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  1. Devialet Silver Phantoms. - in budget -flat from 20 to 20 - very easy to move - new technology. A winner ?
  2. Build a wall around the speakers (and get the toddler to pay for it )
  3. Whether or not quad ESLs produce good classical music is a matter of opinion. Whether or not they satisfy the OP's requirements is not (here's a clue, they don't ). So why are they even being discussed here ?
  4. Which room was next door to redgum
  5. But what's wrong with your current speakers ??
  6. If there's nothing wrong with your current setup then why jump into the 21st century just for the sake of it ?
  7. You should buy this John
  8. Having heard this amp, I can vouch for it being superb. In fact, if I'd heard it before I bought my new amp I would have been tempted to spend a lot more money than I wanted to (or could afford to). It's supremely musical, just beautiful to listen to Oh and don't forget the on-board DAC which is brilliant as well.
  9. What are your current speakers and what don't they do right enough that you are looking to replace them?
  10. The best speakers I have heard for classical music are horns. Nothing else really captures the dynamics quite as well. As as far as the measured performance in-room response goes, that's a whole other kettle of fish. You are measuring the speaker and the room together so unless you have a heavily treated room and/or dsp it's going to be hard to get a curve that flat no matter what the speakers are.
  11. The ultrasonic region is unusable for audio. Is that saying that stuff you can't hear can't be used for hearing ?
  12. Thanks. The linked 6moons article has a bid more detail too
  13. I heard that in 2013. Absolute highlight. I think Fremer described it as the best system he's ever heard
  14. wanna take my Sanders Electrostats off me while you're waiting