-50?

    I understand its time consuming to read entire threads, or even go back to the OP, and so easy to pick up on other, mistaken, comments. So lets get it right, the OP did not play the 1812 through his L50s at all ! The video was an example taken from the web to show L50s with large excursion. The OP had a DAC problem with 24 bit-192 kHz files that made a loud sound through his speakers. And I have no idea how you extrapolated from SAVI that he was implying to play 1812 ???
  9. Toyota C-HR - World's Ugliest Car?

    They will probably put cameras and "safety sensors" all around the thing to compesate although perhaps blame the Nissan Juke for starting the ugly SUV thing
  10. The link is for a 1570 intergrated amplifier, this has no HT bypass, the 1570 preamplifier does and yep that's confusing ?
  11. Al your correct but how strange is this, you use tape 2 input and is not a tape input at all it's a permanent HT bypass ? From the manual BYPASS indicator 2 The input marked Tape 2 r has been set to provide a by-pass mode for users requiring a unity gain stage through which they can use their surround sound processor. This input will only function in a by-pass mode so do not connect a tape recording unit to this input.
  12. Yep if you remove the link you can use it as either a preamp with a separate power amp or power amp with a separate preamp but when link is removed there is no internal connection between pre and power I don't think any Rotel amps or preamps have HT bypass ( unfortunately as in other ways they are very good IMO)
  13. No HT bypass need to manually remove the pre to power links on back of amp
  14. Did I damage my KEF LS-50?

    Why would you be sure he broke the give an explanation for potential over driving resulting in magnetic particles on the out side of the tweeter / mid range driver gap
  15. Did I damage my KEF LS-50?

    Ok It's clear that the " bits " in the picture are magnetic and hence should not be there or likely to be caused buy driving the speakers hard. send the photos to Amazon and Kef and seek anwsers