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  1. Al, less than 2% of the Aus population could afford a system like yours ( or many of the others on this forum) no matter what, most are paying the bills and mortgage and struggling to do that. I am in the lucky 2% as well, but acutely aware we are the fortunate ones, it all about perspective
  2. No need to explain ! your dedicated and have worked hard to have a good job to have the funds, and you spend wisely within that context
  3. Agreed- however with all due respect, not every one has your level of disposable income ! nor financial dedication to the outcome - so for many compromise need be made, and in many ways it is perhaps more challenging to get the balance right when the spend is less
  4. wont nessarly help your wallet ! but will enlighten on how some take multi chanel music to be the ultimate and invest in that rather than 2ch its all about what works for you, for all the dogma and bull sh&&at and " must do this ways" audio is as simple as creating a musical experience that works for you.
  5. Well yep ! Look im a vinyl guy at heart, and hence 2ch is my go, but I must admit the best sound I have experienced is well recorded multi Chanel Blu Ray or SACD / DVD audio, unfortunately the catalogue is small but done right some is just sensational IMO i can see how for some prioritising multi channel audio / concert videos would be the right path
  6. Schist Freya ticks all the boxes
  7. WE 407 GT
  8. Yep Saec make a special model to suit no adapter needed ! Or a dyndvector might be interesting
  9. The GT2000s are getting harder to find a a good price most seem to be at about $1500 US + on places like Hi-Fi do, there about $400 to ship and then import duty so $3500 local is not to bad, after all the seller needs a margin. IMO be hard to find a better TT at the price, the arm is perhaps the weak point, it's good not great. I find mine good enough to that I have no desire to upgrade which is strange for me ( replaced a Linn Lp12 )
  10. Been playing " vinyl" starting in 1975, never damaged a cart once even at parties with substances Or in old age with two bottles of vintage red on board it's not that hard
  11. I would get this, perhaps as good or better than $1500 + grinders for result in cup google and read grinder is critical to results perhaps more than coffee machine
  12. Every thing is easier and more convenient in the digital world, less expensive as well, unless you want a good DAC. but easier and more convenient is not better, nor is less expensive, better is better music and for that the current best system is vinyl
  13. I also never found setting up Linn's to be all that hard, once basics are understood it's pretty simple stuff.
  14. "If I get the armboard level then the left side of the platter almost sits on the top plate." Given the above statement - IMO something is not right with either the subclass or arm board mount or bearing alignment - no matter what settings your springs are at, the bottom of the platter and armband should be 100% parallel.
  15. Just shows how different we all can be, I much prefer the new remote to the old one simple does all that's needed and better looking IMO