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  1. Got jb to price match ,got 2 copies 1 for the father in law,old jazz musician from the 50s
  2. Welcome jz,lots to learn here,enjoy your stay in Melbourne ,worlds best city !!
  3. Lolz,I know a couple of kiwi mucks !!
  4. A 3' long lead with the adaptors any good Copa?got some from Seaton sound for running XLR to his subs from RCA at the pre amp?
  5. SRM

    Look very nice,country of origin ?
  6. So need to import from amazon ?
  7. May I ask is sicario available locally ,couldn't see it in JB ?
  8. Buy with confidence,roger waters turned up in excellent condition,easy transaction ,cheers Muri
  9. Sorry ,my bad,already have it,dang
  10. Eric Bibb please
  11. Rotel rcd 1072?
  12. I just checked the serial no,which is build date 4.06.09 Only 8 years old ,sorry unable to edit original add Cheers Muri
  13. Location :Melbourne outer east Condition:10 yrs old,unmarked ,presents as new Price:$1800 ,open to sensible offers Reason for sale :Upgrading to HD XLR model Payment terms:cash or bank transfer Extra info:I have had Arthur fit a "champaign gold" faceplate to this so it matched my other Denon "gold " components ,face plate reads "theatre",instead of "Theatron ",its definitely a Theatron model Pics: unable to load via tapatalk ,pm me if interested and I will email or SMS pics to you Cheers Muri
  14. Roger Waters pls,pm me bank details,cheers muri
  15. Nah he's the subwoofer junkie ![emoji6]