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  1. Big thanks to Martykt for coming up and spending the afternoon @the muriwai man cave,I was going to spend the day fault finding as I have just remodelled my theatre room and last week had run a Audessy calibration which had showed up problem with level on one of the ceiling spks and one dead sub!with a fresh set of eyes and probably far better analytical skills by the end of the afternoon the problems were all resolved !!yes will have to visit the lady next door with a nice bottle of scotch as I had received 2 txt mssgs from here re the "thunder".marty any comments re the Seatons ??nice to meet and looking forward to hearing/seeing your valve goodness in the coming weeks Cheers muri
  2. You need to grow a pair spear!![emoji6]
  3. I have a Stello DAC/Pre amp that also has a ADC board fitted to it
  4. Yes they are,looong waiting list,but well worth the wait,[emoji57]
  5. GLWTS,screaming bargain ,if its made by Mick,it's good!!looks exactly same as current pre
  6. May I ask what movie is mr Blue from?
  7. Seaton Catalysts do a good job of playing loud,up to 135db if I recall ,ear drums nearly burst before the speakers break a sweat!
  8. Hi Al,can you tell me the issues? 1.i know for sure there is an intermittent stutter watching 3D 2.Audio dropouts when watching UHD Blurays 3.? 4.? Cheers Muri
  9. Way over my head!!!will download the lot for the $25 and go from there ??
  10. Thanks Al,do you know what size USB stick is required?i will try to down load it on the weekend Projector at service centre at the moment getting update done,going to paint ceiling black while it is down,and 2 side walls ,then all I need is a proper screen,still using a sheet !!
  11. May I ask is this disc suitable for 4k?or is there a 4 k version ?is it suitable for projectors?thanks in advance Muri
  12. Bit like the @Al reviews [emoji6] Can make or break a hi fi item in Australia !![emoji57]
  13. Thanks,on tapatalk so logo footer not shown,I would be keen on a thur night if suits,cheers Muri
  14. May I ask what suburb?