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  1. Interesting first post ... i look forward to the rest of your contributions on SNA
  2. Hyperbole?
  3. From faulty mastering to ME amps in 5 posts - must be some sort of record (get it, record ..., )
  4. Yep.. Re read your posts
  5. So you've just completely destroyed your own argument
  6. On the other hand, going mainstream often means more manufacturers and more competition, leading to lower prices.
  7. A bit hard to miss it !!
  8. Now that your seeds of doubt have been put to rest are you going to buy this unit ?
  9. Just grab a few ME amps.....
  10. So despite dodgy sellers, we should use discogs more so that they can afford to do something about the dodgy sellers ????
  11. Bring it over !
  12. Thanks George. Very interesting do you know where I can try it ?
  13. Almost certainly untrue but amusing nonetheless
  14. The site seems to be alive and well as far as I can tell
  15. If a shop is not named in a thread does anyone hear the sound of one hand clapping...