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  1. Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2

    Try washing the disc ,
  2. Your favourite SNA thread.

    I use tapatalk and often just use timeline which covers all recent posts so can read up on stuff I normally wouldn't read Great way to increase knowledge on all things audio
  3. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    This one is great,I have also inherited a copy of this and I think it is recorded in Quad?
  4. Pictures don't match each other ?
  5. JVC autocal

    Hey staino,I'm Berwick way ,feel a bit pov as dont have Internet at home as live off a mobile plan,so hard to do auto cal with no Internet line [emoji19],need to talk to Al and Dave,may even put Internet on at home for 12 months plan to do the auto cal then cancel the plan ? Still like you would need help as not very computer literate,we hit a few snags doing Als the other night and I would have been lost trying reboots on routers etc!!look forward to catching up at next gtg,I'm also happy to host at my cave,and u get a Seaton and crowson demo at same time !! Cheers Muri
  6. La La Land

    Thanks Tony
  7. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    New firmware out in the USA ,not the recent beta
  8. La La Land

    Was the 4k version bought locally Al?if not and you got from USA ?,is the blu region free ?
  9. FS: Elektra Theatron

    Happy to email or SMS pics to anyone interested ,just pm me cheers muri
  10. Tensioned drop down screens

    Seymour AV in USA
  11. Schiit Eitr

    Will head to jacar in the morning to see what they have ,cheers
  12. Schiit Eitr

    Thanks kuky,any link to which electronics shop ? Cheers Muri
  13. Schiit Eitr

    Ok,bit of help needed I have i pad 3 and need to get the audio from 30 pin connector to the USB in on this but it is a USB ( type input on the rear ? Any help appreciated Cheers Muri