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  1. Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Thanks mate, but probably not. It's the matching tuner from the AU-X111 which was a low-end early 90s amp. Not to be confused with the AU-X111 MOS VINTAGE which is a very, very different beast (although with no matching tuner).
  2. Vintage HiFi

    Agreed 100% my friend! Not all 'vintage' gear is good.
  3. vintage amp recommended brands

    Indeed - they are lovely little amps. Provided that you don't need much power and have relatively efficient speakers, a restored 222 will sound great. I slightly prefer the sonic performance of the later AU-555A over the AU-555, but there's not a lot in it, and most people will choose one over the other based upon the different cosmetic appearance. Quite a few people have been surprised at how good these humble amps can sound through a pair of modern, revealing speakers (or very good quality vintage speakers for that matter). Any of these older Sansuis with capacitor-coupled outputs really sing with a resto, Upgrading the signal path caps (there are PLENTY in the amps of this era) and fitting new power supply and output capacitors. There are troublesome transistors that should also be tackled.
  4. I've personally found a strong correlation between the music flowing and the fermented red grape juice flowing...
  5. Sansui au517 lost right channel

    @VinylRetentive woo hoo!! If you happen to be located in Sydney, drop by and I'll happily clean the switch with Deoxit to prevent further issues in future. Edit: D'oh... Melbourne is a looong way away
  6. Sansui au517 lost right channel

    First port of call is to work the 'connected /separated' switch on the rear panel back and forth 30 times. See if that restores your dropped channel. If so, you'll need to remove the top lid and carefully spray some Deoxit or Servisol or the like inside the mechanism to clean my properly. If this doesn't help, it could be a number of things.
  7. There's worse behavior in the various 'current affairs' style threads on the forum IMHO. I'd much rather some carry-on in audio-centric threads every now and then, instead of the focus on poking each other's eyes out regarding politics
  8. 1. Thanks for the further comments. 2. The thing is... IMHO anyone who uses archimago's measurements as justification for NOT spending $700+ on a half-decent DAC is missing out on an improvement in sound quality. I know you want me to prove it, but I am not inclined to do so (hence the IMHO). My current measurement equipment won't do what you seek, and I won't be upgrading it any time soon just so I can measure my DAC and iPhone. 3. I don't know of anyone actually buying NS-10s for proper listening purposes. They are good for ensuring that a mix sounds passable on fairly average-sounding speakers, but definitely not for reference listening! My ears are bleeding just thinking about it!! OUCH!!!
  9. I think the above post clarifies a lot. Your opinion > the opinion of others, as you think you are more important and know more via your associations and experience. Thanks for the clarification. Let's flip your last sentence around... why do any of us need to justify our positions to you?
  10. Can I recommend a book to you? http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/books/how-to-win-friends-and-influence-people-miniature-edition-dale-carnegie/p/9780762462018?gclid=CI-96KC2jdUCFZV_vQodZvgOeA I'm not disagreeing with your point (the RIGHT kind of EQing can work wonders) but your delivery is as subtle as a sledgehammer!
  11. Sorry, but if you climbed down from your ivory tower for a few seconds, you might consider that you know absolutely NOTHING about how people on this forum have formed their view on sound quality. You seem to be of the view that people either hold measurements as being sacrosanct and the sole determinant of sound quality, or are one of the great audio unwashed who have no understanding of what is at play here and indulge in Bro Science (as you put it). Personally, I refer to measurements taken by others wherever possible to help sort the wheat from the chaff (eg. to eliminate any 'design turds' from consideration). Beyond that, I LISTEN for any differences between devices in my own system, as experience as shown that devices that measure very closely can often sound different in the real world, when coupled with actual equipment and not hooked up to a test-bench under controlled conditions. To eschew measurements altogether would be foolish... they have their place. Without them, we wouldn't be listening to the gear that we do! However, there's more to audio than measurements...
  12. I propose that we acquire said spectrometer, provide it for loan to SNAers (with a suitable deposit taken for security, of course) and allow people to measure their systems. This could potentially allow a great many of us to progress beyond our Bro Science systems and become 'objectively approved', off-loading those unnecessary DACs, fancy speaker cables and high-falutin' amplifiers in the meantime. I'm thinking a laminated certificate, a little 'approved' icon next to our usernames, higher rank/social status... the works! Imagine how much more we'd enjoy our systems once we realise the error of our ways?
  13. We've been over this... I don't owe you any proof.
  14. Via a sig-gen, scope and distortion meter it would seem!
  15. As I posted earlier: I have never said that the iPhone 6 isn't good (and doesn't measure well). I agree that they sound pretty darn good for what they are! I have, however, said that I find the Klein DAC to sound better than the iPhone 6.