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  1. Now sold
  2. You mean drug companies rather than hospitals I assume ?
  3. "Codan had no interest in Halcro so the company was retained by the original shareholders and shelved." My question still stands. Why was it not viable enough to stand on its own? Why did it need to be shelved ? edit: I guess if it was just a side business I s'pose it makes sense. I guess I struggle to understand why you'd buy a great hifi brand and then shelve it..... it's a crime !
  4. I wonder what the lessons are from Halcro's failure. Why did the other "elite" brands survive and they didn't?
  5. Sound of penny dropping. Thanks !
  6. I must confess that I still don't get this. You have more distance but you are covering that distance more quickly so the data comes in at the same rate. Again the shapes change more gradually but the stylus is moving more quickly relative to the groove.
  7. I have a potential buyer coming over tomorrow. Will let you know if it falls through
  8. What about advertising on some of the music services like Pandora?
  9. If you pronounce "ditch" as "dutch" you may need to change your name to KiwiMick
  10. You've lost me ???
  11. I must say I don't quite follow. Surely the same information is there in both ?
  12. I might be interested but not sure how it would work. Can you tell me?
  13. Young skywalker ? welcome back
  14. Hipster with beard: "I don't need to pretend anymore that my vinyls sound awesome"
  15. This is still for sale.