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  1. FS: MicroRendu

    What is it ?
  2. How much better

    Terry,lay off that DB draught !!?
  3. Hi Treu,sorry I don't have any photos of internals ,I collected a new amp from Arthur 2 weeks ago and dropped this off at same time for Arthur to give a once over/checkup,it's still at his workshop Still available for sale Cheers Muri
  4. Pink Floyd CD's

    SACD version
  5. Currently Purchasing

    Any Val Doonigan?
  6. Newbie from Melb

    Welcome dan
  7. Resuming normal programming ....

    Good one Marc !!
  8. Melb Sunday 11th

    At loc sport this weekend Sitting out on surf beach now trying to catch a shark Bit cold but!!!
  9. Posts from Russia!!?
  10. Skoda Superb

    What's wrong with outlander ?
  11. Harte light from IKEA

    Lolz,I'm in the same boat djb,all good
  12. Harte light from IKEA

    Pics please !!
  13. Trrue Blue - 75 years of blue Note

    Hey Marty,get down to jb at fountain gate the shop near anaconda ,
  14. According to AVS chit chat the new beta has the Dolby vision update imbedded in it!!if true makes it the 1st UHD player that is DV capable