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  1. 'Bought nothing audio oriented, but did invest in the HK economy by drinking and eating far too much, helped a lot by the sna crew ' Thus spake our team leader... Seriously? A great time all round. A couple more pics:
  2. Best speaker's under $15k

    Ahem, those who heard ML Summit X electrostatics (driven by McIntosh monos) playing NIN at the Lifestyle store open night would disagree.
  3. High end integrated amps

    Accuphase E-600 runs my ML Summit X speakers just fine, thanks.
  4. GTG @ Scuzzii's March 12

    Well what else is there to say, read the above, it's all true. Add my thanks John, a very enjoyable afternoon all round.
  5. GTG @ Scuzzii's March 12

    Yes please, I'd like to attend. @scuzzii
  6. Why are so many Oz speakers invisible?

    Keep your eyes open for new Axis speakers about to hit the market.
  7. Hey Jack, still have room for another interested party?
  8. Accuphase vs Luxman vs Sansui

    I don't know about their class a/b amps, but Accuphase quote their class a amps at half of where the clipping point is, both channels being driven. No 'fraction of a second' there.
  9. Testing Phono Stages

    So your price range is? My recommendation is contact Joe Rasmussen. After all, he's a short drive from you, and the Jlti is infinitely adjustable to suit any cartridge.
  10. These are excellent valves, the Telefunken/Siemens (same factory) sound is my favourite, but man, holding them by the pins? Ooh, no!
  11. Ooh! Can you specify the differences you're hearing? I'm still wondering about my dac40, but don't have another to compare.
  12. Can't help you with the turntable, but do remember that the Byer 77 tape deck motors ran very hot.
  13. Or you could get Tivoli in Camberwell to inspect the cartridge and maybe re-tip the stylus? The v-15 mk3 was an excellent cartridge, better than the mk4 and mk5 that followed it.