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  1. Classical currently spinning thread

    I only have one from this guy but rather like it.
  2. Sold and member is happy. Time for a donation.
  3. DIY audio: what are you building?

    Another case where the simple teak made a big difference. I have been swapping in and out between my DIY 1920's tubed "Intermezzo" (all 330mW of it) and my DIY 6L6 SE UL amp "Silver Supreme". I was disappointed at how Intermezzo was sounding when I have really enjoyed it in the past. I was blaming the 6L6 amp feeling that comparatively it was making Intermezzo sound poor. Then I remembered I have been changing speaker Xover points and treble loudness recently and had not played Intermezzo on the new setup.. Intermezzo sounded dull and in-dynamic. Not how I remember it. I can alter the tweeter level by 1.5 and 3db. I raised it 1.5db and the music was back. Noy only did the whole sound lift but it sounded more dynamic and whole. Much better. The Silver Supreme 6L6 amp goes out to 47KHz where Intermezzo only goes to 15KHz due to the fact its nickel core input transformer only goes to 15K. Lifting the treble by 1.5db brought it all back in balance.
  4. Advice required - Zu Soul Supreme issues

    Is there an update here?
  5. Going Digital - Goodbye Vinyl

    For me just ABC Classic fm.
  6. Going Digital - Goodbye Vinyl

    For me it is all about the music. Bits or bites, grooves or depressions as long as it comes across clean and clear and sounds musical I'm happy. I've not long been using a Pi server and DIY DAC but really enjoy it. I have been playing file based music for a while with my Oppo 95 so not new to file based music and of course CD for a long time. Still fall back to vinyl for periods and still love it. But how good is it. I now have a number of ways I can hear what I want the way I want to hear it. Add to this internet radio (via the Pi) and my old trusty FM tuner. I'm not letting of any formats. I have dropped cassette tape but it wasn't that good anyway just convenient. I think all formats can co-exist and be equally enjoyed.
  7. DIY audio: what are you building?

    The Prada box houses an ESP inspired two stage OPAMP preamp with OPA227 chips. It also has some Cornell Dubilier and Solen audio caps and all 0.7mm solid silver wiring throughout. Alps Blue Velvet and solid brass knob.
  8. DIY audio: what are you building?

    One of the two 6L6 SE UL amps I built a few months back is extremely quiet. My 15" Beyma concentrics are 99db effcient and even with my ear stuck right in the cone there is no him, buzz or hiss of any kind. I thought I would try it playing head phones. I really felt I would hear a hum here through the phones but no, no hum, nothing, dead quiet. I used the ESP resistive network idea to break down the higher output voltage of a power amp (though only 2W) to drive the phones. The network presents 8ohms to the amp so it thinks it is driving speakers. I found it a little shill on some tracks but excellent on others. The fact that it was absolutely dead quiet made me want to continue to listen but in the end I went back to my Oatley-Burson (V5i-D) battery power portable triode headphone amp. The Burson chip makes this an extremely lush sounding portabl triode head phone amp and really hard to beat. But the experiment was worth while with mainly pleasing results.
  9. Random smartphone pics of interest.

    This was attatched to my wife's leg. As soon as she saw it she broke into a very high speed version of the hukka. This ejected the huntsman about two meters.
  10. Show us your tubes

    @dwbasement really nice.Good mix.
  11. DIY audio: what are you building?

    Nice build look flash. I build and sell for the same reasons as you. I build for myself and then after a while put them up for sale to pay for the next build.
  12. Took a look at the site. Appears great speakers. Where are you, Vic?
  13. Show us your Turntables!!!

    I can't see any good reason to have two parralel systems. But I do have MM TT with removable headshell for cart rolling and a MC system (Rega) so fixed cart.