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  1. Item: Revox A77 Mk III R2R, including Revox NAB Adaptor Original, 8 blank tapes & original releases of Sound of Music, Nat King Cole, Johnny Cash and Peggy Lee Location: Sydney Price: $850 Item Condition: I accumulated the machine, hubs, blanks and pre-recorded tapes, but have never used it so sold as is. There is a Nagravox service sticker on it dated 21 July 2015 indicating that it is 50% head wear, has been calibrated and has had all 3 motors overhauled, new bearings, brakes replaced and adjusted and been dismantled to clean and (where necessary) replace all switch contacts. It also says that the PCB has been overhauled and all electrolyic, tantalum and suppressor motor caps replaced. It also notes "many silly mods removed and restored". It powers up and appears to work, but I've not played anything through it, however, the service sticker suggests it should be good to go. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info:
  2. @BrianShepard Welcome to SNA mate... but this thread is 6 years old...
  3. @Gtr35 I have snipped out your phone number. Best to send the vendor a PM with that information.
  4. Item: Cypher Labs Prautes Location: Sydney Price: $3990 (RRP $5,999) Item Condition: Excellent - includes original packing Reason for selling: Reducing the size of my headamp setup, as rarely used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the original owner - bought new from Addicted to Audio. Includes the power cable. I am not sure about the pricing for these on the secondary market, so am open to sensible offers. Pictures:
  5. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  6. Item: Headphone rig - HE1000 cans, Cypher Labs Prautes amp, Techdas D7i Supreme DAC Location: Sydney Price: $10K Item Condition: All excellent - very little use Reason for selling: Not using them much and need the desk space for another monitor. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The retail on these items (real retail, not inflated audio retail) comes to a little over $17K, so grab yourself a bargain. I'll include the Silver Dragon headphone cable too. Includes the original boxes for the headphones and amp. Pictures:
  7. @Jakeyb77 Here is a video of the guitar being played mate: (1).MOV?dl=0
  8. Item: Martin 1941 000-28 "Herringbone" steel string acoustic guitar Location: Sydney Price: EOI $45,000 Item Condition: See below Reason for selling: Maritial harmony Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a genuine 1941 Martin 000-28. This has been confirmed by Piers Crocker. who has inspected the guitar for me recently. Naturally, it is quarter sawn Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a tight grained Sitka Spruce top. The top, back and sides are all original, as is the neck. The tuners and bridge have been replaced, as is often the case with these guitars. The top and neck have been resprayed at some point, but the sides appear to be the original finish. The original headstock printing shows some wear but is original. The back has a series of cracks that run along the grain of the wood and have been repaired and cleated. They are completely stable and do not affect the sound. There is also a crack below the bridge, which again is stable and does not affect the sound. The neck is brilliant and feels remarkably modern, with a slim profile and the guitar has a super-low action. This is a very sweet 14 fret Herringbone 000 Martin in largely original condition with the wear and tear of almost 80 years having been tastefully repaired over the years with genuine Martin parts. All of the repairs were done prior to 1989 and have been stable since. The case is from the 1970s as the orignal one likely disintegrated long ago. Serious buyers will of course want to confirm authenticity and inspect the guitar, all of which is welcome by appointment. This is the real deal. Pictures:
  9. Item: Kim Lissarrague Classical 2015 Cocobola/Cedar Location: Sydney Price: $7,250 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Have a Smallman, so can't really justify keeping this too, as good as it is. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Made in the "Smallman style" with arched back and carbon fiber lattice bracing, armrest and ultra light top, this is a canon... super responsive with excellent intonation across the entire fretboard. Gorgeous guitar in excellent condition with only some very, very minor playwear. A genuine concert grade instrument. Includes TKL case. Pictures:
  10. Item: Gerundino Flamenco Blanca 1998 Location: Sydney Price: $12K Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Need space. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Mint condition Gerundino from the master of flamenco guitar making. This guitar is from the estate of the late David "Gwyn" Davies: "He first took up playing in his early teens. Well known as a razor-sharp dealer who was part of the Troubador scene in Earl's court in the sixties and seventies, and possessed of a wickedly roguish streak and a devilish sense of humour, Gwyn was nevertheless a passionate and disciplined player. After pupilling with the great Paco Pena in 1968, he performed in and around London until his death. Speaking fluent Spanish, Gwyn travelled widely, frequently visiting guitar makers at their workshops in Andalucía and elsewhere in pursuit of the one guitar that gave a perfect 'sound'. This collection is the culmination of a lifetime's search." Eric Clapton also owned and played a Gerundino. Rare to find one of these in Australia. Pictures:
  11. Item: Taylor 814ce Brazilian Rosewood Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Location: Sydney Price: $12,000 Item Condition: Mint - as new Reason for selling: Impulse purchase, but I need the space. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes all original case candy, CITES compliance certificate etc. A pretty serious bargain given that the major manufacturers have only very limited Brazilian left. Solid Brazilian rosewood back and sides (CITES compliant), solid Sitka spruce top, solid smoky ebony fretboard and bridge, along with 800 Series appointments: Advanced Performance bracing, mother-of-pearl Element fretboard inlays, pale, non-figured maple binding (body, fretboard, soundhole, heel cap), Indian rosewood top edge trim, abalone rosette outlined in rosewood, 3.5-mil all-gloss body, gloss-finish peghead, rosewood pickguard, Taylor nickel tuners, Venetian cutaway and Expression System 2 electronics. Ships in a Taylor deluxe hardshell case. Taylor' popular 814ce offers players the ultimate all-purpose guitar. Its balance, warmth and articulation are great for fingerstyle, it has enough punch as a strummer to front a band, and the top-end power will fuel lead runs without getting shrill. It' a great choice for a gigging player looking for one guitar that can cover it all. The revoicing of the 800 Series has brought greater warmth, a more mature midrange, and a looser, more luxurious low end to the 814ce, thanks in part to the customized bracing and a new, custom-calibrated Elixir HD Light string-gauge set. Grand Auditorium The mid-size Grand Auditorium arrived in 1994 bearing refined proportions that fell between a Dreadnought and Grand Concert. While the bigger Dreadnought was traditionally considered a flatpicker' guitar and the smaller Grand Concert catered to fingerstylists, the GA was designed to deliver on both fronts. The shape produced an original acoustic voice that was big enough to handle medium-strength picking and strumming, yet with impressive balance across the tonal spectrum, especially in the midrange, producing clear, well-defined notes that suited both strumming and fingerstyle playing. The GA' overall presence tracks well with other instruments both in a studio mix and on stage, and singer-songwriters have embraced its utility both for composing and traveling with one guitar. Many people want a single guitar that can cover a variety of styles, which is why the GA continues to be our bestselling shape. If you want a great all-purpose guitar, the multi-dimensional GA won™t let you down. ES-2 The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) is a revolutionary pickup design that delivers the latest in Taylor' ongoing innovation in acoustic guitar amplification. The heart of the Expression System 2 is Taylor' proprietary behind-the-saddle pickup (patent pending), which features three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors. The location of the sensors enables a more dynamic range of acoustic sound to be captured than ever before. Together with Taylor' custom-designed œprofessional audio-grade preamp, this system produces exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness. On stage through a PA, plugged into your favorite acoustic amplifier, or direct into recording software, the Expression System 2 faithfully conveys the voice of your Taylor guitar. FEATURES Body Body type: Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Single cutaway Top wood: Spruce Sitka Back & sides: Rosewood Brazilian Bracing pattern: Advanced performance with relief rout Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Not specified Nut width: 1.75" (44.45mm) Fingerboard: Ebony Neck wood: Mahogany Tropical Scale length: 25.5" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Satin Electronics Pickup/preamp: Yes Brand: Taylor Configuration: Undersaddle and soundboard Preamp EQ: 2-band Feedback filter: No Tuner: No Other Headstock overlay: Ebony Tuning machines: Nickel Bridge: Rosewood Saddle & nut: Micarta/Tusq Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Tonewoods Case: Hardshell case Pictures:
  12. Item: Gerard Gilet 1988 Brazilian Rosewood 00 sized acoustic steel string guitar Location: Sydney Price: $9K Item Condition: Excellent (see full description below) Reason for selling: I have several Gilet guitars, two of which were custom builds for me and I will never sell. One is basically a replica of this guitar (with inferior BRW), but some customisation for me and a custom headstock inlay. This means, with deep reluctance, that I have to get serious about moving this one along. I have been umming and ahhing as it is one of the best sounding steel string guitars I have ever heard, and has three decades of playing in to add to its voice, but I have promised the wife I will have a serious crack at moving it along. At this stage I am still listing it as EOI, but get in touch if you're interested. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a well-known Gerard Gilet, widely regarded as one of the best examples of his work. Gerard built the guitar in 1988 and in late 2015 he inspected it, adjusted the set up and replaced the saddle. The original saddle is included in the sale. This 00, 12 fret guitar in Gerard's favourite style features master grade Brazilian Rosewood on the back and sides, which is vastly superior to any wood available today. It has a European Spruce top. The top has a hairline crack behind the bridge that Gerard tells me occurred in the late stages of him completing the guitar in 1988. He repaired it and it has since been stable with no change. Gerard checked it over again in late 2015 and it has remained 100% stable for almost 30 years and in no way diminishes the tone of the guitar. There is a clear plastic pickguard that has been there since new. The guitar features a Brazilian Rosewood pyramid style bridge, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and Brazilian Rosewood headstock. It has an Indian Rosewood neck. Abalone rosette and purfling. Gerard Gilet literally wrote the book on acoustic guitar design and build and this model features carbon fiber lattice bracing, giving it astounding projection and sound to rival much larger guitars. The guitar has sublime tone and intonation all the way up the neck and a fullness and balance that can only be obtained from a well-played, master-built guitar manufactured from top quality tonewoods. The nitrocellulose finish has plenty of minor scratches and marks, but there is no "damage" in the sense of cracks (other than as described above), dents or anything other than cosmetic wear consistent with a well-played guitar that is approaching its 30th birthday! The sale includes the heavy-duty handmade guitar case that Gerard sold the guitar with in 1988. It is heavy and sturdy. Perfect inside, the outside also shows it age. There is shrinkage on the material cover and the metal parts have some corrosion. It still functions perfectly. Again, it could be repaired and brought up to "as new" specification, however, I personally prefer the lived in feel and it is authentic to the guitar. In trying to get another guitar made by Gerard, I spent a great deal of time and money sourcing Brazilian Rosewood. I eventually found a back set from a reclaimed table but the sides were a debacle, with the first set located not being able to be bent properly. This 1988 has back and sides that is superior to any Brazilian available today. Period. Pictures: Attached Images
  13. Item: Gerard Gilet Dreadnought Rosewood handmade guitar Location: Sydney Price: $3,100 Item Condition: Very good. Has some visible pick marks and there is a mark on the back - all clearly shown in the photographs. Other than that, a few light marks here and there but nothing major and the guitar is structurally perfect. Reason for selling: Too many guitars and have another on the way from Gerard! Seriously, I need the space and have to move on a few guitars that sit in my "favourites" category. So I'll be listing a few and once enough are gone pulling the remaining ones back down. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Solid Sitka Spruce top; Solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides; maple bound body; rosewood fingerboard with Maple binding; Abalone dot inlays; abalone rosette. Hard case included. Gerard Gilet is one of Australia's most respected luthiers, and literally wrote the book on Accoustic Guitar Design & Build. Artists that play Gilet guitars include Sting, Gary Beers (INXS) and Jack Johnson. Gerard is now located out of Sydney and Gilet guitars are being manufactured by his successors, however, this guitar was made my him personally, I believe in 2015. The attention to detail and hand finishing results in a guitar that is a cut above any of the factory produced offerings. A superb handmade instrument from a world renowned Aussie luthier. This guitar plays beautifully and has a big sound. If you were worried about the pick marks, you could likely lighten them significantly with a polish, or install a pickguard which would cover just about all of them. Personally, I like a bit of play wear and think it adds character to the guitar, but obviously this is a player's guitar rather than one for the collection. That is reflected in the price. A wonderful guitar that will only increase in value, and especially so now that ALL rosewoods are CITES protected. Pictures: