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  1. Item: Orient Ray II Automatic Watch Location: Sydney Price: $235 Item Condition: New in box with all original tags and packaging. Never worn. Reason for selling: Too many watches Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 200m WR, stainless steel band, 22-jewel automatic movement. Striking colour. A cracking watch that wears and performs as well as many that cost 10 times the price. Pictures: Two shots of the actual item (taken with an iphone) and one of the press shots.
  2. Title fixed.
  3. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  4. Mate, you're starting to get into flavours rather than out and out "better". What are your favourite styles of music?
  5. Now banned. Carry on with the discussion in peace.
  6. Ken For clarity, are these a reissue of the Amerex tubes? I understand that the original Amperex stock did not have the words "Bugle boy" printed on it.
  7. @Keith_W Get the M10. It is wonderfull. I'm using it so much my SL isn't getting out much anymore. IQ well in front of the M240 but, better yet, greatly improved ergonomics too and very easy to focus. Comfortably the best M camera ever made so if you like rangefinders don't hesitate!
  8. I have hidden a bunch of off topic posts. Stick to discussion of the gear for sale please.
  9. Awesome! Bear in mind that with a retip you'll likely lose the boron tube cantilever, so consider that in pricing it and maybe hunt for a second hand one,
  10. @Hensa Greg The TT wasn't reliably tracking on and off, so I took it down to Chris. Chris pulled it apart, cleaned and lubricated the arm mechanism and replaced the belts while he had it open. She's running beautifully now. These are obviously not high end items, but they are small, beautiful and so very simple to use... I reckon if Technics re-released the SL-10 it would sell strongly.
  11. Item: HiFace Two-Pro tuned by Aurorasound USB offramp Location: Sydney (can post) Price: $375 Item Condition: Excellent with original packing Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Highly regarded and sensibly priced USB off-ramp, being an M2Tech HiFace Two-Pro modded by Aurorasound. Pictures:
  12. I have been umming and ahhing about what to do with my second SL-10... even contemplating selling it, although it's been refurbished by Chris Kimil and they're so user friendly so I decided to keep it. Strung it up today with a modest pair of Focal actives fed by a modest Lehmann Black Cube... surprisingly enjoyable. I wonder if the wife will notice if I wall mount it somewhere?
  13. More pics. Seriously, I need the space back. Someone make me a sensible offer please and come and get it!
  14. Sadly that is not always the case, although of course many do. As you're in Sydney, feel free to PM me if you need a hand.
  15. I am addicted to camera bags. I must have spent well over $7k, in almost every style, shape, size and fabric. To the OP... I use the Ari Marcopolous sling most often when carrying my larger camera (Leica SL with 24-90 and 90-280 plus flash). It is extremely comfortable and versatile and carries slim when not stuffed full. For travel, I usually take the ONA Camps Bay in canvass as my hand luggage. It can safely store a ton of gear (Leica SL, two Leica M bodies, lenses, accessories), but when full too heavy for day-to-day use. It looks great and not like a camera bag. My current favourite specialist everyday camera bag is a Tenba Cooper 8. It is small, light, extremely well configured and hugs the body. It comes in a range of sizes... I have the 13 as well, but tend to use the Ari when going to that size bag... or my ONA Prince in antique cognac if I'm not carrying gear far but want a "fashion bag". But, if you bump into me, by far and away the bag you're most likely to see is a small Macpac backpack. I have three, two of which must be 15 years old now. They sit incredibly flat and light when empty, but will hold oodles when stuffed. I often carry a Leica M camera, second lens and 4 raincoats (mine, the wife's and the kids') plus sunglasses and other paraphernalia. They are very comfortable and almost disappear when not overstuffed. The fabric is darned near water and rip proof. I don't baby my gear and usually just throw the camera in the main compartment and lens / batteries in the front pouch, however, if I know I'll need better protection, or want to carry more lenses, I use a Tenba BYOB insert. They come in various sizes... I have three. So, despite being obsessively invested in camera bags, my best and most often used bag for carrying my camera isn't a camera bag at all.