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  1. In hifi, unlike any other field of human endeavour, audiophiles are able to overcome expectation bias
  2. It's only come in to the discussion because you mentioned it first
  3. Cool. I thought you kept telling us how expensive you system is in order to prove that cables make a difference. Or something. Actually, truth be told I have no idea why you keep telling us how expensive your system is.
  4. Just so we are not talking at cross purposes here, is "really expensive " a prerequisite for "hi-end" ?
  5. That's way too cheap !!
  6. It is means the correlation is very high, yes. It doesnt however, mean that the the after-market cables contributed to the sound being hi-end.
  7. Correlation doesn't imply causation
  8. Can you elaborate? im not sure how that breaks any laws
  9. Sounds like quite a story!! Tell us more
  10. Apparently highresaudio have stopped offering MQA for download.
  11. Can a cable actually reduce THD?
  12. You think it'll improve once we actually start talking about cables ?
  13. I care too deeply about others
  14. I'll give you that it may not be overly positive. I disagree about it not being helpful.
  15. I hate to be a pessimist (realist), but nothing will ever be "solved" on this question. Neither side will even agree on what the question is, let alone listen to each other's answers