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  1. Vitus ri-100 DAC module

    @aris how do you think your 2qute compared to @Prince Arnold's vitus dac module? i thought the vitus was better
  2. Help setting ups Dynavector 17D3

    Well there you go. I'm 1.5k from dynasty and had no idea it was there !
  3. Help setting ups Dynavector 17D3

    It's a Yamaha GT750
  4. Help setting ups Dynavector 17D3

    Glen Iris
  5. So I bit the bullet/ took a punt on buying the Dynavector that was in the classifieds. Trouble is that I have zero idea how to set it up. I'm wondering if any generous Melbourne SNA experts would be willing to lend a hand? I'll throw in a nice bottle of red
  6. mqa on tidal

    When you say now available do you mean that Tidal is offering something different to the MQA titles they've already been offering for ages ?
  7. Just discovered this podcast. http://www.songbysongpodcast.com/ A PODCAST ABOUT TOM WAITS Song by Song Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay discuss the entire Tom Waits discography, episode by episode, song by song.
  8. Covers that are better than the original

    Can't believe we don't have this (unless I missed it):
  9. TAS System - Pulling together the anecdotes

    not sure about taking a bath but I certainly came out a lot worse off after my dealings with that shyster
  10. Oh what the hell. I'll take it. PM coming
  11. There is a clear rule against white-anting for sale threads.
  12. FS: Weston Acoustics

    Very confusing
  13. I think the term in use these days is vinyl's .......
  14. Plenty of great coffee in Melbourne