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  1. Thanks. I'm not sure what LT/RT and Stereo mean if one is using the 8 line outs direct into power amps.
  2. Happy Australia Day. Title says it all really. I'm thinking of getting a Oppo 103 or 105 but want to know if they can redistribute the C-channel into the L&R channels? As I only have a 4.0 system at the moment, and likely to remain that way for a long time. Also my sub isn't working at the moment, so the player would need to phantom sub into mains too. From looking at the manual it appears these players only do a small list of Down Mix modes, stereo, 5.1, 7.1. But nothing in between. No 4.1 or 4.0. Am I right? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. "Coming up on the big ten thou" The Abyss Wow, my article has had almost 10,000 reads in 1.5 years! http://www.stereo.net.au/articles/linn-factory-tour-access-all-areas/
  4. ARGH!!! I'll be in the UK listening to my favourite violinist. Would love to come too. Have a great night.
  5. Linn have made a 2nd batch of KEEL subchassis cut to take a Naim's Aro tonearm. Full details here https://www.cymbiosis.com/2016/04/aro-keel-available-again/
  6. Hi, I've had a Sharp Z200 for 10 years and was immediately blown away by the colour realism. It's time to start looking at a HD projector. Obviously HD will be better, but a high quality image into a poor lens etc would be a silly move. What projectors should I be looking at as a replacement? Many thanks.
  7. Not sure yet due to work commitments. Will be trying to make it happen though.
  8. We had two copies. Zen Mister had a pressing, that I preferred. My German pressing others preferred. From looking at your comments we probably have very different tastes in music. Thus bring your own when you come to Krug.
  9. Who brought the Tintara Shiraz? It is amazing. Many thanks.
  10. I'm very delighted I finally got to return the favour and invite you to hear my system. I'm glad you enjoyed the afternoon. I know, I don't need no education on this matter. When I listen to music, I set my course for the heart of the sun, I switch on my LP12, and all of a sudden I'm on the dark side of the moon.
  11. As I said, I had a piece of paper by the hifi, and remember to capture most of what we played. So far the two pressings of 90125 is something I missed.
  12. "the Krug"? How can you live in such scarcity? Do you think I have just the one bottle in my "cellar" at any point in time for you to come and enjoy?
  13. The latest version of Linn's DS range has a turntable input so this source can take advantage of its room (and speaker) correction capabilities. From having heard the differences that the SPACE software makes, correct speaker placement is a much bigger issue than room cancelling matters. Thus I placed my speakers carefully when I moved. I've not turned on Space in my system. Two reasons: I want my DS to be on a level footing with my LP12 and the even bigger reason is it takes ages to measure all aspects of the room precisely.
  14. What was played? A question that frequently seems to be asked at GTGs. So this time I put a piece of paper by my hifi and wrote "And we played.." Zen Mister's 24bit Chesky studio masters, and David Sylvian CD. vinyl: Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody Bowie, Cat People 12 inch, China Girl Daft Punk, Random Access Memories, Giorgio by Moroder & Touch. The Buggles, Video Killed The Radio Star & Elstree Bowie, Low Sarah McLachlan, Solare Hans Theessink, Slow Train Sara K, In The Groove, Stop Those Bells, Waterfalls Madeleine Peyroux, Was I? (CD) Alison Krauss & Union Station, So Long So Wrong Fiona Joy Hawkins, 600 Years Of Moments Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here Roger Waters, Amused To Death Norah Jones, Sunrise (Live In Austin Texas) The Silos Mighty Sam McClain, Give It Up Love Dead Can Dance, Into The Labyrinth Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms (double LP)
  15. The first esteemed people arrive while I had several rock CDs on shuffle. Zen Mister brought some Chesky recordings at 24 bit / 192khz, which we played, as well as a David Sylvian CD (he was in the band Japan). I made my usual smoked salmon canapes. I made my latest creations, Opera House Potatoes. Then we had lunch on the deck. Passing the mustard, hopefully the HiFi would cut it... Then we listened to lots of vinyl for hours on the best LP12 in Australia (yes, that's a fair enough comment, I don't expect any abuse for that:-) Although @@Luc wasn't in Victoria, we enjoyed some KRUG champagne to celebrate my 5 years in Melbourne. Plus, much was drunk: the finished, the in progress, and the yet to be touched.