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  1. Mqa?more info now needed?
  2. Thank you sir![emoji106]
  3. Hmm,good answer but still confused ? does the sound get from the phone to this ? 2.what is this plugged into?preamp with a USB input? does it become a headphone amp? Sorry this is all new to me
  4. Noob question What does it do?
  5. Never too big for a ht,got more grunt with my Seatons in my small theatre,if I didn't already have the Seatons I would be all over this GLWTS
  6. [emoji6]
  7. Price is a lot higher than the RRP ??
  8. RIP Fred Dagg "Kick er in the guts"
  9. Sorry for off topic bob,but helpin to keep the thread active,cheers
  10. Had a couple in a hangi back in the ole days!!local bush coppa attended and reckon best chicken he ever had,nobody was game to tell him otherwise !!
  11. Is that weka as in kiwi flightless bird?
  12. But are you watching the image or the wife??[emoji57]for the critical viewing I'm talking about?
  13. Big thanks to Martykt for coming up and spending the afternoon @the muriwai man cave,I was going to spend the day fault finding as I have just remodelled my theatre room and last week had run a Audessy calibration which had showed up problem with level on one of the ceiling spks and one dead sub!with a fresh set of eyes and probably far better analytical skills by the end of the afternoon the problems were all resolved !!yes will have to visit the lady next door with a nice bottle of scotch as I had received 2 txt mssgs from here re the "thunder".marty any comments re the Seatons ??nice to meet and looking forward to hearing/seeing your valve goodness in the coming weeks Cheers muri